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Should I continue on or just give up now?Category: (general)
Monday, 22 November 2010
01:21:14 AM (GMT)
Kay guys I started writing this like then minutes ago cause I got bored. Is this
horrible? Should I just quit now? Or is it okay enough to keep writing? Help please

Charlie Stone. It doesn’t matter what grade you’re in or what school you go to,
there’s always going to be that one kid. You know, the kid who no one talks to, who
people whisper about in the hallways, who the teacher doesn’t know quite what to
think of. Well, at our school we’ve got a lot of weird kids. Kids who wear all
black, who talk to themselves, who wear pajamas to school, who sleep in class,
we’ve got it all. All you have to do is walk in the door and I guarantee you, no
matter how weird you are there’s going to always be at least one kid who’s
weirder than you are. Well there's got to be that one kid who is the weirdEST. 

When you hear the name Charlie you think, guy. Am I right? Well, if you go to my
school when you hear Charlie you think, bright red shortish hair, skinny jeans, low
cut shirts, eye makeup, and last but definatily not least boobs. 
This girl Charlie, she never meant anything to me. She was just, there. What she did
or didn't do didn't have an impact on me, so I simply didn't care. 
This is the story, the story of how my life fell apart, the story of how I met my
best friend, the story of how I grew up, the story of how I'm putting my life back
together again, this is the story, of me.

Chapter 1
Define me

Oh don't you ever just wish you could go back to when you were seven? When everything
was black and white. Life was like a river and you were just along for the ride,
floating carelessly down the long stream of water with no worries at all. Well this
is the just the begging of a story that's still being written. It all started with
second grade....

"Mommmm, I wanna be I'm Girl Scouts."

Im not sure exactly how many second grade girls said that to their mothers but it had
to be alot. It was all so simple, If you were in girl scouts than you were cool,
easy as that. I was only seven and the race for popularity had already begun, little
did I know, but it wasn't going to stop anytime soon. 

SithWedgie says :   22 November 2010   369470  
^_^ Where are you going with this?  The first paragraph was well
written.  The second could use revision.  Do people think of "boobs"
when you say Charlie because she has large breasts?  Or was she an
early bloomer?  Or is it simply because she is a girl?  If there's an
allusion to something later on in the story, maybe you could write
that sentence like:

"Well, if you go to my school when you hear Charlie you think of short
bright-red hair, skinny jeans, low cut shirts, eye makeup, and last
but definitely not least boobs.  You'll understand why later. (or)
That has a story unto itself."

Please continue ^_^ or at least tell me the ideas behind the story <3

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