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Wednesday, 25 August 2010
06:16:18 PM (GMT)
If you're a Maximum Ride fan, then you HAVE to read this! There are several rumors as to when the movie is coming out. Some say late 2010, some say in 2013. I believe it's coming out in 2013, unfortunately. This article from Wikepedia gives out LOTS of info about the books! READ! I've underlined the most important parts so you don't have to read the whole thing. :D Maximum Ride is a series of seven young adult science fiction/fantasy books, written by the award-winning American author James Patterson. It is NOT based on two of his previous books (James Patterson noted that in the very beginning of the Books), When the Wind Blows and The Lake House, though they were inspired by and share some small similarities with those books. The series chronicles the lives of six human/avian fugitives. Bred in a science lab called 'The School', the 'Flock' endured scientific experiments that rendered them 98% human and 2% avian. Through the first three books of the Maximum Ride series, the Flock spends much of their time running from human-lupine hybrids created by the School called 'Erasers'. Book four is mainly about the flock rising against global warming, while Book Five is about saving Dr. Martinez from a man named Mr. Chu, while battling environmental pollution. The reason for the change in style of the books is reportedly because the series is to be made up of two trilogies: The Fugitives (books 1–3) and The Protectors (books 4-6)[citation needed]. Maximum "Max" Ride Maximum Ride, better known to her flock as 'Max', is 14 years old (15 in Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel) and is the oldest of the avian-human hybrids and the leader of the Flock. Max's hair is (quote from 'Fang') "mostly brown but had streaks of dark red and even a little blond." or, in Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, blond, as said by Jeb and herself, quote "Well, I do have blond hair", but this is under much controversy. It was also said when she was talking with Angel, Angel complimented saying, "You have nice hair and really pretty eyes." Max then replies, "Yeah. Brown and brown."' Angel replies, "No, your hair has little sun streaks in it." She has brown eyes and a wingspan of approximately 15 and a half feet. Her special powers include flying up to 250 miles per hour, and breathing underwater, as she acquires gills in the book Max: A Maximum Ride Novel. She also has a voice in her head, aptly named 'The Voice', that gives her advice, usually cryptic. Another talent she has is that sometimes she can see visions of things such as the 'institution' (as seen in Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment) thanks to the ever-present Voice. Her biological father is Jeb Batchelder, who she believes is secretly the Voice but we later learn is not. Max's biological mother is Dr. Martinez. Dr. Martinez's other daughter, Ella Martinez, is Max's younger half-sister. Ari, Jeb's son, is her half-brother, who dies at the end of the third book, Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports. Max's best friend and her "right-wing-man" is Fang, who both later develop strong romantic feelings for each other. Her wings are different shades, her top wings are tawny and white, then tawny and brown and finally white. She developed her wings at 3 years of age. Max is heart broken when she realizes that Fang has left the flock in Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel. Fang supposedly leaves due to the Flock thinking that Fang and Max's relationship is getting in the way of the Flock saving the world, and they all are more likely to survive if Fang and Max conduct and lead separate Flocks. The Voice 'The Voice' is a voice in Max's head that appeared halfway through the first book. It gives her advice and directs her to places while saying things that are nearly impossible to figure out. Max originally thought that The Voice came from the chip in her arm, but this was disproved due to the fact that it still existed even when her mom surgically removed it. After this was disproved, it was thought that the Voice was coming from her biological father, Jeb Batchelder. But this was also proved wrong after Jeb verified that he could 'do' the Voice, but was not the Voice. There have been some times when the Voice doesn't talk for long periods of time. The Voice seems insistent on Max being able to save the world and doesn't seem to care about what she must do to achieve that. Max said that she couldn't tell if The Voice was "male or female. Friend or foe. Human or not". It also insists she give Dylan a chance, and was the one that revealed to her his puropse of being her 'perfect other-half'. The voice also gave her clues in her major head ache attacks , and then they would know were to go head. That is very help full except the head ache part. Fang Fang, is 14 year