Yes i stole this what u gonna do report me???? I own the system
bitches XP
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Yes i stole this what u gonna do report me???? I own the system
bitches XP
Category: (general)
Saturday, 9 July 2011
04:44:32 AM (GMT)
I can’t get to sleep without: Music or My Computer
If I were a doll, the accessories packaged with me would be: Tools of torture >:D
I have an irrational fear of: flying bugs near my face D:
At my grandparents’ house I usually eat: idk i live with the prude his got nothing
in the fridge right now but some bad chicken the i food poisening from >--<
When I was born I weighed: 9lbs, 10oz 
I am most opposed to: Lying for someone usually and keeping quiet to save myself when
others r in trouble
On facebook I like to stalk: Lena, Elizabeth, Noah, n Alma ^^
I am too old to: ride the rides in Knotts berry farm's kiddie area w/ my bro
seriously it was embarassing when you cant tell on the faces of the parents saying
that boys to fat for that ride T~T
I find the thought of childbirth: Painful but amazing at the same time something that
would only make me love and respect the mother of my child even more ^^
Next door to my house is: An alcohuolic trash collecter that smokes weed, but the
dude has some stories that'll blow your mind when hes not hammared ^^
My feet are: Ugly i thing ive broken and bent evey single toe from ramming it into
something T~T
My preferred style of jeans are: Baggy ^^
I know how to cook: Allot....... mostly water XD
I am annoyed at: Humans, stupid people, red necks, people who act to "Valley-like" n
people who abuse power
Men should always: Be born with no penis then it grown until their mature enought to
think with the head that matters -__-
Women should never: Obsess over a guy who dumped them. He didnt know what he was
missing n didnt deserve you find someone who sees the real you n can make feel loved
The scariest sea creature is: To me its killer whales idk why >~< 
The world is over populated with: Stupid men -__-
I recently broke: like 3 toes >~<
I last cried because: I went insane and raan around town punching and kicking
everything i could find the putting a knife against my wrists again and again.....
all cause my dad hurt my mom.....
I would like to be in an advertisement for: hot topic, or Affliction, or a Jim Carrey
movie, or Sprite, or Armani Clothing ^^
My favorite shoes are: Adidas n Vans ^^
My mothers’ greatest fear is: Her past with her mothing and loosing me and my
When I think of Full House: God i wish Uncle Joey n the other one were my uncles so i
could play any instrument while talking like popeye ^^
Pill: Hahahah the little pink ones that make my face feel like majic man XP
Sticker: I usually buy Domo stickes for Liz, my knewest thing are those cute vodoo
dolls though ^^
Swirl: Chocolate fudge swirl???? ~Drools~
Drop: ~Inside my head~ Careful Careful dont drop lil bros psp.......careful
careful....... ~Crash~...........fuck
Coaster: God Elizabeth wants to take me on Goliathe in Six Flags 200 ft drop..... i
wanna die now and save the peole the trouble of seeing my seizure, heartattack,
asthma attack on the ride T~T
Wave: Went so Santa Monica recently n saw allot of couple under the pier.... made me
miss a certain person v////v
Enough: Of my family i need to get out and see my wolf pack ^^
Coupon: never use them like ever... cuz is addicted to the show extreme couponing
Nail: Nail Polish is cool specially black ^^
Market: Bevo n Sugoi Life >:P
Trash: .....~Clears throat~......... MEN
Key: Key to my heart;;Soulmate<3 
Snow: I love the snow n the cold ^^
Bake: I AM A BAKING GOD!!!!!!!!!
Curl: my cousin robert has really nice curly hair ^^ 
Ring: Its important to me to give one to the one i lov ^/////^
Soil: My baby wolf Jimmy soiled his daiper earlier >~< sory not changing it -__-
Cross: ~Puts on necklace sister Sam gave me with 3 crosses on it and
waits~...........~nothing~........~sizzle~.... does anyor smell bacon????
O.o..........~Engulfs in flame~ DEAR GODS ITS BURNS US!!!!!!!!!!!
