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"Angeras' Jouney" Part ONE/... CopiesCategory: Stories
Monday, 2 January 2012
02:11:10 PM (GMT)
Part One was made before this page in my Role Play club! This Diary is to keep it safe if it somehow disappears, and for future reference. You may read it and give me some pointers/criticism if you'd like!! You also get a GIANT GOLD STAR if you have the patience to read all this!! ^U^ [Also note that I was half asleep through most of part one...] Needed Info for those who are not apart of the Role Play and have no idea what the cuss is going on: Angera= Mother Angel, she's still very young and was sent to the Earth as it began to fall to darkness. She cannot yet reach her true power, and isn't quite sure what her purpose is. She is taking this journey to save Jack, and find the Father since she has never made contact before (Father Aka: God) Jack: Jack is a Demon who is being controlled by Lucifer and Hell. In his mission, he was sent to kidnap the Mother Angel (Angera) and force information about the Miracles(Good guys) and about Heaven. Jack seems to be two different people. Jack: His true self who really isn't all that bad since he's only a demon because he was born into a demon family, and Black: Yes, the rhyme is cheesy I know xD This guy is the true demon inside Jack. It is not known why Black is inside Jack, just that Black is a big dickhead who can only be summoned through immense pain, or through a potion given to Jack by Lucifer himself. Black is the one who tortures Angera, and gets little to nothing, not knowing just how blind she was. She grasped a tiny amount of her true power in this torture. Black was angered, and tried to kill Angera, but just before he could stab her, Jack finally awoke, responding to Angeras' pleading cries. After this, their cheesy but sweet smexy!! romance began. Black was supposedly defeated after Jack awoke, but still the two weren't safe. Luci would be coming soon, and Jack knew it. Angera sensed he was in danger since he still belonged to Luci as a spy, and realized that she loved him enough to SOMEHOW speak to the Father, and convince him to transform the now kind Jack into an angel instead of a demon. Now, she has left the house before her sleeping lover awoke, leaving a note, and sneaking out quietly. Link to RP Thread: http://kupika.com/discuss.php?id=f4ee43d28b3174syhs84 , (Jack has fooled Angera into believing he was a miracle, and has baited her with warmth and shealter, leading her to his home.) PART ONE ~ Cold. Winter was on full force, and snow coated the ground. Freezing. It was all Angera could think about. This was pathetic. She was on a journey to set things right, a journey that would bring her the recognition that she truly was the mother angel. Despite the knowledge of many, Angera still wasn't sure of herself. Of course, she remembered exactly who she was. But... she certainly didn't feel like the powerful angel she was rumored to be. She needed that recognition. That feeling of knowing just who you really are. She wanted that so badly. She wanted to be able to return with the ability to protect the ones she cared for.... the ones she loved. And right now, she was pathetic. She didn't deserve to be called anything other than a coward. A weakling. A failure. Surly she wasn't the only one to know this... surly the Father above was looking down on her with disappointment at this very moment. Seeing nothing but wasted power. A gust of icy wind howled in her ears, sending her white hood flying from her head. She quickly yanked it back up. If only she could summon her true self. Not having to wait to practically die to do so. Hours had passed since she'd left the shelter of Jacks warm house, and night came quickly, leaving Angera victim to the winters fury. The snow crunched under her shaky feet. As she looked down she noticed how sad it was that such a beautiful sight could be crushed in an instant. Glorious ice crystals, smashed, and forever broken. Each unique in it's own special way, yet every one just as fragile as the next. Tears suddenly sprang in her eyes. She furiously wiped them away, refusing to compare anything to a simple snowflake... Suddenly, a dim light in the distance caught her eye. It was fading fast, or it seemed to be. A rush of panic and desperation filled her in a second. She stumbled toward the light, not thinking about it's possible danger. Only what it should mean. Warmth... safety... rest. Trudging through the deep snow, she made her way towards the mysterious light. But as suddenly as it had come, it was gone. Fading into the blackness of the night. Frustration filled her, as she made a desperate break towards the lights last wavering direction, but in her haste, she failed to notice a small depression in the snow. Her foot sank instantly through a sheet of snow hidden ice. Crying out, she tumbled into a dark place. Flailing she managed to grip a nearby stone with a hand. Breathing heavily, she glanced down, realizing she was suspended over blackness, her single hand holding tight to a