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My Diary (Story) Chapter 1: My First EntrysCategory: (general)
Thursday, 6 January 2011
05:00:55 PM (GMT)
Note: this is anime since they look all anime like :D IT IS ALSO COMPLETELY FICTION.
This has no likeliness to other peoples real lifes/other people.

Lana Smith

Leon Smith

Jenny (Jen) Araya

Alex Seafink

Chapter 1:
Dear Diary,
The date is 05/01/xx, my birthday. You were a present, and today I turn 16. Its a
huge relief - most of my friends are already 16, or are turning 17 this year.
Unfortunately none of my friends could come to my party - they all live around the
school district, which is an hours drive away. My name is Lana Smith, and my parents
also couldn't make it, due to 'unavoidable business trips'. To be honest, the only
attendees were my aunts, uncles, and grandparents. and my snotty brother Leon Smith.
It was a true flop of a party, and I find it kind of sad that the only people that
were invited that came were relatives that are distant or weird. Like Parpa, one of
my Grandfathers. He is totally obsessed with fishes, and has never actually set foot
in water. And the fact that my brother is all for live-action and sit at your
computer roleplay. But I guess I should tell you more about me, considering your MY
diary, not Leon or Parpa (thats his actual name..). You know that much that my name
is Lana Smith, I turned 16 today, and I have very dark brown hair. Most guys consider
me pretty due to the fact that I'm a whiz with makeup and I have big boobs. And you
know, the fact that I'm realllly pretty. Not to be vain or anything. I have no
glasses, brown eyes, and I go to Namimori High School. I think thats enough because
I'm being dragged back into the

Dear Diary,
The date is 05/02/xx, and this is my second entry. It's night time and I honestly
shouldn't be up right now, seeings as its 12:00 on a school night. My birthday was,
unfortunately, on a Sunday. Today was fairly simple. I got up at about 5:00 in the
morning, took a shower, consulted my makeup for like an hour, got lunch because that
cafeteria food sucks, and waited for the bus while surfing the net for about another
hour. The thing is, even if I bring porn, the teachers don't mind what I bring since
I had to wait an hour in the bus. Good thing porn doesn't interest me. Jen and I are
'busmates', so I sat next to her while she rambled on about how it was so unfair that
god invented school, how because that she got up too late she resembled a grocery bag
(I insisted otherwise, but she doesn't care what others think of her), and more
really annoying things I don't want to talk about. Like usual, I passed through
school like a ghost, except for in recess. Recess sounds like a kids game, especially
since what we have outside is a glorified playground, but we still have it. Even
though I had been congratulated by my friends many times over, I was only truly happy
that day when Alex Seafink walked up to me and said it.If you used to live in like,
Australia or something, you don't know him. But, even though your an inanimate
object, if you were in a store any where near our school, you know that he's the
hottest person alive. After that, the rest of the day doesn't matter. So bye.

Dear Diary,
The Date is 05/05/xx, and I haven't been in a good enough mood to write in you and
neither do I care! You are a piece of crap, and my life is hell itself. on the third,
I got into a huge fight with my parents about my grades, and ended up with nothing.
I'm not aloud to stay over at any friends houses, go anywhere with my friends, or use
anything to communicate with my friends. If i don't go on the first bus to home, I
will be punished. So, you ask why I did not write in you? Because that you would be
pretty much soaked with tears. Your a diary, you don't need to know all of my
feelings. You are, and will always be, a dangerous piece of paper that people can use
to peek into my feelings. Well, multiple papers... Anyway, they said a month, and I
won't write in you again till that month is up!

Dear Diary, 
It is an actual month from last time. Guess when you can't see your kids depression,
you can't care enough to stop it. I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't resent them for
just, i dunno, never EVER being home long enough to have a decent visit. I really

in proggress!!!
1st chapter is not done!

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