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OC QuestionaireCategory: OC shit >:3
Tuesday, 20 December 2011
08:00:21 PM (GMT)
I've been told that this is basically where you smush several characters into a
meme, and have them all answer!
So this one shall feature *drumroll*
Thomas O'Connell, Kari Longacre, Aaron Longacre, and Aiden Fairnington.

1. What do you look for in a partner?
Thomas:  "Er... Smart, a sense o' humour, a bit of bite... Ginger- WHO SAID THAT?!"
Kari:  "A love of books, and I'm happy!"
Aaron:  "Well... I'd sooner not say in front of my sister..."
Kari:  "Why?"
Aaron:  ">.>  No reason..."
Aiden:  "Someone musical!  And someone I can hold a decent conversation without too
many awkward turtles..."

2. If you could go anywhere, regardless if it’s real or not, where would you go?
Kari:  "WONDERLAND! Or Hogwarts...."
Aaron:  *eyeroll*  "Somewhere sunny so I can get a tan!"
Thomas:  "An island.  With no one else.  In the middle of nowhere.  With no
Aiden:  "Anywhere away from home... I've lived with my parents sixteen years and
already I'm sick of it!"

3. Who is your arch nemesis?
Tommy:  "...It used to be Skye, but then she found me out... So now, I guess it's The
Blackbird, he's still after me..."
Kari:  "I really hope I don't have a nemesis... Unless you count my mother..."
Aaron:  "Ditto..."
Aiden:  "That bloody flautist I share a room with at work... He can be my nemesis,
Tommy:  "That's the gayest nemesis ever..."
Aiden:  "Fine, how about... Warrant Officer Finch?"
Tommy:  "Yeah, he's scary enough..."

4. What’s your AIM/MSN/etc. name?
Tommy:  "Kiss Me I'm Irish?"
Kari:  "Thomas, I don't think that counts..."
Tommy:  "A'right, My Name's Thomas The Boring Irish Man?"
Kari:  "Better!  Mine's ForbiddenFairytales."
Aaron:  "Typical...  Guns 'N Big Boomy Shit!"
Aiden:  "Um... AdagioDolcemente"

5. Favorite videogame?
Kari:  "Well, Skye showed me Final Fantasy, which was pretty cool..."
Tommy:  "Call Of Duty; MW3!"
Aaron:  "Damn, that was my choice..."
Aiden:  "And mine..."
Kari: "Boys, honestly!"

6. Favorite hobby?
 Tommy:  "Does drinking count as a hobby?  No?  Heh... Target practice, then >:D"
Aaron:  "Kari, plug your ears for a moment... Flirting!  OW! I told you to plug your
Kari:  "IDIOT! Do something useful, like reading, or studying!"
Aaron:  "Reading's not useful! OW!"
Kari:  "Well, I couldn't hit you with a pillow nearly as hard as I can with Grimm's
Aiden:  "Shut up, you two!  Playing music, and singing."
Kari:  "Ooh, that too!"

7. Weirdest dream?
Tommy:  "Er... Ye prolly don' wanna know >.>"
Kari: O.e
Aaron:  O.e
Aiden:   "A big tuft of grass was chasing me, and then a lion jumped out and ate
me...  Then I watched myself sleep..."
Tommy: O.e

8. Favorite song?
Kari:  "On My Own, from Les Mis!" *wanders off singing*
Aiden:  "Look at your face in the mirror, I AM THERE INSIDE!! Come to me, Angel Of
Tommy: "Shut it, ye twit..."
Aaron:  "I'm too sexy for my shirt..."
Kari:  "Take this seriously, Aaron!"
Aaron:  "Iron Man, then!"
Tommy:  "Nella Fantasie... What?"
Aiden:  "You told me you were tough!  Nella Fantasie's an oboe piece!"
Tommy:  "Shurrup! It's nice..."

9. What’s your idea of a perfect date?
Kari:  "Somewhere peaceful... Maybe a lakeside, or something?"
Aaron:  "Seriously Kari, plug your ears....  Who needs a date when you can have sex
at home?!"
Kari:  "Is it safe?! O.O"
Tommy:  "Don' care.  She made the hospital pleasant..."
Aiden:  "The beach?  Even on a cold day, it's nice.  Or maybe watching the sunset, in
summer though..."

10. Pirates vs. Ninjas?
Tommy:  "Pirate caveman ninjas!  What?  The DO exist I say!"
Aaron:  "Pft, ninjas all the way!"
Kari: "Vampirates? No?  Then regular pirates..."
Aiden:  "Pirates!  I gotta jar of dirt..."

11. What is your weapon of choice?
Tommy:  "Pistols, rifles, shotguns, canons, if available, knives, shiruken, swords,
cheese wire, rope, sledgehammers, christmas elves, bombs-"
Aaron: "-Any explosive device, poison, football studs, a fist, a size 8 in the
stomach, tasers..."
Kari:  "Er... My boyfriend?"
Aiden:  "Fists, high F sharp, smashed bottle, my friends, bows and arrows...."

12. What do you do when you’re upset?
Tommy:  "Punch shit an' get pissed... Not necessarily in that order."
Aiden:  "Run.  Really fast, and really far.  Then, when no one can see me, I can
Kari:  "Find Val..."
Aaron:  "Cry..."
Tommy:  *cough*WIMP*cough*
Kari:  "Shut up!"

13. Twilight vs. Harry Potter?
Kari:  "I went to school at Hogwarts..."
Aaron:  "No, you went to Bohunt..."
14. Boxers or briefs?
Tommy:  "Boxers"
Aiden:  "Briefs are for ponces..."
Aaron:  "Didn't know you wore them, Aiden!"
Aiden:  "Just 'cause I play the oboe, Crybaby!"

15. All done! Any final words?
Tommy:  "Thank fuck..."
Aaron:  "Oh dear God... Fancy a drink, Tommy?"
Tommy:  "Thomas, to you..."

‹mÿlö xÿlötö› says:   20 December 2011   389359  
Especially at Kari's weapon of choice!
‹Find.The.Man.Behind.The.Monster› says:   20 December 2011   508021  
He's a good wall to hide behind xD 
‹mÿlö xÿlötö› says:   20 December 2011   902800  
And the saddest thing is, Val wouldn't mind at all xD
And Tommy's hinting at Skye! 
‹Find.The.Man.Behind.The.Monster› says:   20 December 2011   370158  
Oh, well noticed  
‹mÿlö xÿlötö› says:   20 December 2011   129590  
It's not THAT subtle xD "Ginger- WHO SAID THAT?!" 
‹Find.The.Man.Behind.The.Monster› says:   20 December 2011   832379  
Exactly!!  It was sarcasm, deary xD 
‹mÿlö xÿlötö› says:   20 December 2011   746663  
I know, I know xD I can imaging Salem sniggering behind the
door and Skye being all 'o n o What's so funny?' :L 
‹Find.The.Man.Behind.The.Monster› says:   20 December 2011   952991  
Yeah xD

I love how Aiden's obsessed too xD 
‹mÿlö xÿlötö› says:   20 December 2011   919936  
It's fun responding as your genderbent self xDD 
‹Find.The.Man.Behind.The.Monster› says :   20 December 2011   237403  
It really is!!! 

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