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Flynt/Lyn/EmCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 31 July 2012
04:08:27 PM (GMT)
"Emmie, I wanna be Rapunzle!"
"No Lyn, you were the Princess last time!  It's my go now!"
"But I don't want to be smelly Flynn Wider..."
"Tough.  You forced me to play this stupid game-"
"It's not stupid, Em!"
Robyn rolled his eyes.  After nearly half an hour of the same argument, he decided it
was probably time to intervene, "Em, just let her be the Princess... You're a big
girl now, I'll play with you sometime, then you can be her, okay?"
"Birdie!  You can be Flynn!"  Lynette sang, jumping into her brother's lap.
"I've got to go out for a bit.  I need to make some more cookies for tomorow..."
Both girls groaned, but Robyn nudged Lynette from his lap, standing up and grabbing
his keys, "I won't be long.  Have fun, girls."  He kissed them both, once each on the
top of their heads, and left before the argument could start again.

Emelie had found one of Robyn's frying pans from the cupboard, and she and Lynette
were running around the room, dodging and attacking imaginary foes, when suddenly,
Lynette stopped, frying pan in hand, eyes wide.
"Did you hear that?!"  She asked in an urgent whisper, "Emmie, shh, listen..."
Sure enough, there were another few clicks, and then a louder one that came with a
The front door was opening.

The girls shared a horrified look, and dashed over, hiding behind the wall.  Lynette
clutched onto the frying pan, but Emilie took it from her, since she was taller.  The
shadow of a man cast over the floor, and just as he came into view, Emilie swung the
pan out, the cold metal connecting with a gong-like noise as he fell to the floor,
Lynette's mouth fell open, and she punched her sister.

After several attempts at dragging Flynt over to the settee, the girls gave up,
deciding to fetch a pillow to put under the Marine's already bruised head.  The
purple lump on his forehead was almost comical, but still Emilie ran over to the
freezer, grabbing the bag of frozen peas that Robyn always used when either of them
were hurt.
Flynt groaned quietly, and relief flooded over the sisters as they watched him with
anticipation.  His eyes flickered open, and he frowned, struggling to make sense of
the situation.  Usually when he woke up with an aching head, people a lot more
threatening than the girls were watching him.
"FWYNT!"  Lynette squealed, hugging his arm tightly, "We're sowwy!  We were playing
and... SORRY!"
"Shush...  It's alright.  Doesn't even hurt that much."  He lied, slowly pushing
himself up and sitting cross legged on the Fournier's hall floor.  "What on
earth were you playing?!"
Emilie swallowed sheepishly, shuffling next to him, hugging his other side as Lynette
climbed into his lap.  "Rapunzle..."
"Who hit me?"
"M-me... Sorry... Don't be angry!  Don't tell Birdie, please!"  Emilie pleaded,
hiding her face in Flynt's side.
"It's fine!  Don't worry, sorry, I should have said I was coming.  Good swing,
though." He added with a small smirk.
"Y-you're not angry?"  Lynette asked, gazing up at him.  He shook his head, kissing
his forehead,
"Of course I'm not.  Imagine if I was some random bloke!  You two would be heroes!" 
He grinned, giving them an encouraging squeeze, "You're angels, both of you."
"Yours and Birdie's angels!"  Emilie grinned, and he nodded.
"Yeah.  Ours and no one else's!"
Lynette smiled, leaning up and kissing Flynt's cheek gently, giving him the frozen
peas, "We're really sorry we hurt you..."
"Really really sorry!"  Emilie added.
"Do you want a cookie?  Birdie gives us cookies when we're hurt.  We can't reach the
tin yet, but you can..."
Flynt smirked, "Lead the way, Princess."
Last edited: 31 July 2012

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