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Sunday, 24 July 2011
06:45:48 AM (GMT)
Hey guys,

So, this is my first time on Kupika. I hope everyone I meet treats me well *bows*
My YouTube account name is TheDeychan if anyone is interested and if you are: Rate,
Comment and Share Please :D

Yesterday, I went over to my friends home to help her with an assignment for school
and ended up jumping from her letter box, spitting tomato sauce out and just being a
total spazz but for the morning, while we were waiting for the other actors and
actresses to come, we were on YouTube and looking up korean pop. Of course I got up
and danced to each song that was played, well danced the parts i know, which isn't a
lot at this moment and now, both my calf muscles hurt :/ 
-.- stupid mailbox-jumping.

I should be working on an assignment but one of my friends recommened this site to me
because I love to meet new people in person or on the net (I never combine the two
though, I'm too young to get kidnapped O.O) Three parts are due tomorrow (mon. 25th)
but I'll just go to bed early and finish it in the morning  

My favourite K-pop singer of all time is Key (Kim Kibum) from SHINee, now his Whisper
Is The Lucifer  and how I wish I was his Amigo, and I'd even let him call me
Juliette, Jojo for short. I just want him to Stand By Me and hopefully I can be his
SHINee World. Key's smile is so cute and his voice just sends me to heaven. My
favourite music video is Hello. He is just so cute in it and in November, SHINee will
be attending the K-Pop Festival in Sydney and two of my friends and I are trying our
best to go but seeing as we're in our last year, it's not looking too good but I will
try to see my Key singing and SHINe in the stage lights. Key! FIGHTING~

And I'm out for now,
Tune back for more rants :D

<3 Mi-Ho <3
Last edited: 24 July 2011

sweetheartispretty says:   24 July 2011   515455  
ur stuff is relly dum sico bytch
sweetheartispretty says:   24 July 2011   323929  
u dont f*** get dat do u u tupid h**
GuMiHo says:   25 July 2011   846825  
At least I can spell....
GuMiHo says :   25 July 2011   506987  
Plus, if you didn't like it... why did you comment. It's my diary, it
doesn't say what I can and can't write and this is my life, no yours
so, there's no point telling me what I can and can't like and write
plus there is bound to be at least one person on Kupika who
understands my Korean-Pop addiction.
So just lay off and leave people alone. Let them run their lives and
you run yours. And learn english and propper spelling before insulting
Thanks a bunch lovey :D


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