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Saturday, 13 November 2010
04:25:21 PM (GMT)
I was shot in the head, in the skull. I fell to the ground, my brains poured out
onto the black pavement, my killer assassin flees the scene in his black car. My body
layed motionless for what seems like days, when in fact I've only been there for a
matter of minutes. The sun over head burns my flesh as I finally see the cloud of
crows emerge from over a hill. Within minutes the crows arrive at my restin place and
they spread out above me. A black dome is soon surrounding my body as from the top of
the dome, a being floats down. The being was like no other that had ever set my eyes
upon. I was startled as it hovered above the ground. It's mystical blood red cloak
tattered and torn floating over my corpse. I couldn't move, I could only look up at
this spectale, this reaper, this wraith. Yellow skin, horns cracked and broken
emerges from it's hood. I can't tell if it has a face or even if it's real. All the
blood lost from my corpse, my deda body, I dont know what's going on. My brain is
gone and now this being opening a crimson book, golden pages, calculating my life. As
he lowers to the ground, I feel my body shift. My mind vanishes and I awake in his
hands, in his arms. Floating off the ground, my head tilts to the left. I see my body
on the ground. Paramedics surround it, I'm only a soul leaving the shell. I can move
and I struggle but the grip it has is as tight as a nail. I gave up as the crows
followed, surrounding us. Are they really there or just a barrier to hide this
spirit, this being of bother the light and the dark. We enter the sky, towards the
gates. The golden gates of shangri-la, I feel happy as we get near the gate. I feel a
holy presence as we got closer by the second. The light on the gates drawing my
thoughts as my head turns. What the hell? We going pass the gates. I feel fear, I
fear despair as we hover over a hole, It throws me in. I hit the ground, fifty feet
below, break my neck. It doesnt hurt, I look up. I see the being leave as my neck
pops back into place. I feel hopeless and I'm lost. I'm in Hell's Pit and I have no
idea why. I look over and see a young ninja running away from a mob of hungry
goblins. The kid falls, trips over a skull. The goblins oulls out their knives and
forks and star devouring him. Soon he's just a bloody skeleton on the side of the
raod, they turn their gaze towards me. I turn and start running, stepping over rats
and dead bodies. I hit a curb and do a cartwheel, landed on my face. The road is hot,
I feel it cook my face as the goblins reached me and cut me and eat me. Then I'm
nothing more then a pile of bones waiting for dawn, because then I'll get my body
back and go back out into the pit.

Next day, I awake in a bed, confused and tired I roll over there's a juggalette in my
bed. She's really hot. Red hair, pale skin, blue eyes, really big titties and a
shaved neden. I must've just dreamt of the pit because now I'm in Shangri-la somehow
as the juggalette reaches over and grabs my nuts and pulls me in. He skin is so soft
and her neden feels so good around my dick as we finished and she wants me to go to
the store to buy her a faygo. I get dressed and kiss her goodbye...wait a
minute....store.....was the pit just a nightmare..? Oh well, I walk out the door and
got down three blocks, I hear gunshots...I look over, see a thug dressed in all jet
black kill a kid, the same kid from the pit. He sees me looking, I kept on walking. I
hear a car speeding. It stops beside me, it's the thug in a black car. I think
nothing of it but then he pulls out a strap and pulls the trigger.


I got shot in the head, in the skull. I fell to the ground, my brains poured out onto
the black pavement. My killer assassin flees in his black car. I'm not dead but I
should be. What gives? I hear the ambulances as they pull up. I'm loaded on a
stretcher as I see a black cloud of crows emerging over a hill. No! The wraith is
coming, I want to scream but I can't, I can only look at the cloud separate, just a
murder of crows. I would sigh if I could but I can't move. We get to the hospital, to
the emergency room, theres my love, the beautiful juggaleete. She's crying holding my
arm. They get the bullet out, sewed my forehead shut. My eyes were closed, I felt her
by my side. She came to me everyday, or at least at first. Then once a week but now
it's been three months and I haven't seen my baby, not even once.I awake in the
night, fully healed. I climb out of bed, take the IV out myself and found the clothes
I wore when I got shot under the bed. I slip them on and walk out the doors, out the

