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Friday, 4 February 2011
09:28:56 PM (GMT)
Daydream I turned into a story. All names are changed. Some stuff isn't
real/true. Yes, it's the same people from my last daydream.

"Man, I love walking in this forest." I sigh contently as my sister Beth and I
tramp through our friend Marylin's forest. Marylin is gone for the weekend, but told
us that my sis and I are welcome to come into the forest whenever we want. So now
Beth and are going to our "spot", an area that greatly resembles a ghostly, torn-up

I, being the ever-romantic girl that I am, said, "Wouldn't it be great if Jerry was
here?" Beth shot me a look. "And Mark, for you, of course." Beth and Mark are friends
who talk on Facebook almost everyday. 

"Hey, look, I see the Swingy!" Beth calls cheerfully as she points ahead. The Swingy
is the official name for our spot, and is reserved for special times, such as when we
arrive at the Swingy for the first time in weeks. As we get closer to our Spot, I
start describing Jerry in a very detailed way, knowing that Beth is only
half-listening. I don't care, though, since she's the only one who actually puts up
with my talk off the boy I've secretly liked for almost three years.

Suddenly, I hear voices and the sound of crunching leaves. In the distance is too
boys. I can just make out their voices, but can't tell exactly what they're saying. I
look at Beth. "Look, some cute guys are coming this way!" I may like Jerry, but I'm
not completely dedicated to him.

Beth looks excited as she whispers, "It's Jerry and Mark!" I'm too busy staring at
Jerry to notice Beth's face light up when she sees Mark.

The boys finally see us and wave. Beth grabs my arm and makes me wave back; I blush.
I'm suddenly very shy now that Jerry is here.

Jerry and Mark stand right in front of Beth and I, their arms hanging awkwardly at
their sides. It's quiet for a moment as we all try to decide what to say. Finally
Mark notices the camera I have clutched in my hand; I'd forgotten I brought it with.

"So....what's that?" he asks.

"It's a camera, idiot," I reply, trying to show off for Jerry. He grins and Mark
rolls his eyes. "I love cameras.....can I see it?" I hand it over and it's silent

Another minute passes. The Beth says to Jerry, "C'mon....I want to show you something
over here." She grabs his arms and leads him towards the Tire Pile, which is a bunch
of old tires Beth and I have collected. We built a fort out of them.

Mark and I dash around the trees and squat low to the ground, taking pictures of
everything. It's as if someone flipped a switch, and now Mark and I are buddies, even
though we've never really talked before. I find myself laughing and smiling, then
think for a split second that his eyes are really cute. But then I remind myself that
Jerry is the one for me.

Finally, we stop to rest on a patch of soft grass. I sit down first, then Marks falls
down beside me. I can't help but notice that he is sitting very close to me. We watch
Beth and Jerry talking and laughing a few yards away; they seem to be flirting. Beth
pushes Jerry and he nearly topples over. "Jerry is.....well, there's no word to
describe him." He looks at me sideways and I laugh a little just in time, so that he
doesn't think I like Jerry or anything. "Yeah, he's, uh, something all right." I
realize this came out wrong and quickly add, "You could just call him an idiot,
though, ya know...." I stop talking. I'm feeling like every word that comes out of my
mouth is really stupid.

Suddenly something warm and soft brushes against my hand. I look down and see that
it's Mark's hand. I then turn my head towards his face. He looks a little shy, and
really good-looking. I can't stop staring into his deep brown eyes; I can't think of
anything else. I don't even have a chance to think of Jerry before Mark starts to
lean forward. He pauses when he's only a fraction of an inch away from me, then very
hesitantly presses his lips against mine. They stay there for a moment, waiting for
my reaction. I lean into him a bit and press down, too. We adjust ourselves so we're
sitting more comfortably and suddenly, I feel like I'm flying. My first kiss is not
with Jerry, but instead with his best friend....something I never thought would

Mark pulls away and lets go of my head. His face is red, like he's embarrassed.
"Uh...sorry," he says.

My smile is wobbly. "I-it's okay," I reply. My skin tingles, and I feel like someone
is watching me. I turn my head slowly to see Jerry and Beth staring at his. On
Jerry's face is a look of, ''Way to go, man!" and he's grinning. Beth looks hurt, but
I don't know why. I'm suddenly confused. Then Jerry calls out, "GIVE'R SOME TONGUE!"
and pumps a fist in the air. Just as I'm turning back towards Mark, and grabs my arms
and kisses me again, more passionately this time. After French-kissing for a few
minutes, we break apart again. I feel like laughing and crying at the same time, and
wonder if Mark is my boyfriend now. Does it make me a slut to want to date Mark just
because he is a good kisser?

I then see Beth running away, and Jerry staring after her, confused. I abruptly stand
up, not realizing Mark is kind of leaning on me. So as I get up, Mark falls over.
Embarrassed, I'm not sure if I should help Mark up or find Beth. I decide to do both.
After I make sure Mark is good, I chase after Beth. I don't see the boys again that
Mark and I don't speak to each other anymore; it's pretty awkward between us. After
all, how do you cope with the knowledge that the girl you've liked for months
actually likes your best friend, but only made-out with you because you're a good
kisser, and is now dating your best friend because it turns out her sister likes you
and invited you and you best bud to her friend's forest so she could hook the girl
you like up with your best friend and finally confess that she likes you?

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