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Murder at St. Ann catholic school for girls - The Mikko ChroniclesCategory: Stories
Tuesday, 8 January 2013
10:46:39 PM (GMT)
“This will be brutal, and linger. Make no mistake about it, it will be painful.”
That is all Melissa remembered before her body suffered unbelievable pain. She
screamed out in pain and fear as her life slowly slips away. Sister Ann Marie came
into the main hall and saw Melissa’s young body hanging from the rafters, lifeless
and partly naked. Sister Ann Marie screamed out and collapsed on her knees. The other
nuns came running into the main hall and say the horrible sight. The police was
called to the all-girl catholic school. The buzz went around the campus like a wild
fire before the night was out.  The crime sense was crawling with police and a few
press that caught wind of the murder. Detective Marten walked the crime sense as he
looked over the body that was still hanging from the rafter. He took notes that the
victim was a teenager, she had on one slipper on her right foot, and a pink bathrobe
on that was open and exposing her. Detective Marten also notice that there was some
liquid at corner of her lips and blood was part way down Melissa’s left leg. That
the bathrobe was around her neck and her fingers look as if they were gripping
something. “You don’t expect something like this to happen here.” A voice came
from behind Detective. He looked over and saw his partner, “Courtney murder takes
place everywhere, you should know that by now.” He said to her. The junior
Detective shook her head in shame as she watch the coroner took the body down from
the rafters. “Who found the body?” Detective Marten said as he looked around.”
One of the other officers came up to him, “It was one of the sisters that found the
body. She is over there.” He said as he pointed to the other end of the room to the
other small room. Both the detectives went over to talk to Sister Ann Marie. The
other nuns where around Sister Ann Marie trying to comfort her from what she saw,
“Sister Marie you were the one that found the victim?” Detective Marten ask.
Sister Ann Marie looked up at him, “Y..yes, her name is Melissa.” She said
crying.  “Did you notice anything before you saw Melissa?” Trying to compose
herself, Sister Ann Marie took a breath. “I didn’t see anything. I was doing my
rounds as always and I came in and saw her.” The nun’s voice started to brake as
she tries to hold back her tears.  “Did anyone notice anything strange or
suspicious tonight?” He asked all the other nun s. They all shook their heads and
wasn’t that much help. “You have about 179 girls here?” He asked Mother
Superior. “Yes we do, but I don’t think it would be proper to wake them up at
this hour. And I don’t believe all of them would know anything about this.” She
stated to the Detective. Marten tapped his pad with his pencil, “No, just the girls
that knew her. If you could give me her records and a list of friends and who she
interacted with, that would be helpful.” Mother Superior nodded as she started
toward her office. “Oh, is there any males that work on the grounds?” Courtney
asked her. Mother Superior turned and looked at her, “yes Nicholas.” Both
Detectives looked at her, “Where is he?”  She looked at Sister Harriet, “would
you please take them out to see Nicholas.” Detective Marten took hold of his
partner’s shoulder, “You go with Mother Superior and I’ll questions this
Nicholas person.” She looked at him, “Ok.” Sister Harriet showed Detective
Marten and two other officers to a little house behind the school which was the home
of Nicholas. They knocked on the door, “Summerholt police.” They said, Nicholas
open the door. “Yes? Is there something wrong?”  
“There been a murder, and we would like to ask you a few questions.” The
detective said to him. Nicholas showed them in to his little house. They came in and
looked around, as they started asking him questions. “What happened to your arm?”
Detective Marten said as he noticed Nicholas arm wrapped with a bandage. “There was
a raccoon that I corner and it scratched and bite at my arm.” Nicholas said.
“Where were you tonight?” The Detective asked. Nicholas just blinked his eyes at
him. I was in the girl’s locker room trying to get a raccoon out. Before you can
ask where it is, I let it go back into the woods.” Nicholas said with a question in
his voice. “Who got murder?” Nicholas ask to the officers as he notice them
poking around in his things. Flipping the page on his pad “Melissa Elbridge,” the
detective said. Nicholas’ eyes widen, “Melissa?” The Detective looked at
Nicholas’ reaction. He knew that Nicholas might have known more than what he see to
lead on.

‹Dino_Remie› says:   8 January 2013   374484  
o.o dont leave me in suspense >_<
‹Apple Jacks› says:   9 January 2013   660300  
Keep going
‹Monkey boy› says :   9 January 2013   952102  
what you like this?

Uhm ok

read the next installment 

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