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Saturday, 26 February 2011
08:04:39 AM (GMT)
As everybody knows, Frixie has an awful habit of just sort of barging into
your room uninvited for no particular reason, he just doesn't have good manners as
his somebody did. So he atleast expected Dexion to always be prepared incase he did.
But anyways, Frixie took a precaution this time before entering. After what happened
last time he barged into his room he found it right to atleast give the younger
nobody some form of warning."Better have clothes on cause I'm comin' in,"  Frixie
yelled, pushing the door open just it time to hear the protests. He was half used to
the scars on the arms now although it sort of hurt to see them sometimes but he
didn't let it show at all. Nothing would ever quite prepare him for something like
this though."See Dexion? I warned ya this tim...Hey why'd you have foundation?" His
eyes widened with child like curiosity as they trailed up and down Dexions back with
mild curiosity. He'd seen the younger topless before but had never really taken any
notice to appreciate, his eyes worked there way up and down and stopped. He hadn't
noticed that red ring around his neck before, and his curiosity grew."O-oh Frixie,
what do you want?" He asked quietly, straightening up and still keeping his back
facing his friend. Oh god where was that coat?"Is it a crime to say hello to my
bestest buddy in the entire world ever?" He replied, trying to go round to see Dexion
from the front but the ginger boy kept turning away."Oh come on! Your not that bad
looking!" Frixie whined quietly, grabbing a free arm and twirling the boy round to
see him. He dropped it soon after, his mouth opening at an awkward angle as his eyes
trailed up the toned body.

"Gay faggots were never welcome here." I whispered in a quiet tone of voice, my
hand did not leave my mouth once as I said those words. Why, Why would anyone
carve that into his chest? Hell, I know he's Bisexual- it's a common fact but I
seriously couldn't give a shit if he was Bisexual, Transexual, Asexual, he was still
human. And no human deserved this; espically one this kind. I wavered a bit and sat
in silence as Denio just said 'I-I see,'. Those scars would be there forever to haunt
him of what happened and all I could do was stand back and watch.

Frixie's head hurt painfully as he saw the scarring on Dexions chest, the red ring
around his neck. He felt as if he was going to explode, he felt dizzy all of a
sudden, sick as well. Dexion sensed this and looked sort of alarmed."Frix, this
happened to me as a somebody- I can't make it go away," He said in a desperate
attempt to try and make him not explode. That would be very, very bad. The headache
grew worse and worse as more of his memories came back to him from before, important
ones he never should have forgotten in his lifetime or this one. And then a name came
to him when his scrunched up eyes looked at Dexion again.

Dexion was Denio. Denio IS Dexion! How could Rifie have forgotten his friend?
Frixie smiled weakly, tears blurring his vision for a short while before he turned on
his heels and ran off somewhere quiet. He never got to where he wanted though,
halfway to he collapsed on the floor in shock, smiling.
Rifie had Denio because Frixie had Dexion.

‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   26 February 2011   114412  


//tears of joy C:
‹knight of ren› says:   26 February 2011   700891  
Thankyou love :3 
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says :   26 February 2011   713844  

You're so welcome ^^ xx 


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