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i'z pissy tonightCategory: piss fit
Friday, 23 December 2011
03:25:26 AM (GMT)
so me and my girlfriend's best friend sleep over at her house a lot, the other day,
my girlfriends _old_ best friend decided she'd join us she and i have had alot of
tension in the past but we're mostly over it and it wasnt a problem last night when
she joined us. and today wasnt much of an issue either. now when i sleep over at my
girlfriends house i sleep on her bed, there has been exactly one time in quite a
while where this wasn't the case. but tonight her _old_ best friend decides that SHE
is going to sleep on the bed, using the reasoning that i got to sleep on the bed last
night. i find that it is important to this bitch fit to point out that i have
rheumatism (no i'm not old, i just treat my body like shit) and the only other
convinient place to sleep is the floor, which would cause me to be achey as fuck the
next day, hell even sleeping on the _bed_ gives me rhumatism sometimes; it's a
draftly appartment. anyway, that being pointed out, the bed has only room for 2 and a
half. my girlfriend sort of mumbles an affirmative. i would be ok with this if i had
known this seven hours ago, because then i would have gone home to avoid rhumatism.
this is what rhumatism feels like, immagine that the'res a little man inside every
single one of your joints, normaly this is ok, but when this man is too cold or too
wet for too long, rhumatism happens, he draws out a knife and starts stabbing
everything that moves. that. is rhumatism. it fucking sucks.

the bitch should know not to even suggest it anyway, she never got to sleep in the
bed in my place BEFORE her and my girlfriend's falling out, why should she now. plus
look at it this way, imagine if she and i were sleeping over at her boyfriends house,
would i EVER ask to sleep in his bed in her place (even though he and i ARE mutualy
attracted to each other) NO! i would never do that! she is his girlfriend, and
therefore SHE is first priority, even if it means poor nathan gets rhumatism. i'm not
an asshole like that, i would never get in between her and her boyfriend. SO WHY THE
emma dear, i love you but right now i am NOT very happy with the dicision you made. 
i was NOT being nice by sleeping over at davids instead, i was being PISSED
if i had the bitches self controll i would have slapped her then and there. it was a
bitch move and she should know it

‹Lost_Forest› says:   24 December 2011   112500  
Get. Over. It. And no you WILL NEVER do ANYTHING with my fiance
‹IcePath› says :   24 December 2011   250028  

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