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Saturday, 1 October 2011
09:09:34 PM (GMT)

Emma looked up happily when Will came home. He'd had to supervise the detention that
night, so Emma had gone back without him, even though she wouldn't have minded
sitting with him.

The pair had moved into a new apartment together about two months ago, and so far,
things couldn't have gone smoother. All they had been so far was happy, and deep
down, Emma knew there were many more happy times to come yet... and she somehow knew
that Will felt the same way.

But there was something else in his eyes, something Emma rarely saw after a day at
McKinley High. It looked like fatigue, which was unusual for Will. He also seemed
slightly paler than normal, with dark bags under his eyes.

"Are you okay?" she asked, concerned.

Will smiled shakily, and nodded.

"Yep, just feeling a bit tired."

Emma was surprised at how different his voice sounded.

"Are you sure? You don't look so good, you've gone quite pale, and your voice sounds
strange too."

"Sore throat," he muttered. "That's all. I don't get sick."

"Everybody gets sick, Will. You're not immune, even if you want to be," she replied
gently. He sat on the chair next to her at the table, and folded his arms, before
sinking his head into them.

"I feel like shit."

"Yeah, you're definitely sick, because you never swear," she said amusedly, rubbing
his back, and resting her other hand on his thigh. "Come on, you need to get into
bed. You aren't going to feel much better if you just sit there."

"Mmm..." he mumbled, standing up. He swayed a little, but didn't seem to even

Emma got up too, and put her arm around his shoulders to steady him. She steered him
into their bedroom, and guided him to sit on the bed. Will was struggling to sit
upright due to fatigue as Emma carefully unbuttoned his vest, and eased off his
(he normally took them off by the front door, but he seemed to have forgotten). She
intended to help him into a comfortable old t-shirt, rather than sleeping in his
shirt, trousers, and socks, but he just fell back on the bed, climbing under the

"I'll make you a drink, for your throat. I'll get you some paracetemol too. What
would you like, a honey and lemon?"

Will made a noise that sounded something like, "Yehpliz." Yes please, which Emma
as an answer in the affirmitive, so she turned out the lights and wandered into the

Will was woken up about ten minutes later when she returned with some paracetemol, a
small glass of water, and a thermometer.

"I'm sorry, we don't have any lemons, or even any lemon juice in a little bottle.
I'll go and get some for you now, as soon as I get your temperature."

"Nurse Emma..." he mumbled, causing Emma to giggle.

"Yes, patient?" she teased.


"Well, you can sleep in a few minutes, okay? Just hold on for now. Here, take

Emma handed Will the paracetemol, which he put into his mouth and washed down with
some water. Emma had to cup her hands over his own, in the fear that his shaky grasp
would fail to hold onto the glass.

A few moments later, Emma had her boyfriend's temperature. She read it, and frowned.
Will watched her as she did so with half-open, tired eyes.

"Whaddisit?" he mumbled. What is it?

"Let's just say you've got a fever of epic proportions, and leave it at that," she
said delicately, setting the half-full glass and the thermometer down on the bedside


"I need to buy a lemon, Will," Emma said, smiling fondly.

"Fuggit..." Fuck it.

"Watch your language, mister."

"So?" he drawled.

Emma chuckled.

"Well, fine, just no more talking, okay? Not until I get the lemon."

Will nodded.

Emma toed off her Mary Janes, and slipped out of her cardigan. She removed her
bracelet and necklace, lying them next to the glass. She went to take her dress off,
but Will stopped her.

"Ferapist'll like it..." Pherapist'll like it.

Emma smiled.

"True. And I thought I said no more talking?"

"'Orry." Sorry.

"Okay, don't worry about it. Now, shh..."

Emma got into bed next to Will, and kissed him lightly on the lips, not caring if
got sick too. They cuddled up to eachother, Will's feverish body hot against Emma.
She carefully unbuttoned Will's shirt, and cuddled up against his bare chest, which
was actually a new experience for her.

"I luff you, Emma." I love you, Emma.

Emma didn't even bother lecturing him.

"Love you too, Will."

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