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Unfading Hearts: PlacesCategory: Unfading Hearts ♥
Thursday, 16 September 2010
11:08:00 PM (GMT)
Uranion Mountain Ranges – The biggest mountain ranges of Raegenia. It is located
at the continent of Astro, separating the realm of the moon, Candran and the realm of
the sun, Berovorvo. The mountains seem to touch the sky, therefore earning it's name.
An ancient race called the Uranons once lived near the mountain ranges, and had
claimed Astro as their own. It was presumed that the Uranons were the Winged-Ones
rulers of Astro at that time, however it has been concluded that the Uranons were
ice-people, not Winged-Ones. 
(Ex. “We are at the half-way point.” Blake looked towards the towering Uranion
Mountains. I panted beside him as Haile clambered noisily behind me. “So these are
the famous mountain ranges my father spoke of.” I exclaimed, my neck hurting as I
tried to see the top of the ranges. “These mountains separates Candran from
Berovorvo, likewise with the opposite.” Kaiven slung his bow around his shoulder as
he looked up as well. “Not anymore, it doesn't.” Rayne said, her long dark hair
flew as the winds began to howl. She smiled at all of us, and we understood. The
Uranions doesn't separate the two realms anymore; we were together and fighting for a
single purpose.”) 

Azalian Desert – The desert the separates Deria from the other realm. It is
approximately a hundred miles of dry, sun-touched land. The Azalian Desert has four
inner cores; entrance of tunnels that were created by Ionians to make travel easier
through the desert. These entrances were presumed to have been barricaded and
concealed during the Nariad Invasion of Deria; however, it seems that the Ionians had
not sealed enough for there are particular groups of The Winoran Science Association
that have been researching one of the entrances of these tunnels. There are various
kinds of teams that investigate and research the different type of sciences in Lire;
Team 7 and Team 8 are the archaeological and geographical teams in charge of the
tunnels, caverns, and caves of Lire. 
(Ex. “These tunnels seems to stretch far beyond what the eye can see.” Clyde
walked along with Destiny, who was taking small and cautious steps. “Maybe that's
why some people close their eyes and see with their heart.” Destiny answered,
touching the solid and cold rocky surface of the tunnel. “What knowledge you
have.” Clyde smiled, at who he thought was just another endearing learner. “I
prefer to call it Wisdom.” Destiny wittily responded, trying to see her young
sister inside one of those tunnels.) 

Garden of Trevi – A well-adorned secret garden inside Iona. It contains the
Fountain of Ione, a pool which was said to give luck to its drinkers and would break
if unlucky travelers touch it. It contains the rarest species of flowers, plants, and
trees known to Raegenia. The peace and the calmness of the garden rests the weariest
of souls. 
(Ex. “I feel sanctuary in this place.” Faye told Ereya, who was softly touching a
rare flower. “I don't think sanctuary lies in a place. It belongs in the heart.”
Ereya replied, holding the flower to her heart.) 

Fountain of Ione, a pool which was said to give luck to its drinkers and would break
if unlucky travelers touch it. The water of this pool is cleanly cleanse and is
drinkables; its waters are rumored to have been crystal droplets which have been
frozen through the power of the Ionians. Ereya and Faye, in their journey to save
Lire finds this garden by mistake and realizes that the fountain is nothing but a
sham – nothing about it was true. It turns out that by the end, the Nariads had
found the fountain long before Ereya and Faye had and demolished it in honor of their
name. The fountain's real crystal droplets were still inside the base of the well
that had supplied it from before. 
(Ex. “We make our own luck; no silly fountain is going to stop us.” Ereya to Faye
when the Fountain of Ione crash into pieces.) 


Just some things I wrote after I finished with homework. I'm still trying to write
Wishes, but everything keeps changing - sneak peek of Courage as well.

‹PalletTown› says :   17 September 2010   479185  
i justa dore your writing
cant wait for books
i will buy them XD


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