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Kage's Death - Suicide or Murder?Category: (general)
Monday, 28 February 2011
12:59:26 AM (GMT)
A/N: 'Kay, so Kage is my Kuroshitsuji OC. She's strong willed but a very angry girl,
especially when Sebastian. I have a picture for this but it's not finished yet~

 Kage wandered the Phantomhive Mansion aimlessly. In the times after Tempest
had died, Kage was absolutely distraught to have her best friend taken away from her
just like that. As she wandered the empty, quiet hallways as the only person left at
Phantomhive because of another mission or something Kage hadn't heard, she felt more
alone than ever. They were back today, however. 

Flahbacks of the monster she was before Ciel and Sebastian found her flashed through
her head at an alarming rate, causing a headache to attack as she let out a cry and
collapsed onto the floor. Defeated, she ran her fingers through her jet black hair
and let the tears fall, remembering when they'd found her.

Backing away in her demon form, Kage's ears were pinned to her skull as she
watched Sebastian in fear. She'd seen him before, heard about him from the townsfolk,
heard stories that she knew lead back to him but nobody else did. Looking around for
a way out of the situation, Sebastian approached her slowly. She tried hissing at
him, batting her paw and growling but it didn't stop him. 
"There there, kitty." He said, stopping short slightly. "I won't hurt you if you
don't hurt me." He said and smiled, closing over his blood red eyes. Standing still
for a second, Kage turned back to her human form in torn clothes and a cut face. She
hadn't given up because she knew she was no match against him, but for the reason she
didn't want to hurt him. She... She

Kage had managed to stand and proceeded to kick the wall roughly with her boot. The
shoe didn't even leave a mark as she stormed off, angry once again. "Get ahold of
yourself, stupid!" She scolded herself as she buried her head in her hands. "You
don't love him, you hate him! He was always your enemy when Tempest was around!" She
stopped with a gasp. Tempest... She thought, remembering how she had spotted
her best friend when the snow started clearing. She was the one who had screamed for
the first time in her life. She'd never quite been the same. "He... Was..." She
muttered weakly and stopped walking. 

She'd heard footsteps in the Mansion. 

She turned and ran towards the main entrance but something drew her towards the
kitchen. Her pace slowed and stopped outside as she heard a drawer being flung open
and the silverware being nudged out of its place roughly. She stood still, keeping
her heartbeat and breathing even and breath fell quiet. Whoever it was walked again.
It wasn't Meirin or Sebastian's shoes, nor Finny or Bard's and she most certainly
knew it wasn't Ciel. 

Slowly, quietly, she peeked around the corner of the door to reveal...

Confused, she walked into the kitchen and looked around, forgetting the one vital
place. Behind the door. When it slammed shut, she froze and mentally slapped herself
for being so stupid. She turned around to see a tall-ish figure covered head to toe
in material that stopped her from seeing their face.
All she could tell? The figure was masculine.
Laughing, he moved forward and she backed up. "Aww. Is the little girlie scared?" He
teased, causing a growl to rip from her throat.
"No! I'm not scared!" I'm terrified. "What are you doing on Phantomhive
property?!" What are you going to do with that knife?
The man laughed again. "Same as others come, to get the fortune. Maybe burn it to a
crisp while we're here!"
"I won't let you!" She yelled defensively, but it was proving futile. This guy was
made of thicker skin than that. "I'll kill you if I must!" 
"I'd love to see you try!" He said teasing her. She grit her teeth, refusing to let
tears fall from her violet eyes. She didn't want to go into her demon form, it had
all gone wrong the last time she had done that. She stood still and he walked forward
slowly. "That's the right way, girlie. Just you stay there." And she did so right
until he lifted the knife and she ducked, sweeping his legs out from under him in one
quick movement. He fell to the ground and Kage rose slowly, dusting off her clothes
but her eyes never moving from the intruder.

Not until, of course, everyone came home. The door opened and voices spilled through
the house like a dam that had burst. She looked up, out the door for shadows coming
down the hallway. Her name, she heard someone calling her name.

"Gotcha, girlie!" The voice said and, before it could register to Kage what
was happening, he grabbed her wrist roughly and sliced the knife across it. Kage
screamed for the second time in her life and fell to her knees, the pain captivating
everything. The man shoved the knife into her hand and ran towards the window,
jumping out.

Now, all she could do was lie back and die slowly. Her eyes started to close over
slowly as she heard footsteps run towards the kitchen, another scream (hazarding a
guess, she figured it was Meirin) and more footsteps.

Then, she heard different footsteps. Footsteps that weren't hurrying, but walking
slowly, then crouched next to her and held the top half of her body. "Be at peace,
Kage." Sebastain's voice said as she slowly bled to death.

Murder looking like suicide.
Last edited: 28 February 2011

kittygash says:   28 February 2011   223048  
This is absolutely fabulous.
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   28 February 2011   294377  

Thank you!
I was so tired when I wrote it too, I was convinced it would be awful
^^ xx 
kittygash says:   28 February 2011   845103  
No its definitely great<3 I write too!
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   28 February 2011   741057  

I must go and read them, then <3 
kittygash says:   1 March 2011   777909  
I haven't posted any of my writing on Kupika yet. Should I?
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says :   1 March 2011   840030  

I think you should ^^ 


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