I walkes home, found a Rootbeer Faygo halffull on the ground on the way, drunkk it
anyways. Just woke up from a coma and I'm keeping it scrubbing. I got to the door,
it's locked. My key doesn't work, she probably got it changed after I got shot. I
went to the basement and climbed through the window. I walk up the stairs into the
hallway and to out roon and I opened the door. Theres my sweetheart laying asleep
naked on the bed and at her side is my assassin sound asleep. I see his strap on the
table and I ninja my way to it and grab it. I shot one shot in the air. It wakes them
as she jumps up and covers herself. She says she's sorry, that I was in a coma and
she had her needs. She wants me to forgive her. I could do that.

I cap a slug into her throat and she falls to the floor dead as stone. I drop the
gun, started crying, the assassin clotheslined me, I fell to the ground, came back up
and uppercuted the man. I grabbed the nearby chair and knocked it on his forehead,
the chair shatters. I run out the door, out the house, his strap in my hand again,
now in my pocket. I'm running down the street, a black car pulls up beside me. He
jumps out, takclesa me the ground, the gun falls out. We start fighting over it. Bang
and Damn, it goes off, the slug busts me in my eye. The gun's still clutched in my
hand as I see him jump up and speed away in his black car, now gone from sight.

A dome of crows, complete darkness, the wraith appears, grabs my soul from my corpse
and tosses me into Hell's Pit. Only this time it's different, it still has the same
kid being ate by goblins, then they chase me but as I trip over the curb, someone
grabs me, hands me a strap and my thoughts are clear, whose that? It's her, the
juggaletter, my love that I've killed, now handing me a gun. These goblins had better
start to run, I start capping them and they fall one by one. I look towards my
juggaletter who grabs me and hugs me and she kisses me and says goodbye. I'm
confused, I dont understand it as wings sprad from her back, a halo on her head as
she looks deeply into my eyes. I dont understand, she gave up on me, I was suppose to
be her other, lovers forever, shouldnt she be damned as I see her float up.

No. I jump up, I grab her and pull her down, we both fall to the ground. She says she
has to go and I just hold on not letting her go. She's my love, I dont want to suffer
alone, I want her by my side but I had to let go as demons pull me off and tells her
to go. She takes off her necklace, a locket in the shape of a heart. She puts it
sround my neck and tells me our love will keep me safe as she goes into the skies, to
Shangri-la. Now I stay in the pit for everyone to behold everyday I awake from a cell
and go out and adventure further and further into Hell. And once every three days, an
angel comes from Shangri-la and takes me to another place for a couple of hours to
spend with my love, psychopathic music in the background as we enjoy our time
together. Time's up and I return to Hell's Pit until I get to see her again.

And maybe, just maybe, this I learned from God, if my sweetheart somehow gets
impregnated by my seed the I will be freed from this pit, a second chance for me and
what do you know? We did and she did, now I spread the wings and start up into the
skies, towards the glittering gates as I see my baby fall, wings burnt, I get
confused, I ask whats going on. She tells me she's being sent to eternal damnation
for bearin gthe child of a resident of Hell, I see God. He gives me a choice, walk
into Shangri-la, only see her once a week, enjoy everything there, or fall as well,
spend eternitry beside my love and future child in Hell's Pit.

I give him the finger, my wings burst into flames. I forsaken God, I gave up an
eternity of happiness and for what? To be with the one I love as it was always meant
to be. Everyday is like heaven in this hell, just because everyday we live both with
straps and clips, we dont die, we only murder and we here on a mission, a secrey
mission in Hell's Pit. As our days grow longer we working closer, closer to our goal,
closer to his lair. We gonna take down the devil and return to Shangri-LA. When the
deed is done we will be forgiven....but until then me and my baby are nothing more
then.....fallen angels....

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