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A daydreamCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 14 December 2010
09:57:54 PM (GMT)
*All names will be changed to protect my and their identity.*

This is a day dream I had based on real people.

"Come on Molly, just do it! We're trying to help you here!"

"No!" I sputtered. "I really don't want to!"

Eric spun me around so I faced him. "I'm trying to help you. We want to
prove that Jerry likes you! And this is the perfect way to do so."

Mark nodded in agreement while Eric kept speaking. "All you have to do is kiss Mark.
I'll make sure that Jerry sees, and he'll be so mad that his best friend is kissing
the girl he loves, he'll come running over here shouting at mark to get away from
you; proving that he likes you!"

"But, seriously, why do I actually have to kiss him? Why can't we just fake it? Or
just slowly lean towards each other, but not...really...?"

Eric cut me off. "It has to be real. Or else Jerry will just pretend to not
care. As long as Mark doesn't do anything drastic with you, Jerry won't care. It's a
man instinct. We don't wanna look like dumbasses!"

I looked at the ground, feeling tears coming. "But," I whispered, "I-I don't want to
give up my first kiss. I want it to be with someone I really, really like. No
offense, Mark."

"None taken," he replied. "Look, think of it this way. All you have to do is give up
one kiss with me, to have a hundred kisses from Jerry."

"But it's my first kiss!" I whined. "I want it to be special, and sweet, with
someone I care about!"

Eric and Mark were both silent for a moment. "Fine," said Eric, spreading his hands
out in the air. "Don't do this. We're doing this for you, Molly. If you don't want us
to help you, then fine, we'll go." He and Mark started to walk away.

"Wait," I called. "OK. I-I'll do it, I guess. But I'm not gonna be happy about it."

"Good," said Eric. "Now, here's a stopwatch. As soon as I reach the door, press
start. I'll need some time to find Jerry, but it shouldn't be more than a couple of
minutes because I told him to stay near. So in five minutes, start kissing. Remember,
keep kissing until you hear Jerry shouting at you to stop." He looked at me. "Don't
worry, you'll only be lip-locking for a couple of seconds." Then he jogged out the

Mark pressed start and looked at me. "Just relax," he said in his quiet, calm voice.
"Stop shaking."

"I'm sorry," I said, my voice cracking a little. "But....it's my first kiss! I don't
want to mess up or something..... I mean, what if i forget to breath or do it wrong

"Calm down," said Mark. "You'll be fine. I promise." With a smile, he checked the
stop watch. It said 4:50. "We better get ready. Don't worry; I'll start off slow."

As I wondered what he meant by that-what he really meant- Mark took my hand in
his and pulled me a little closer. My heart was beating 400 times it's normal rate.
The stop watch now said exactly 5:00. Mark threw it to the side, grabbed my other
hand, and leaned in.

He softly touched his lips to mine, hesitantly at first. Then he pressed down a bit
harder, and moved his head to the other side. I followed his example. I leaned my
mouth in more, pressing down harder still. He hands left mine and slowly moved up my
arms, making my skin tingle. A million thoughts ran through my head, but I couldn't
keep track of them all. Mark's hands traveled to the small of my back, where he
gently pushed my chest against his, making me arch my back. I moved my arms up to
place my hands on his shoulders. We kissed more deeply now, and I wondered where
Jerry and Eric were. I didn't care, though. All I cared about was kissing Mark.
This is amazing, I thought contently.

Suddenly, I felt something press against my mouth. I opened my mouth slightly to let
mark's tongue in, let it explore my mouth. We moved our heads back and forth in
rhythm. All i could think over and over was This is amazing. This is amazing. This
is so, so, so amazing.


Meanwhile, Eric searched the hallways, asking random people if they has seen Jerry.
People pointed him in all different directions. Eric didn't even know where he was
anymore, but he kept his cool. Finally, he came across a room with a big group of
people standing in it. There, he spotted Jerry's familiar brown head of hair. Eric
ran into the room and grabbed Jerry's arm, pulling him away.

"Hey! What the hell?" exclaimed Jerry as Eric pulled him down the hall. "No
questions. Just come on. Hurry."


Mark and I finally broke apart, me breathing a little hard. "Where-where's Eric and
Jerry?" I asked. 

Mark shrugged. "I have no idea. But Eric did say to not stop kissing, so...." And
with that, Mark pulled me in again.

After a few moments, as our kisses became more short, I said between breaths,
"Screw.....Jerry....let's go...somewhere else." 

Eric and Jerry finally arrived at the room Mark and I were in. Eric abruptly let go
of Jerry's arm, causing him to stumble and fall. While Jerry righted himself, Eric
looked through a little window in the door. "OHH!" He yelled as he stomped his foot
and covered his mouth, grinning. "Damn! Look at them GO! That's a full fledged make
out session right there!" 

"What?" said Jerry as he walked towards the window. His eyes grew wide as he saw the
scene before him. "Shit! What the hell is he doing kissing Molly?! What's going on in
there, damnit?" He turned to face Eric, who simply shrugged, grinning wickedly. 

"I don't no...I didn't really expect that..."

Jerry turned back to the window. "What the-where the hell did they go?"



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