large rock that surely wouldn't hold for long. Tears of fury coursed down her cheeks as she began to scream for someone, anyone, to grab her hand, and lift her away from what could be death. Gasping, she attempted to swing her free arm upward to the stone, but failing as the grip of her other hand loosened. She cried out desperately,begging for a miracle. But her pleas went unnoticed, as her fingers slid on the stones icy surface, sending her plummeting down into the black unknown. ~ Cold. She was so cold. Her eyes fluttered, and slightly opened. A blur clouded her vision. Not that there was much to see. It was simply to dark to notice any detail. She felt a heavy pressure on her chest, and realized how raspy her breathing was. Angera attempted to lift herself, and a sudden pain coursed through her back, and legs. She opened her mouth to scream in pain, only to find that nothing came out. Her heart ached. She had come so far... survived for so long, watching the entire world fall into darkness, endured brutal torture, and fought with all her being. Or... whatever she could grasp from inside herself. Now.... what? Would she die like this? Alone, afraid, helpless, and unfulfilled? What of Jack? What would become of him? Memories flashed behind her eyes. Love... she had finally found love. Love.... what was it anymore? For her, it had been the love from the Father. An undying love for what he had created, whether it was returned or not. And... now this new love. A love she could touch, Feel... a love she could return. But now it was all slipping through her fingers. Everywhere... love was disappearing. It's meaning... was it lost? What was the point of love if it was drowned out by evil... hate? Did love exist at all? A pain filled her. Squeezing every muscle, every fiber inside her. Everything she had worked for, stridden for, pained for.. believed in. Was it all for nothing? What was... the point.. of finding love... of giving love... if it didn't seem to exist at all..? There... really was no love... in this cruel world... no love at all... Why? Why the hell had the Father allowed such a thing? Why had he let evil envelop his creation? "WHY?!!!!" Her heart screamed. Her eyes shut tight from the darkness that surrounded her. She felt as if she was exploding. Like everything she knew was crumbling, and falling into nothing. She would look at the Father with obedience no longer. She would turn away from the chaos of what was right... or wrong. This Father.... this Father that had laid so much on her shoulders.. this Father who had baited her with good intentions to this pitiful lonely death.... this Father... was no father at all. She felt something crack, and rip inside her... a silent scream tearing through her soul. Why go on? Why fight? Why try... if there was nothing to try for? No light at the end of the black tunnel? This was it. She could feel her lungs aching, her heart beating rapidly. This.... was IT. There would be no peace. No happy goodbye. She would fade from this world... fade and be forgotten like every other creature who foolishly roamed it. She made a conscious effort to take one last labored breath. Not bothering to attempt and say goodbye to an empty place such as this. Not wanting to cry at all.... she was perfectly content to just disappear. But in that moment, something inside her pounded it's way through all the sadness, all the hopelessness, all the doubt. Something big. Something that literally blinded her eyes from the inside. It rose until, she thought, it might crack her ribs, and rip through her skin. It grew and grew until she could feel nothing. Nothing at all but numbness. And through all of it, at the very peak where she was absolutely sure she would explode... Life. Life... life... life... life... It was like a broken record. Over and over again, the word pulsed in her ears. Life... everyone wanted to know exactly what it was. When the answer lay right before them. Right in front of their eyes. So common that it was always overlooked. Life... the word was so simple... so incredibly simple, it became the most complex thought in the world. Thousands of images flashed before her eyes. A bright light, darkness, terror, worry, insecurity, determination, fear, hate, fury........... ...... hope... love... forgiveness..... Somehow... those three words seemed so much stronger than everything she had ever felt. Nothing compared to the weakness of... hate. Nothing compared to evil. She felt a tear slide down her cheek. A warm feeling to dim the icy cold the crushed her being. The breath... that had seemed to last eternity.. that single rise of her chest.... ... fell. Nothing could be felt. No feeling. Nothing could be thought. Everything... was nothing. Darker than the deepest black. A tunnel. She could see a tunnel. There was... something at the end... She couldn't see what it was. It wasn't bright... it wasn't shiny.... It seemed as if it was just as dark as it's surroundings. But still.... she began to run. Run faster than she ever had before. There was no sound of feet hitting the ground. No