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Sunday, 23 September 2012
01:03:57 PM (GMT)
1. name - Rachel.
2. Nickname - Rach, Raquell, Ray, Hot Wheels, Weaponface, Faggot, Nigga, Twat,
Fuckface - you name it.
3. Elementary school - wat OH LIKE KIDDY SCHOOL yeah u ain't knowin that nigga

4. Tall or short - The shortest of shorts.
5. Sweats or jeans - Um, I dunno. Depends where I'm going.
6. Orange or apple - Apple. Oranges suck my tits.
7. Do you have a crush on someone - It's complicated.
8. Eat or drink - Drink, thx.
9. Piercings - Just mah ears, bbz.

10. Pepsi or coke - Cola. But I don't mind Pepsi anymore.  ^-^

Have you ever...
11. Been in an airplane ? Duh.
12. Been in a relationship ? I wouldn't really count it, to be honest...
13. Been in a car accident ? Aye.
14. Been in a fist fight ? HA, If you could beating up friends for a laugh, then

Firsts & lasts
15. First piercing - My ears. o.o
16. First best friend - Her name was Gemma.
17. First award - Probably for doing poetry when I was 6.
18. First crush - His name was Mason.
19. First word - IDFK.
20. Last person you talked to in person - My mum.
21. Last person you texted - Callum<3
22. Last friend you watched a movie with - Becca & Adelle.
23. Last food you ate - My special cupcakes.
24. Last movie you watched in theaters - Went to see Batman with Callum & Katie.
25. Last song you listened to - Green Day - Kill The DJ
26. Last thing you bought - PS3 Game ~ One Piece: Kaizoku Musou (Pirate Warriors)
27. Last person you hugged - I hugged all the guys on Friday Night. ;3

28. Food? CHICKEN.
29. Drink ? I like water.
30. Flower ? wat
31. Animal ? I like dogs and goats and giraffes.
32. Color ? Green, Purple, Orange and Blue.
33. Place ? MY ROOM, MOFO.
34. Movie ? Ooh, that's a hard one.
35. Subject? Music/Art/English.

Have you ever ...
36. Fallen in love with someone? I wouldn't call it that.
38. Went over the minutes/texts on your phone? Yah.
39. Wanted to smack someone upside the head? All the time.
40. Eaten a whole pizza? No.
41. Did something you regret? Nope, the past is the past, what happened happend,
there's no point regretting stuff, 'cause ya can't change it. :3
42. Broke a promise? Prolly.
43. Hid a secret? Prolly.
44. Pretend to be happy? I'M ALWAYS HAPPY

Your future...
45. Want kids? LOL NO
46. Want to get married? I don't know or care
47. Career? Music Industry

Which is better in the opposite gender?
48. Lips or eyes - Eyes.
49. Shorter or taller - Everyone's taller than me.
50. Romantic or spontaneous- Bit o' both, I guess.
51. Hook up or relationship - Relationshiip. -.-
52. Looks or personality- Personality. Looks are just a bonus.

Have you ever...
53. Lost glasses/contacts? No, I can't afford to lose mine. o.o
54. Snuck out? Uh, not exactly.
55. Held a gun/knife for self defense? no.
56. Broke someones heart? PROLLY.
57. Been in love? Not "love".
58. Been arrested? HA AYE no of course not you fucktard

Do you believe in;
59. Yourself; OF COURSE
60. Miracles; -shrugs- I don't care
61. Love at first sight: Eh, idk.
62. Santa; YEP <3
63. Forever & Always : I don't even know what that means

64. Is there one person you want to be with right now: yes
65. Who your real friends are : Callum, Sam, Taylor, David, Katie, Becca, Adelle,
Connor and Zoe.
66. Who was the last person you text : I TOLD YOU BEFORE IT WAS CALLUM
67. Who your best friend : Um, it's sort of Sam.
68. boy you trust the most : Callum.
69. Would you ever take back your ex: No.

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