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First Training SessionCategory: (general)
Friday, 15 July 2011
06:11:03 AM (GMT)
Okay, this is gonna be my first piece of writing...  It's gonna be Raven's first
sparring session with Black Canary.

I wait outside the room until I hear Black Canary shout for me to enter. I take a
deep breath and pull up my hood, walking through the doors.  Looking up, I hesitate.
This has to be a joke? Standing in front of me, I see Miss Martian grinning widely.
She rushes over to me and hugs me tightly, "OhmigoshIcan'tbelieveIgotpairedwithyou!"
I stand as still as I can, not liking being hugged at all, "Do you always talk so
fast?" I ask in a monotone, pushing her away from me.
"Oh, hello?! Megan!" She exclaims hitting the side of her head, "Of course we'd get
partnered. We both have similar fighting techniques."
I roll my eyes and walk over to Black Canary.  She smiles at me, but it doesn't reach
her eyes.
"It's a pleasure to meet you, Raven. I, as you may have guessed, am Black Canary,
your fighting instructor."  I nod, showing I did understand and that I'm not
that stupid.
She, however, ignores me, and continues talking, "Miss Martian will be your sparring
partner since you both have similar abilities.  We do have some rules, but I'll tell
you both if you do something wrong as we go along.  For the moment, though, try to
focus on physical attacks, rather than telepathic, telekinetic, ecetera."
I nod again, and turn to face M'gann, who has stepped onto the floor and widened her
stance into a defensive one.  I hear Black Canary step backwards, off the floor, and
stand still, watching us both carefully.

I remain still, watching Little Miss Green, waiting for her to make the first move.
She does.
She rushes at me, throwing a punch, which  dodge easily by stepping to the side and
watching her fly straight past me. She turns quickly, doing it again.  I move my
right hand up, blocking her punch and pushing her away from me.

"Raven, try to use some offensive moves." I hear Black Canary tell me.
I roll my eyes, blocking one of Miss Martian's kicks and reply, "I choose not to use
physical attacks. My strengths are my shadows."
She shakes her head, "Just try. I want to see what you're capable of."
I snarl quietly, "Much more than she is..."  Thankfully, Black Canary doesn't say
anyting to suggest that she heard this, so I walk towards Miss Martian.

I move my cape out of the way, so my arms are free to move, and throw a punch at the
Martian, which she blocks quickly and throws one back at me, which I, in turn, block,
and land a kick to the girl's side. She staggers, not expecting that, and I move
forwards wih another punch.

We continue in much the same way, and, admittedly, I only seem to be winning because
I'm good at being unexpected.  Her smile has disappeared by now, and she's glaring at
me, although I'm not sure if this is just because I just punched her, or because she
dosn't like me.  I wouldn't be surprised at either choice, though.

I lunge forwards again, but a sharp pain hits the back of my head and I falter,
allowing her to intercept my punch and kick me in exactly the same place I was
planning to kick her. I fall backwards onto the ground, faintly registering the
computer telling Black Canary that "Raven, 013. Fail."
From the corner of my eye, I see her nod, and get up, determined not to let it happen
She punches me this time, but her arm avoids my block swiftly, landing another punch
to my chest. I stagger again, running at her. I change diection at the last second,
trying to catch her unawares again, but she intercepts me again, tripping me.
"Raven, 013. Fail."

From my position sprawled on the ground, I look up at the Martian girl, seeing her
smile at me.
"Sorry, Raven."
My eyes widen under my hood. Her lips didn't move then.
No, it must be my imagination.

I stand up again, attacking with a volley of punches, until a voice echos in my head,
"You're very predictable."  I put a hand to my head.

"That hurt. How are you doing that?"  I growl at her.
"I did nothing, Raven." She smiles innocently at me.
I nod, "You did. Telepathic connection. I'm not an idiot."
She shrugs, punching at me, anticipating my blocks again, resulting in me falling to
the ground again.

"Raven, 013. Fail."

I turn to Black Canary, "Can't you switch that thing off?" I ask, annoyed now at
seeming so weak.  She shakes her head, smiling calmly.

I roll my eyes again, standing up. I see M'gann run at me again, except this time,
instinct takes over, and I jump into the air, a solid black shadow forming under my
"Raven! No powers." I hear Black Canay shout at me, but I blank her voice from my
head, watching as the Martian flies into the air, shooting some form of something at
me from her palms.
I outstretch my hands towards her, a circle of shadow forming infront of me, blocking
her attacks. I thrust one hand towards her, a stream of blackness hitting her square
in the chest and knocking her to the floor.

I smirk, thinking I'd won as the Martian falls to the ground, the computer telling
her she failed.

Until Black Canary screams.

I'm knocked out of the air, my shadows disappaiting as I'm slammed against the wall,
landing in a heap on the floor.
"Raven! I said no powers."  She shouts at me, walking over.
My head hurts, and now my left leg does too, adding to the fact that I feel
completely drained. I push myself up, seeing Miss Martian struggling to do the same.
Looking into Black Canary's eyes, I'm glad she can't see mine.

Although, just for the record. I wasn't crying.

I stare at her for a moment before pushing past, trying to hide the limp from my leg,
"I don't need this... I know how to fight."
"Raven, get back here!" She shouts after me, but I make no move to rejoin Little Miss
Mind-Reading-Green-Thing on that floor.

I storm out of the door towards the main room, heading straight for the bright pink
box Superboy and I painted earlier.  I sit in it, feeling immensly stupid, but
figuring that if anyone comes to find me, which I doubt they will, they'll notice a
girl in a terrible mood sitting in a flourescent pink box, and know that something's

Again, just saying.

I definately wasn't crying.


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