wind on her face. No breath in her chest. Just... her. Running. Running to something she had no idea of. Something that seemed no different than the black walls around her. But somehow called out to her. And with that... she ran. Ran and ran until the darkness seemed to get brighter. There it was. The light. Right... there.... It was coming... it was getting closer... she could almost touch it... "Are you alright little Missy?" Her eyes flew open. END OF PART ONE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Ended up having to redo this Part 3 times!!! THAT is why we're suppose to do this on Microsoft word so that you don't accidentally press a key that DELETES ALL YOUR WORK WITH NO UNDO BUTTON!!!!) Warm... it was warm.. Angera thought, as she swam through the thick fog that clouded her mind. She was sure her eyes were open, since she blinked a few times. Time seemed to be in slow motion, as the blurred images before her moved, and twisted around. There was a voice... what was it? It sounded so familiar... but she couldn't place it. A face... she could make out a face. So close to hers. She could feel warm breath on her cheek. But suddenly, the image was Jack. His smile so loving, beckoning... she tried to reach out to him, but her arms seemed heavy, and weighted down. She couldn't get to Jack. He was getting farther and farther away. COME BACK! She tried to scream, but nothing came out, and Jack was lost to the darkness, only Blacks' laughing face remaining. A sudden scream sliced through her veiw, right through Blacks' face! And sud- Angera flew up, breathing heavily. Her body shivering. She couldn't see much, everything seemed dark, and tinted. She shook her head, and tried to stand, slipping a bit. Everything was so quiet... it was eery. "H-hello?" She whispered in a breathy voice. Nothing... Clearing her throat, she tried again. "Hello?!" She called. Silence. A twig snapped to her left, and she jerked to face it, her eyes huge, and her stance defensive, ready to run at any moment. Another snap. Just behind her. She twisted around, only to be found face to face with the most gruesome thing she had ever seen. A woman's' face glowered above hers. The eyes sunken, and red. Her cheeks were gaping black holes. Her hair almost completely gone. Angera opened her mouth to scream as the woman fell forward, and took Angera to the ground. She struggled and screamed, kicking and scratching. But after a few moments of this, she slowly calmed down, as she realized that the woman was dead. Shakily, she stood, and gaped in shock at the horrible sight. A large wooden stake was forced into her back, though no blood had emerged from the fatal stab. A vampire..... someone had killed a vampire with a stake... She jerked her head about, looking for the killer, but finding no one in sight. She slowly backed away from the corpse, and broke into a run. Where was she?! She didn't recognize anything at all! She was surrounded by dark trees', and shadows. What had happened to her? Who had saved her? She just barely remembers the voice that had brought her back to reality. Though she couldn't remember anything before that.. just that she was dying... Out of breath, and energy, she caught herself by wrapping her arms around a tree trunk as she flew by. She sung a bit, and gasped as a pain shot through her chest when she hit the tree. What was wrong with her chest? She hadn't hit the tree very hard at all... not enough to send pain coursing through her middle... She carefully pulled the top of her dress open. Nothing wrong there. She flushed, ironically glad that no one was around to see this. As she continued to unbutton her dress, she saw something dark purple. Gasping she yanked a side of her dress open wider. A dark bruise emerged from a white cloth that wrapped around her ribs and back. What.... what was this? She pulled her hand away quickly, and backed into a tree. Her mind reeling. Who... who had done this? Who had.. helped her? She quickly pulled her dress closed, and fumbled with the buttons. A growl pierced the silence, making the hairs on Angeras' neck and arms stand up. She froze in place, the third button of her dress half done. She felt it slip out of the small loop as her fingers discontinued to pull it through. The growl was heard again. Angera breathed in shakily. Very slowly, she began to rise, clutching the tree behind her. Her eyes glued to a dark space between a few shrubs. She screamed, and began to run as two big yellow eyes appeared. A howel sounded behind her, and she screamed again, running faster and faster until she smacked face first into a large tree. She flew to the ground, and scrambled to get up, her vision blurry, and an painful pounding in her head. A dark shape appeared in front of her, and lunged. Her scream was drowned out by a loud boom. Huddled in a fetal position, she breathed heavily. Not daring to look up. She heard a sound of heavy footsteps on the ground. A grunt, and the sound of something being dragged across the dry dirt. "Well, are you gonna get up, or just thy there?" A growling voice