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hair colors~Category: OBNOXIOUSSSS
Tuesday, 3 May 2011
09:09:26 AM (GMT)
so i'm considering coloring my hair. i either want to go blue, purple, or REALLY bright red. like so bright you know it's fake. like ariel red. i love this idea yes. but here's the thing. i don't know which color to choose and ultimately i'm going to go with what i want. but for now, opinions? and before you ask ~ yes i know i'm going to have to bleach my hair. honestly my hair is so oily one day after washing it i could change the oil in my gran's car and i just don't give a fuck. "ew you freak!!11!!!" bitch shut the hell up you are entitled to your opinion but i just don't give a shit, 'kay?

‹JaredAlpacalecki› says:   3 May 2011   157354  
 I think purple. cx
‹Spontaneously Combust› says:   3 May 2011   947636  
Red c: Good luck with whatever you choose!
sonne says:   3 May 2011   337262  
I can see you rockin' the purple one really well.
‹goodfornothing› says:   3 May 2011   821173  
i'd say red, it makes a statement without having people make
automatic assumptions about you, and it has the most potential to look
good on anybody (contrary to popular belief, not everyone can dye
there hair and get away with it).

but you should definitely keep in mind - i used to have pink and blue
hair, and it was bleached underneath, and i still had to redye
it every single weekend. neon colored hair is a bitch to maintain.
eventually i switched to natural colors that i could dye permanently
at a salon, because i just couldn't stand dying my hair every week.

just fair warning. whatever you do, have fun with it (:
‹ce-bouton-puis-je-pousser.› says:   3 May 2011   333170  

b0nez says:   4 May 2011   581731  
i think you're awesome.
/thumbs up

but i've had red foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr urgh

i love you. :3

i've dyed my hair before and i was thinking of just putting it on my
natural dark hair to see how that'd turn out. i still don't know yet.

but everyone has red you know. 
‹ce-bouton-puis-je-pousser.› says:   4 May 2011   248309  

then scarface.
you'd look hot in purrrple.
b0nez says:   4 May 2011   386218  
gurl u kno it. 
‹ce-bouton-puis-je-pousser.› says:   4 May 2011   680048  

yea gurrrrl.
whip that hurr reaaal good.
b0nez says:   4 May 2011   237804  
lol i'll dye it purple or maybe blue and then get it layered. it will
be fabulous. 
‹ce-bouton-puis-je-pousser.› says:   4 May 2011   825342  

it'll look amazing.
b0nez says :   4 May 2011   456675  
I hope so.

Next entry: you don't want to read this in category what i think about.
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