What is your salad dressing of choice?: Grrrrr salad is rabbit food >~<
What is your favorite sit-down and order restaurant?: Mission Burrito n ummmmm El
toritos n ummmmmm Bobs big boys cause of the cool old cars :D
What food could you eat everyday for two weeks and not get sick of it?: Pizza n
Burritos ^^
What is your choice pizza topping?: Hawaiin aka Pinapple n Ham ^^
What do you like to put on your toast?: Butter..... or Oatmeal preferable Cream of
How many TVs are in your house?: 4 ^^ no wit 5 their a big screen in our living room
just taking up space ^^
What color is your cellphone?: i dont have one ye >~<
Do you have an iPod?: No ipod just a stolen PSP
Righty or Lefty?: Ambadextrouse ^^
Have you had anything removed from your body?: Drugs..... Alchohul........
personalities....... Stress....... Peoples pain......... a schist o.o
What is the last heavy thing you lifted?: I bench pressed i large unknown amount of
wieght the other day o.o
Have you ever been knocked unconscious?: Ummmmmm no but ive balcked out before does
that count???? :T
If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die?: Nah cause
then id become al lame depressing n sad about my time limit XD lifes better as a
mystery ^^
If you could change your name, what would you change it to?: Vinchenzo Santino like
my momma originally wanted it, that or Cauis Rene Wolf ^^
Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1000?: Yes gods yes i needs the
money ^^
Favorite season?:Winter 
Favorite holiday?: Halloween I think… or christmas
Favorite day of the week?: Tuesday frieday n saturday ^^
Favorite month?: October ^^
Missing anyone?: Many, Many people….
Current mood?: Anxious
What are you listening to?: Liquor Store Blues by Bruno Mars
Current worry?: What to wear tomorrow n what ovie to see
First place you went this morning?: 2 my aunts work to drop off my Cuz ^^ 
Last movie you saw?: Kung Fu Panda 2
Do you own flip-flops?: No ;--;
Last time you had a run in with the cops?: Last Year fucken pigs..... >.> 
Last person you talked to?: Andrea ^^
Last person you hugged?: My lil Brother ^^
Do you always answer your phone?: I try my best to, yes.
It's four in the morning, and you get a text message. Who is it?: Lena....
Elizabeth.....Amber thats it ^^
If you could change your eye color, what would it be?: Yellow
What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic?: Never been to sonics o.o
Do you own a Digital Camera?: Yes but sadly it died in June from over usae on the
last day of school...... i miss my baby T~T
Have you ever had a pet fish?: Yes ^^..... i think o.o
Favorite Christmas song?: Jigles bells rock, i want a hippopotomous for
cristmas,entire soundtrack (Nightmare b4 X-mas >:D)
What's on your list for your birthday?: A cell n Cam -__-
How many push ups can you do?: 35 max XD
Can you do the splits?: Almost ^^
Does the future excite you or make you nervous?: Both!
Do you have any saved texts?: >///////< Yes
Have you been in a car accident?: Once…. :/
Do you have an accent?: When i feel like it i do allot of dem man ^^
What was the last movie to make you cry?: Cast away whn he lost Wilson T~T
Plans tonight?: Sleep -__-
Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom?: many times….but
hasn’t everyone?
Name 3 things you bought yesterday:  Psh i dont ut i steal ^^
Have you ever been given roses?: Nope ^^
Met someone who change your life?: Allot actually ^^
What song represents you?: I have allot most made by either linkin park or three days
grace hahah ^^ but let me know what you think defines me in a song ^^
Would you go back in time if you could?: No…ecause their are thinks i would change
that would change the caring person i am today ^^
Have you dated someone longer than a year?: Nope almost there though ^^
Any tattoos or piercings?: One on my left ear (old fashioned) and soon a tongue
piercing >:P
Does anyone love you?: Allot of people ^////^
Pirate or a Ninja?: Ninja (Depends if garra gods yes.) Pirate (Depends in Captain
jack sparrow then Gods yes again XD)
Sing in the shower?: Most of the time >.>
Have you been sung to?: Yes <3 I loved it.
When did you last cry?: a few months ago
Have you held hands with anyone today?: no :/
Who was the last person you took a picture of?: Elizabeth ^^
Are most of your friends old or new?: New-ish
Do you like pulp in your Orange Juice?: No :c
What is something your friends make fun of you for?: My silly dorkyness n my adorable
squeaky sneezes >///////////////<

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