thundered in her ears. Her body jumped at the sound, and she scrambled up, facing the stranger. A large man, with a big brown beard stood, holding a strange wood looking thing in his hand. Under his foot was a great big shaggy thing. It looked like a mutated dog. A wolf... "What? Never seen a human being before? Get your jaw off the ground, and help me drag this damn thing!" His eyes narrowed, and he began to pull the animal through the clearing. "W-w-w-what...?!" She stumbled over her words, sounding like a fool with her mouth wide open. She flushed, and closed it, stumbling over to him. After all, he had just saved her life. She glanced at the dead wolf, feeling rather girlish as she tentatively lifted its two back paws in disgust. Either that, or she had just happened to be there when he shot his dinner... She shivered, lifting with all her might, but barley seeming to lift the hefty thing from the ground. The man glanced back and rolled his bright blue eyes. His thick brows arching even more. "You really are useless! Just let me do it, you'll slow us down. By this rate, you'll get attacked again! And I won't care to save 'ya next time!" He growled, annoyance creeping into his tone. She flushed again, and backed away. "No! Are you slow?! Get up here so I can keep an eye on 'ya!" He bellowed, giving the wolf a good yank. She scrambled over to him, her fingers itching to help him drag as shame coursed through her. He had a really sharp tongue... ~ Angera sat on the hard wood floor, her legs crossed, as she watched the bulky man skin the large wolf. It was difficult to see through the frost on the window, but she still tried her best to peek through. Her mind reeled. Who was this man? Had he been the one he had helped her? And if so... why couldn't she remember? She squeezed her eyes shut, and tried her hardest to scrape up any memory that lay hidden in her mind, but sighing and leaning against the wooden wall in defeat a few seconds later. She would just have to wait and ask him herself. Her eyes once again skimmed over the house. It was a log cabin, most likely built by it's owner. The fireplace was build out of large grey stone, and warmed the entire place. There seemed to be one other room that Angera hadn't seen. The mans bedroom perhaps. She sat in a corner, near the warmth of the fire with a great view of the window. There were mounted animal horns and many heads decorating the walls. She shivered, pulling the holey blanket tighter around her. A question popped into her head. Who was this man? WHAT was this man? He obviously wasn't an Evil.... was he an Angel like herself? Just than, the door swung open with a slam, and the man tromped inside, his furry coat splattered with blood. She felt like throwing up just looking at it. He glanced over at her, and looked away, as if she was something unimportant. "Spying on me, were ya'?" He muttered. Angera sputtered, and shoved herself up. "N-no! I wasn't spying.. I-I was just watching you... uh.. do your thing.." She stuttered, twisting her fingers nervously. The thin blanket slipped off. He turned and raised a furry eyebrow, pausing from his work of washing a bloody mound of meat in his wooden basin. "You could make yourself useful and help me cut the belly and bladder sack out." He sneered as she paled, and held her stomach. "A funny thing you are!" He chuckled, turning back to rinsing. Her face flushed, and she clenched her fists, frustration and embarrassment fueling her temper. "Look here.. sir! I have NO idea where I am right now! I don't know HOW I'm alive, and I don't know who the HECK you are! So before you call me stupid, and useless, why don't you tell me what the heck is going on?!" She shouted, breathing heavily. She waited for his response, only to find that he hadn't even stopped his rinsing. Extremely insulted now, she took a step closer. "Uh, excuse me?! What?! Now you're just going to ignore me?! Who do you think I AM?!" She yelled in outrage. She froze, her skin prickling. He was laughing! "WHAT THE HELL??!! YOU-" She was cut off abruptly as the man suddenly spun around and slapped her in the face. She reeled back in shock, holding her hand to her cheek. (Continued http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=f4f
Last edited: 6 January 2012

‹<♬>Minnie♥Melody<♬>› sings:   2 January 2012   255011  
Holly FUUU!! That is alot of words!!! *0*
BeautifulLikeRoses says:   4 January 2012   563750  
‹<♬>Minnie♥Melody<♬>› cries:   4 January 2012   507688  
SORRRRY! I'm trying to finish it now but I only have like 2 hours
after I get back from school before I go to play practice, and than I
usually don't come back till 8!! 
‹Ⓐnn4☯L0vΣ☣› says:   5 January 2012   159833  
ARGH!!! TAYLOR!!!!!! FINISH IT MISSY!!!!!! >:O Even thought I had
a sneak peak spoiler of whats going to happen next from you I WANT
‹<♬>Minnie♥Melody<♬>› sings :   5 January 2012   152463  
LOL I'm gonna finish it tomorrow since it's Friday. I don't have any
time during the school week with Play practice and homework. BUT GUESS

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