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Wednesday, 13 June 2012
06:44:03 PM (GMT)
Had this on my favorites on dA for awhile now.
But I can't hoard this anymore. It's too funny.

I'll let you take a guess which panel is my favorite.
Might be obvious to you, but I actually love a lot of the panels on here.

Anywho, directly copied from detharmonic's description on dA:

Here's what's happening:

Starsky found a SxH shipfic.
Hutch found one too.
Pickles may have found some Dethklok yaoi. It's really popular with little girls that
watch grownup shows like Metalocalypse.
Skwisgaar also found some Dethklok yaoi. Please, DA admins, burn it all.
Carl "CJ" Johnson is getting tired of fanart of him in his one plain starter outfit
in comparison to the massive player customizability throughout the game.
Hank found... I don't know. Something that wasn't quite right.
Jak is disgusted to find that in spite of his superhuman accomplishments in the past,
some people still see him as a vulnerable, dewy-eyed little pussy.
Victor found some fanart of himself and Emily.
Riku found some "art" of himself and Sora.
Ed found either some Elricest or something of him and Roy.
Yugi may have found something of himself and Téa, or maybe something related to him
being a screentime whore in the abridged series.
Kid has yet to find any quality fanart. He must have his search settings set to
"newest". Poor thing.
Coraline found some of the endless slash involving herself and Wybie.
Wybie is confused to see that there are so many "teenage" drawings/fics of him and
Sakura might have stumbled upon some Sakura-bashing discussion, and realized that if
she were a bishie boy version of herself, she would indeed have a lot of fangirls.
Sebastian bitterly resents the level of hostility and opposition toward atypically
strong, intelligent demon OCs in fandoms. “Mary-Sues” and “Gary-Stus”, as
they are often referred to if they aren’t perfectly balanced, or ordinary.
Snow White is sick and tired of seeing people talking like she's some kind of kinky,
midget-coveting lady of the evening.
Tiana found some article by some PC jackass about how "racist" TPATF was.
Kenny didn't live long enough to find anything, even pr0nz.
Kyle found some StanxKyle. You sick little girls, gtfo us grownups' South Park. It is
not for you.
Frodo found some SamxFrodo. You sick little girls gtfo my brother's fandom. It is not
for you.
Sam also found some SamxFrodo.
Gusty has discovered My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and all the fruity virgins
bronies that follow it.
Mario is disgusted at the way some people act toward his fratellino (and propose that
he himself casts poor insignificant Weegee into the shadows), and Luigi is just
Sazh is impressed at the majority of quality cosplays on DA. 
Captain Jack found something gnarly. I dunno. Just wanted someone complicated to draw
with my new Cintiq. 
Greg and Terry found some of the same fluffy, namby-pamby crap I can't stand, drawn
by 12-17 year olds.
Hades... who knows what he found. We all know how some of those really demented yaoi
fangirls are notorious for hooking up mortal enemies.
The Hatter is utterly delighted at all the quality fanart. Good job, Mad Hatter
Pedobear is getting sick of people presuming he likes all children.
Woody found something. I don't want to know.
Wybie has decided that the internet isn't so bad after all.
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