old (15 in Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel), is second in command of the Flock, and is Max's best friend. He is able to virtually disappear, but he has to stay very still and quiet. Fang is commonly described as tall, dark, handsome, and black-winged. He is somewhat reserved, and the strong yet silent type. He runs a blog about the Flock's adventures that proves useful in several books. He has had one romantic relationship, outside of the one he and Max share. In School's Out Forever, he is seen kissing the "Red-Haired Wonder", Lissa. After wards, in Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, Fang begins to develop feelings for Max. Fang would do anything for the Flock, and most especially Max. Fang is a caring type and loves Max beyond belief. When Ari joins the flock, Fang decides to lead half of the Flock and leaves Max. He later comes back after Ari dies. Fang leaves the Flock at the end of Fang, promising Max that he'll 'meet her in 20 years at the cliff where they met the hawks, if they haven't expired.' At the very end of Fang, Max opens a file that was part of Fang's nationwide blog, and learns much more about him than she ever knew. Fang is also very strong he would save Max from any thing, even if he had to die to do it Fang is a brave winged person and, as many readers think, is Max's future husband. Iggy Iggy is the sarcastic member of the Flock and is also 14 (15 in Fang), but is 2 months younger than Fang and 6 months younger than Max. He is blind due to the 'White coats' trying to enhance his night vision when he was young, but Iggy can see if his surroundings are white. He has strawberry blond hair and blue eyes. His powers include being able to "feel" colors, see if his surroundings are white, and being able to identify anyone by feeling their fingerprints. Despite him being blind, the Flock often leave things that take a lot of precision or detail to him, such as cooking or doctoring. He and Gazzy also have a habit of building bombs out of most anything, and they are best friends. Iggy's birth-parents are the only ones so far found by the flock (other than Max's), but he left them to rejoin the Flock because they seemed to care more about the money they could make from his story than Iggy himself. Iggy's birth name was mentioned by his parents and was apparently James. Gasman (Gazzy) Gazzy is eight years old (nine in Fang). He has a mischievous nature and does make fun of Max sometimes. He has a digestive problem because his digestive system is corruptive. Iggy is his best friend and partner in crime. They enjoy building bombs together. He has blond hair and blue eyes like his sister Angel, of whom he is somewhat protective of. Only Gazzy and Angel are biologicaly related to each other, unlike the rest of the Flock. One of his powers is an ability to make a green cloud of gas that will fill an entire room and smell so bad that it can make people almost pass out. Gazzy also has the ability to perfectly mimic and ocasionally through voices. He is the only one of the Flock that has any evidence of his family until later books. Gasman has a picture of himself as a baby, that the Flock sees many times coincidentally, and sometimes not so, throughout the series. Nudge Nudge is an 11-year-old (12 in Fang) who is partly of African descent. She loves to constantly chatter. Nudge can hack into computers with her ability to sense leftover emotions and can also draw metal to her by will. Nudge is described as Max's best supporter, the peace-maker, etc. In Max: A Maximum Ride Novel, Nudge leaves the flock to attend a school, because her heart just wasn't in to saving the world. Not long after she leaves though, Nudge returns to the Flock and tells them about how her taste of a 'normal life' wasn't worth losing them, and how she missed them far too much to stay apart. Nudge also has a huge thing for fashion, in the books she is constantly trying to get more stuff that is "cool". The name her biological parents gave her is supposedly "Monique". Angel Angel is six years old (seven in Max: A Maximum Ride Novel) and is the Gasman's blood sibling. She has blue eyes and curly blond hair. She's also known as a 'Shirley Temple'. She also has pure white wings, hence the name Angel. She obtains seemingly random powers at random times such as breathing underwater, talking to fish, being able to read and control minds, being able to swim in deep water that would pressurize a normal human to death, and changing her appearance (i.e. into 'tropical bird' form). Angel claims to be seven years old. Angel, though innocent she may look, is actually very dangerous and intelligent. Her ability to control peoples' minds at will makes her able to be quite in reach of extreme power, and she is constantly trying to take leadership of the Flock. Angel believes that she is the strongest out of the Flock, and meant to be the leader. In Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel