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if only you know what you did to me...Category: (general)
Tuesday, 29 May 2012
06:23:01 PM (GMT)
Dalton if only you knew what you did to me when you left me...how much i stay awake
all night and almost drown in my own tears...how many cuts are on my wrist...how many
days it has been with me not eating..now all my poetry and songs are about you. All
my thoughts are about you. I think about you so much I have a habbit of accidently
dreaming about you. you broke me completly. even the guys i thought were hot before
we started dating, i cant even look at. I cant focus. Your invading my thoughts. I
know we only dated for 2days, but i have had feelings for you since the begining of
freshman year. you knew it too. Those feelings kept growing the more we talked. It
turned into love before we started dating. You couldnt ask me out sooner because you
were dating amanda. Every girl thinks you are the hottest guy at school. Yet Amanda
was your first girlfriend and took advantage of you. I was your second girlfriend and
you are in your junior year. You only havd two girlfriends and your finishing your
junior year. You told me you dont date girls for nothing. I know its true. So i
should feel special that you dated me. But all i feel now is horrible because you
left me. You said it was too soon. You told me I have enough going on then your ex
girlfriend coming after me. You broke up with me to protect me. You were so upset
when we broke up. Im happy to know it wasnt just because you didnt like me. But
though it was sweet and it showed you cared, even though you sacraficed your own
happiness to protect me, all i ever wanted was you. And now all i want is you back.
They told me that first love never dies. If thats true then im in for a world of
hurt. You werent my first boyfriend. I dated plenty guys before you. BUt you were and
still are my first LOVE. All i am now is a depressed mess and i feel like useless
crap to the world. What you dont realize is that i would take all the shit im going
through now and your ex Amanda coming after me everyday over loosing you. I would
take it all and be happy with it because you would be right there by my side. You
held me like no guy has ever done before. When you kissed me out of nowhere that day
it was amazing. When you held me by my waist and looked into my eyes and told me i
wouldnt have to ever worry about loosing you, my heart stopped beating. Now all I can
do is just remember them times instead of experiencing it. When we went to the very
top of the auditorioum for theater to run the band shows, it was just me and you. Ill
never forget how i was scared of going over the catwalks (they are just bars that
surround the whole auditorium they are at the lowest point 49feet hgh and at the
highest point they are 67 feet high) and you held my hand and told me you had me. How
your arm went suddenly around my waist and you kissed my cheek, i miss you so
much...im not good anymore Dalton..I need you. Im not excited like any other teenager
about school letting out. I am terrified. If one of us switch schools ill never see
you. And i swear to god if i cant see you then i wont live. I need you babe. No
matter what happens I will ALWAYS love you. Nothing can and ever will change that. I
love you dalton.

simisango says:   30 May 2012   232951  
may you get wat u want.......i m sry 4 you :-(
‹dyingeveryday› says:   30 May 2012   574538  
thank you....i really just want him back thats all  
simisango says:   31 May 2012   341766  
wish u luck...!! 
naenaeispretty4420 says:   31 May 2012   339579  
all yall so lame u white crakers
simisango says:   1 June 2012   990669  
well...thank u so much 4 yoh comment....u wasted so precious time 4 it
abe usko kya paagal kutte ne kata tha jisne tujhe banaya...?? if u
cant soothe the burn atleast dont sprinkle salt on it...have u ever
heard a word like.."humanity"??kutiya. . . tujhe paida karke to teri
maa bhi pachhtai hogi...na jane tu aur kya kya karti hogi...tere saath
aisa hota to tu kya karti...saali apne aap ko dekh pehle...!!!
well...try 2 change yoh attitude....be good...love all !! 
‹dyingeveryday› says:   1 June 2012   272054  
thanks so much sis.. 
simisango says:   1 June 2012   316791  
wc...bt i hope she soon learns to behave well... 
‹dyingeveryday› says :   1 June 2012   785098  
me too 


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