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Pan's Labyrinth, Organization 13 fan-fiction Chapter 1Category: Organization 13
Friday, 24 December 2010
09:40:55 AM (GMT)
Before I start this, just to say.. Sorry if your character is not included in this,
I had to think hard about the characters and such >.< xD
And for anyone who isn't in the roleplay, who is reading this, I am writing this
fan-fiction with characters from my Organization 13 roleplay ^.^ Just in case if your
a little confused ^_^

The Cast (so far)
Arie/Xaveria - Ofelia/Princess Moanna
Shexia - Carmen (Ofelia's Mother)/Queen of the Underworld
Demyx - King of the Underworld/Ofelia's father
Axel - Captain Vidal
Xiannon - Mercedes
Vexen - Doctor Ferreiro
Dexion - Pedro
Marluxia - Garcés
Xigbar - Serrano
Saix - Pale Man
Lexaeus - Faun
Xena, Xiulan, and Vaproskiax - 3 Fairies
Xilatz - Arie's Baby Brother
Here is part 1 if anyone is wanting to watch it after, or before reading this -

Pan's Labyrinth. Chapter 1

Spain, 1944. The Civil War is over. Hidden in the Mountains, armed men are still
fighting the Fascist regime. Military posts are established to exterminate the

A young girl with short black hair, and a pale face, lay dying on the ground. Her
hand covered in blood, and blood dripping down from her nose.
"A long time ago, in the Underground Realm where there are no lies, or pain, there
lived a Princess who dreamt of the Human World. She dreamt of blue skies, soft breeze
and sunshine. One day, eluding her keepers, the Princess escaped. Once outside, the
bright sun blinded her eyes and erased her memory. She forgot who she was, or where
she came from. Her body suffered cold, sickness and pain. And eventually she died.
However, her Father, the King, always knew that the Princess' soul would return,
perhaps in another body, in another place, at another time. He would wait for her,
until he drew his last breath, until the world stopped turning.".

Arie was sitting in a car with her Mother, Shexia, reading one of her many books
about Fairytales. Shexia looked down at her daughter and smiled.
"Why did you bring so many books, Arie? Were going to he County, outdoors" she told
Shexia took the book from Arie, and examined it, shaking her head.
"Fairytales?" she asked.
"Your a bit too old to be filling your head with such nonsense".
Suddenly Shexia began to feel unwell again.
"Ask him to stop the car" she told her Daughter.
Arie did exactly as her Mother had told her, and rapped on the inside window of the
The car pulled over to the side of the road in a forest, letting Shexia out of the
car. She stood by the front of the car, holding onto her stomach, and keeping a
hanker-chief in front of her mouth.
"Arie, wait. Your brothers not well." she told her Daughter, who had gotten out of
the car.
Shexia was pregnant, and was due to have her baby in a few days time.
"Madame, are you ok?" the driver of the car asked as he got out the car and made sure
that Shexia was fine.

Arie had began to wonder off, away from the car. She looked around at the Forest
scenery. She was walking along an open path, when suddenly she kicked something like
a rock on the path. She bent down and picked the object up. It was a piece of stone,
with an eye carved into it. She began walking along the path, trying to find out
where the piece of stone had come from. She finally found a large stone statue
standing at the side of the path. She walked up to it, and found that the stone
statue had a face carved into it. It's mouth was open wide, and it had a large hole
where an eye should be. She placed the piece of stone with the eye carved into it,
into the large hole in the statue. Suddenly, a large insect that looked slightly like
a dragonfly, popped itself out of the mouth of the stone statue. Arie jumped back
slightly in shock, but kept her eyes on the insect.

"Arie?" Her Mother's voice called out.
The insect flew away, as Arie turned around, watching it fly.
"Arie, come here." Shexia said to Arie.
Arie turned around to face her Mother and the driver. She walked down, away from the
stone statue, and stood infront of her Mother.
"I saw a fairy!" She told her Mother, smiling.
"Just look at your shoes!" Shexia scolded Arie.
She sighed to herself, and put an arm around her Daughter.
"Lets go.." she sai as she walked back to the car with Arie.
"When we get to the mill, come out and meet the Captain. I want you to call him
Father. You have no idea how good he's been to us. It's just one word, Arie. One
word." Shexia told Arie, as they both got back into the car, and continued their
journey towards the country.
The insect watched the car dive away, and followed closely behind the car.

Axel was looking at his pocket watch, impatiently.
"They're coming, Captain" someone called out to Axel.
"15 minutes late.." he muttered under his breath.
The car finally arrived at the mill.
Axel, along with one of his lieutenants, Doctor Vexen, and Xiannon, Axel's
Housekeeper. Bringing a wheelchair along for Shexia.
Axel walked up to the door and helped Shexia out.
"Shexia.. welcome.." he said to her smiling.
Shexia looked over at the wheelchair that was brought for her.
"That's not necessary, I can walk perfectly well." she told Axel.
"Doctor Vexen prefers that you don't exert yourself." Axel told Shexia
"" Shexia said, whilst shaking her head.
"Come, do it for me" Axel whispered into her ear.
Shexia sighed, and sat down in the wheelchair, with the help of Vexen.
"Thankyou" she thanked Vexen.
She then looked over at the car.
"Arie, come out. Say hello to the Captain" Shexia told her Daughter.
Arie moved in her seat, closer towards the door. She got out the car, hugging onto
her books.
"Arie." Axel said, looking down at her.
She held out her hand towards him, attempting to shake hands with him.
Instead of shaking hands, Axel gripped tightly onto her hand, squeezing her hand
"It's the other hand, Arie" he told her sternly, and let go of her hand, turning
"Xiannon, bring the luggage." he called over to Xiannon.
"Yes sir.." she nodded her head.