she held a vote, kicking Max out of the Flock, although Max later returned. Her power hunrgy 'leadership campaigns' have been going on and off during the series. She also has a 'Voice' in her head, like Max, but does not tell the Flock until Fang. Angel not only turns out to not be sweet she is a big time brat and is always trying to take charge becaus she thinks Max is stupid , but Max is only trying to do the best for Angel. Total Total is a black dog that was saved from the Institute by Angel at the end of The Angel Experiment. He is described to have the characteristics of a Scottish-terrier. Total's character is not fully developed until Schools out - Forever. In School's Out – Forever, it is discovered that he has the ability to talk. He is usually the funny one in the flock and in "The Final Warning" he develops his own wings. In "Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel" Total ends up marrying a dog named Akila. He is also known to be quite a gourmet and cuisine lover. Akila Akila is a purebread, "non-English-speaking" Alaskan Malamute. Total, the Flock's dog, falls madly in love with her, and eventually the two are married in Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel. Total and Akila met on a boat in the book The Final Warning while Max and the Flock are on a mission to stop global warming in Antarctica. Jeb Batchelder Jeb Batchelder is a brilliant scientist. He used to work at the School where the Flock was experimented on. He rescued the Flock and brought them into the mountains, where he raised them as his children for two years. Jeb then disappeared, leaving the Flock alone to fend for themselves. The Flock thought that Jeb was dead, but he reappeared in later books, alive. In The Angel Experiment, the flock discovers Jeb back at the School when they are recaptured. This originally led the Flock to believe he is a traitor, but he later comes back to the Flock and helps them on numerous occasions. Jeb is Ari's and Max's biological father. Max does not trust him at all after rediscovering his identity. Jeb is shot upon in the sixth book, but he is shown to be making a steady recovery. Jeb and Dr. Martinez have no romantic past, professional only. He only donated his chromazones to the School to use to create Max, which was matched with that of Dr. Martinez, creating their daughter. Brigid Dwyer Introduced in the fourth book, Brigid Dwyer is a 21-year-old scientist who was part of the team in Antarctica. Later, in the fifth book, she became a member of the CSM (Coalition to Stop the Madness), which was started by Max's mom. Max hates Brigid and calls her 'Dr. Stupendous' because she believes that Fang feels romantically about her. Brigid seems to have something for Fang. Her hair color is a bit of a controversy because while in the fourth book it is blond, in the fifth book, it somehow becomes red. In the Book Max the voice tells Max to keep on the look out about her. The Erasers The half-human, half-wolf 'Erasers' were bred by the School to be guards, but their bigger mission later involved hunting down and even killing the members of the Flock. They have the ability to morph into wolves, have super-human strength, and eventually gain wings that they are crudely grafted onto their shoulderblades. Jeb's son, Ari (who was turned into an Eraser at a very young age), becomes a 'super Eraser' before the story is told, and is one of the last to die when Itex 'retires' (kills) all the Erasers and replaces them with the 'Flyboys'. Erasers make a surprise appearance in Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel when they attack all of the flock but Max and Fang, who are not at the house with the others. It is believed that when Itex was disbanded, some scientists took Eraser DNA with them, creating these new Erasers, though they are never mentioned after the events of the surprise battle. They are always armed, but rarely use their weapons in the later novels (after the Angel Experiment). Flyboys The 'Flyboys' (nicknamed by the Flock members) are basically robot Erasers. With Eraser skin stretched over the metal frame, the Flyboys were first mistaken to be Erasers. They were retired when Itex was disbanded at the end of the third book. They have a vulnerable spot right at the base of their spine that disables them. They have wings and are better with them than Erasers, but they are only programmed to do certain tasks, as they aren't very adaptable. They generally have guns, sometimes welded to their arms. M-Geeks Robotic threats that earned their name from the Flock by looking like 'machine geeks'. They are also referred to as "dumb-bots". These appeared in the book Max. They can be killed by chopping their heads, which makes them split like an orange, as Max said, or by snapping their ankles, since the "battery" is contained there. They are not in any of the books very much, as they are a rather new concept. White