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11-6-2010 3:49 am Satanism, the Bible, 7 Deadly SIns and AmericaCategory: (general)
Saturday, 6 November 2010
03:51:41 AM (GMT)
Haha, yeaa, Satanists have great arguments with overturning... God-related

Do you even know what true Satanists are??? We have nothing to do with the devil or
any God-related stuff at ALL. In the Satanist religion, it's about being yourself and
being true to yourself, not conforming to be like everyone wants you to be, not
fearing some supernatural entity people claim to be "God" and fearing them because
what you do is believed to be wrong and sinful, it's about controlling your own life
and living how makes you happy. In the Satanist religion, you're your own god, you're
your own devil, you can even be your own Anti-Christ, It only takes one bullet to
shatter your world. But it has absolutely NOTHING whatsoever to do with overturning
God-related stuff at all. It really bugs me and gets under my skin when people
misjudge us and think we're about one thing when we are totally not about that. I
just don't like when people don't get things right about me or my religion of choice;

But yeah, the reason the bible has so many different plot holes is because before
they released it to the public, a lot of it was actually removed and taken out, like
in Genesis, the original bibles tell of how Adam's first wife was Lilith and how she
wanted to be on top during sex but he "made her submit", in other words raped her, so
she left Eden. Then Adam got this beast-fire-demon-thing as a mate but they were
incapable so God took one of Adam's ribs and made Eve as Adam's third mate. Which
could explain why there's different color people in the world, I think, if there's
any truth to the bible at all. And God actually has a wife in the original bible to,
and Jesus is God in human form to see how humans would react to him being on earth
and Mary Magdalene was his human wife and shit. And most of the other stories and
characters of the bible are taken from other religions and stuff; the story in the
bible of them finding the baby in the basket in the river was taken from the Egyptian
myth of Osiris I believe and the character of Jesus Christ is taken DIRECTLY from the
Pagan Godman legend. So there's a lot of shit in the bible that is trippy and that
has plot holes in it. In the original it also states that the Anti-Christ itself is a
SYSTEM of religion, and it's the Papacy aka the Pope and the Catholic church, which
if you know about it's history was the first church to worship on Sundays, when the
Sabbath day the ten commandments speak of, is actually Saturday. It also states that
the Mark of the Beast is the knowledge of who the Anti-Christ is and how they changed
the "law" and still going to church on Sundays and being part of their church, and
the Seal of God is having the knowledge but doing the right thing. Also the christian
church is the tainted church that Revelations talks of, due to them following the
same Sunday tradition as Catholics.

And not everyone will experience all seven deadly sins, AVARICE, WRATH, LUST,
I haven't did all seven and most likely never will, but that's because I think I have
a good grip of self control. Avarice is greed and I don't recall ever being greedy,
I've always been the type to give if I have it and even when I don't have it. I'm
guilty of Wrath, but then who isn't guilty of taking revenge on someone right or
gotten mad? Same with Sloth. But Gluttony, I haven't, I barely eat anyways, I eat
what I need to survive but that is it. I've never Envied anyone as because I have
everything I want and I'm perfectly contempt with my life and how it's going so there
is no need to now or ever Envy anyone because whats the point of doing so when if
you're meant to get what you envy them for, it'll come in time anyways. I'm patient I
suppose. And I am guilty of Pride, because I'm proud of numerous things in my life,
but we all take pride in something. And Lust is an iffy subject with me but most
likely I did do that one because there's different kinds of Lust and the bible
doesn't specify.

...yes, pretty much everything is hypocritical and contradictical, most people are
anyways and the laws of countries, like America for instance(I use it a lot for my
rants due to my hatred for it), but one of the amendments is freedom of religion yet
it says IN GOD WE TRUST on every piece of fucking money, freedom of speech yet you
can't say SHIT, FUCK, BITCH, CUNT, DICK, PUSSY, CUNT, etc in public because it's
profanity, you can't say NIGGER if you're not black even though a nigger is just an
ignorant person in general, regardless what skin color; freedom of press yet you
can't print certain things if they're offensive or anti-american; freedom of
expression yet bands and music artists can't do half the things they want to do on
their albums because it would be too violent, the same with movies, and the same with
clothes, you can't wear something because it's inappropiate, it's like WHO THE FUCK

LucyLikesToEatCrayons says:   6 November 2010   519470  
FINALLY. somebody who actually knows what a satanist is! i'm fed up
of people calling me a devil worshipper when i say i'm a satanist when
it's not like that at all.
steven_strange says:   7 November 2010   794080  
O.o a real satanist like me?????
I thought me and my ghoul were the only ones...
But I agree. Friend. 
devouratrocities says:   7 November 2010   157498  
Finally something like this is put up. I'm tired of oblivious people
asking me if I scarifice goats and drink goat blood every time I tell
them that I'm a Satanist.
steven_strange says:   7 November 2010   902718  
wow another one of us. Wow that makes me happy and I'm sure it makes
my fiance happy. You talk to her you know. But I understand where
you're coming from 
devouratrocities says:   7 November 2010   816586  
And I'm glad that there are more of us. It makes me feel like I'm
welcome. :]
steven_strange says:   7 November 2010   238882  
You are welcome... we are sort of a dying breed.. and the few of us
that there are, we need to stick together. That sounds like a plan to
me. :] 
‹ValVal› says:   7 November 2010   897736  
And can I ask exactly why Adam raped Lilith and Lilith is actually
mentiond a lot in horror films :D
devouratrocities says:   7 November 2010   254036  
Well, thank you. And it does sound like a good plan indeed; making a
group to make us feel like we are one. 
steven_strange says:   7 November 2010   856766  
because she felt they were equal since they both came from the earth
and dirt, she wanted to be on top but adam wouldn't have it and raped
And yes, I know she is mentioned a lot in horror films 
steven_strange says:   7 November 2010   394148  
I'm actually going to make a group on facebook for our kind. 
devouratrocities says:   7 November 2010   363888  
Yes, I am actually.
steven_strange says:   7 November 2010   803899  
inbox me how to add you on facebook then..
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says:   22 December 2010   953968  
There's already a group for your kind, it's called the Church of
Satan for Aesthetic Satanist. And that is not the only type of
steven_strange says:   28 December 2010   394979  
Aesthetic Satanists? what on earth are those?
Im an LaVeyan Satanist.
And I know that isn't the only type of Satanism. I know everything
about religions. Almost everything. 
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says:   28 December 2010   105573  
Aesthetic Satanism is a term to describe any Satanist who believes
Satan is a symbol.
It's the same as LaVeyanism.

It's also one of the two main Branches of Satanism(Aesthetic Satanism,
Theistic Satanism). 
steven_strange says:   1 January 2011   547522  
Ah, I see.
Thanks for clearing that one up for me.
And the Theistic Satanism is like traditional black church satanists
am I right? Like the ones who actually worship the Entity know as
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says:   2 January 2011   767918  

Well, there are Theistic Satanist who worship Satan as some kinda
pagan god.
Then, there are others who believe something completely different(the
JoS people believe Satan is the alien god "Enki")

The actual devil worshippers are extremely small in number. There are
hardly any above ground devil worshipping covens(called Traditional
Satanism). The only one I can think of is The Cathedral of the Black
‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says :   2 January 2011   305879  
Oh, and I realized I was spelling it wrong, it's Atheistic, not

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