Axel turned around and walked off quickly. Arie looked around, hugging her books
close to her. Xuilan kept a close watch on Arie.
Suddenly, Arie heard the beating of the insects wings. It was sitting on a pile of
sacks, just in her eyesight. Arie walked closer towards the insect, a smile on her
face. She dropped her books to the ground, and attempted to catch the insect. It flew
out of her way, flying around in the air, and then flying away from the Mill.
Arie cocked her head to the side, and then ran after the insect. It led her into the
forests, Arie following eagerly. She stopped and stared at a large stone archway,
that was standing in the middle of the forest. She walked closer towards it, looking
up at the archway. She walked through the archway, where it took her into a sort of
dug out maze. She looked around the corner and stared at the never ending walls.
"It's a Labyrinth.." Xiannon said, standing behind Arie. She had been following her.
Arie turned around and smiled at Xiannon.
"Just a pile of old rocks that have always been here. Even before the Mill. Better
not to go in there, you might get lost." Xiannon told Arie.
"Thankyou.." Arie thanked Xiannon, as she gave Arie back her books.
"Have you read them all?" Xiannon asked Arie, smiling.
"Xiannon, the Captain is calling!" Xigbar yelled to Xiannon, standing just outside
the archway.
He then started walking back to the mill, as Xiannon turned around to face Arie.
"Your Father needs me.." Xiannon told Arie, and walked off.
"He's not my Father. The Captain is not my Father." Arie told Xiannon, as she caught
up with her.
"My Father was a Tailor, he died in the war. He's not my Father." Arie continued,
walking beside Xiannon.
"You've made that clear enough. Shall we go?" Xiannon asked Arie.
"Have you seen my Mother? Isn't she beautiful?" Arie asked Xiannon, as they walked
along the path.
"Yes." Xiannon responded.
"She's sick with a baby, did you know that?" Arie continued to talk.
The insect that had guided Arie towards the Labyrinth, watched Xiannon and Arie walk
away, from the Archway.

"The Guerrilas are sticking to the woods.. because it is hard to track them up
there.." Axel mumbled, looking closely at a map.
He stood up and looked at the two lieutenants, Xigbar and Marluxia.
"Those bastards know the terrain better than any of us. We'll block all access to the
woods. Food, medicine, we'll store it all, Right here" he told them.
Xiannon walked into the room, placing down a tray of food.
"We need to force them down, make them come to us." Axel continued.
Xiannon listened into the conversation carefully.
"We'll set up three new command posts. Here, here, and here" he said as he pointed
out different areas on the map.
Xiannon looked down at the map carefully.
"Xiannon. Ask Doctor Vexen to come down." he told her, placing a hand on her
"Yes sir." she nodded, and walked off.

Vexen took out a vile of medicine from his briefcase. Shexia was lying in her bed,
and Arie was sitting on the edge of the bed, watching Vexen.
"This will help you sleep through the night." he told Shexia.
"Just two drops, just before bed. Two drops only" he told Shexia, as he put two drops
of the medicine into Shexia's drink, and handed it to her.
Arie fiddled around with Vexen's equipment, and the viles of medicine, whilst Shexia
drank her medicine.
"Don't hesitate to call me if you need anything. Day or Night" Vexen said.
"You, or your nurse" he said smiling at Shexia and Arie.
Arie sat on the bed beside Shexia, as Shexia hugged her.
"Goodnight" Vexen said, as he exited the room.
"Close the door and turn off the lights, sweetie" Shexia whispered to Arie, handing
her the vile of medicine.
Arie sat up and got off the bed, placing the vile of medicine on the bedside table.

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‹❄Shexia: The Wintery Archer❄› says:   24 December 2010   290721  
 Oh wow, this is EPIC!!! :D
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   24 December 2010   639587  
xD thanyou very much ^.^
I feel sorry for Shexia having to live with Axel 
I can't wait to start the next chapter ^.^ 
‹❄Shexia: The Wintery Archer❄› says:   24 December 2010   202479  
 Same here! ^^
WHY would you marry him, Shexia? GAH! 
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   24 December 2010   302690  
I knows! D8 Oh well ^^'
Oh, btw, the insect in this chapter is suppose to be Xena. She's in
her insect form at the moment ^^ Xiulan and Vaproskiax come in later
on in the story ^^ 
‹❄Shexia: The Wintery Archer❄› says:   24 December 2010   959304  
 I see, I see. 
‹knight of ren› says:   24 December 2010   232327  
Daymn, that was epic.
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   24 December 2010   734248  
thankyou ^.^ 
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   24 December 2010   971728  

lD Baby was right. LOL.
It is appearing that Xena, Xiulan, and Vaproskiax are becoming some
kind of trio?~ x]
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   24 December 2010   875166  
Thankyou very much ^.^
I know, strange isn't it? XD
‹Tama_♦› says :   26 December 2010   477381  
Xiulan XD
She's like "shoop shhhoOOOp I'ma follow youuu"
Reminds me of the last special topic XD


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