Coats 'White Coats' are the scientists who work for the School or the Institute. They perform experiments on animals & humans and created the Flock, Erasers, Total the talking, flying dog and many other genetic misfits. The majority of experiments do not survive. The White Coats also "retired" (killed) the Erasers and created the robotic Flyboys. Dylan Another Avian-Human hybrid who 'joins' the Flock in Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel. He is said to be Max's 'perfect other-half', causing Maximum to refer to him as 'Mr. Perfect'. He is also said to be extremely handsome. He is over six feet tall with thick, dark-blond hair and turquoise eyes. His wings are fifteen feet long. He is in love with Max and was 'programmed' to feel that way. Naturally, he and Fang never seem to see eye-to-eye. Dylan nearly died at the end of Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel after a suicide attempt using a syringe needle containing an unkown substance. Many fans wonder what may have happened to him, as he is not acknowledged at the end of the story but in fact it does say he failed at his suicide attempt in the epilogue, not going into any more detail. In January 2007, it was announced that a film would be created based on the Maximum Ride series. James Patterson will be the executive producer.[14] Avi Arad, one of the producers of Spider-Man, X-Men and other Marvel movies, will also produce alongside Steven Paul.[14][15] In an interview with James Patterson, it was revealed that Arad has already planned out the first two movies.[16] On August 7, 2008, it was announced that Columbia Pictures bought the screen rights to the franchise. The film was slated for an early to mid 2010 release.[17] Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight) will direct the first movie, with Don Payne (Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer) writing the script.[14] In January 2010 it was announced that the film will go into pre-production as the films director Catherine Hardwicke asked for a script rewrite as she wanted more action to the film, delaying the film's release until 2013. It is unknown if anyone has been cast yet. The series debuted on April 11, 2005, and the most recent installment was published on March 15, 2010. The next book is titled Angel: A Maximum Ride Novel and is scheduled to be published in February or March 2011. The sixth book, Max: A Maximum Ride Novel, was originally to be called WaterWings. The first book in James Patterson's Maximum Ride series focuses around the rescue of Angel, the youngest female of the Flock, and also the sister of the youngest boy in the group, the Gasman (a.k.a Gazzy). The Flock is safe in the mountains until the day a pack of 'Erasers' (cruel and bloodthirsty, half-wolf, half-men) appear out of nowhere and kidnap Angel. The Flock must return to the dreaded 'School', a horrifying place that holds terrible memories of their past, to rescue Angel. Max is deeply confused when she finds out that Jeb Batchelder, the kindhearted, parental figure who looked after them and rescued them from the School two years ago, and then supposedly died, has reappeared as an evil figure, and that Ari, Jeb Batchelder's son, has become an Eraser. While Max is thrown into struggles of looking after all of her Flock, saving Angel from the evil clutches of the White-coats, and realizing how complicated love can be, she is trying to figure out why she has a mysterious 'Voice' inside her head that no one else can hear, one that is telling her that her mission is to save the world. After being reunited with Angel and adding a Scottish Terrier named Total to their group, the second book starts with the Flock heading off to look for their parents through papers they found in an underground lab called the "Institute for Higher Living". Max is still reeling from Jeb's enigmatic scream over his dying son, Ari, that he was actually her younger brother. On the way, they run into flying Erasers (with patched on wings), one turning out to be back-from-the-dead Ari, causing Fang to fight for his life when he suffers injuries bad enough to need to be treated at a hospital. Anne Walker, an FBI agent who turns into a motherly figure of sorts, offers her home for residence while Fang recovers, and the Flock finally agrees. What they didn't expect was to get enrolled into a real school with teachers, students, and classes. As if that wasn't enough, Total develops into a talking dog, which, of course, just adds to all the mystery. But all the people surrounding the Flock may not be who they claim. Max becomes instantly and almost insanely jealous after spotting Fang kissing

‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   25 August 2010   946962  
I love the books. I hated the ending in Fang. Now I can't read the
book after that.
‹Ikiru♥› says :   25 August 2010   941903  


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