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Thursday, 15 July 2010
07:55:51 PM (GMT)
Here I go again.
Go look for the previous chapter yourself if you really care.

Chapter 22
Doctor Umeda got everybody out of House Two, except for Ryoki, Cedric, Jin and
Mikino. (They couldn’t stay separated from her...) Everyone else retreated to Ed
and I’s house. I sat in the bedroom, on my bed, in silence. My legs were pulled up
against my chest and I held them close with my arms. The door opened, and Ed walked
in. I didn’t even bother to glance at him. 
“How is it out there?”
“Well, it’s been pretty quiet since we found Meaghan, Umeda is keeping a close
eye on her. I had to leave because he kept hitting on me...” He responded,
shuddering at the mention of Umeda. I didn’t say anything back to him, but focused
on the wall in front of me with great intensity.
“...You’re still angry at Meaghan, aren’t you?”
It was true. I was friggin’ pissed at her right now.
“...That stubborn, naive, good-for-nothing witch... We TOLD her that it was
dangerous to drink the blood, but she still did it! Why doesn’t she worry about how
others will react?! I’m sure if we had more time, we would’ve figured out another
way, but she HAD to go and take the most stupid and dangerous way!!” I cried out,
echoing my true feelings. Ed let out a quiet sigh and sat next to me on the bed.
“...We’re all mad at her, Sam. However, I’m sure she had her reasons. She can
do things that most people can’t...”
“Ed, that reasoning seems to make Meaghan think she’s invincible!! She goes into
everything with such reckless abandon, not worrying about the consequences!” I
continued venting. I needed to get this all out; it was too much for me to bear right
“...Ed, I’m scared about what’ll happen. As strong as Meaghan is, not even she
could fight off the Lycan blood. Nobody has. Not even the best of the best... What
made Meaghan think she could? I’m just so worried and confused...” I said as I
tried to hold back tears. Ed ushered me to him as he pulled me into a reassuring hug,
with just his good arm. (His fake arm is still nowhere to be found, we assume it’s
“You have all the right in the world to be mad at Meaghan, but don’t worry, Umeda
is her uncle, he’ll make sure nothing happens.” He said softly into my ear,
trying to sound strong.
“...Ed, I almost lost you. I don’t want to lose Meaghan too...” I told him with
all honesty as my voice started to crack. His hug tightened a bit, and he hesitantly
started stroking my hair, trying to make me feel better. Again, I’m still confused
about his actions, but I’m not really worried about that now.
At that moment, the door opened, and me and Ed turned to see Aki in the doorway.
“...Oh, I’m sorry, am I interrupting something??” She said as she started to
shy away from the door at the sight of us.
“No, it’s nothing. Go ahead.” Ed said as he released his hug on me and resumed
sitting like normal.
“Well, it’s just that you have a guest at the door...”
“Hmm? Oh, alright, I’ll go see...” Ed said as he got up and walked out the
door. I relaxed a bit as the door closed and I let my legs out of their death hug,
but only tensed up again when I heard yelling and a large clang coming from outside
of the door. Worried, I rushed out to see a strange sight. There Ed was, sitting on
the ground, rubbing a sudden goose egg of a bump he had gotten, along with a girl in
an aggressive pose holding a wrench like a club. She had yellow-ish blonde hair in a
high ponytail, (Really, how many blondes could there BE in Japan??) bright and
shining blue eyes, and wore a denim jacket and short skirt. She glared at me as soon
as she saw me run out of the bedroom.
“Oy, where do you get off attacking my partner with wrenches?!” I yelled as I
realized she attacked Ed.
“Your partner?! Ed, you telling me you’ve been off getting girlfriends without
telling anyone?!” The girl yelled at Ed as she armed her wrench again.
“It’s not what you think, honest!!” Ed cried as he held up a defensive arm.
Thinking fast, I armed a force field around the new hostile girl, and the wrench was
reflected off and actually hit the girl in the forehead. Wow, I got a bonus there. I
didn’t mean for her to hit herself. Ed just gave me a shocked look.
“Sam, there’s no need for that!! Winry, are you alright?” Ed cried as he rushed
to the girl, who was now on her hands and knees on the floor. Without looking, the
girl now introduced as Winry grabbed Ed by the collar of his shirt in a death hold.
“You still haven’t answered my question, Ed. What happened to your Automail?”
She said in a slow, monotone voice. Wait, Automail?
“Uhm... Well, funny story about that... It... sort of got ripped off and
The wrench was swung again, hitting Ed square on the cranium.
“It got WHAT?! Ed, I put my heart and soul into making that Automail, how could it
be ripped off and destroyed?!”
“Trust me, Winry, if you knew the enemies I’ve been having to fight recently,
you’d understand...” Ed said as he held his head in pain. Winry tensed again as
if to attack, but let out a sigh and put down the wrench.
“...You’ve made me and Al really worried, you know. You don’t even call or
write.” She said in a much less aggressive tone. I just stared at them with
confusion. Ed painfully got up, holding his head still.
“...I suppose you two need to be introduced. Sam, this is Winry Rockbell, the
Automail Otaku who created my arm and leg.” Ed said as he walked beside Winry. Ok,
I got one connection. Automail must be the name for the limbs. Cool.
“Shut up, Alchemy Otaku.” She said as she glared at him. Ok, these two are using
terms which I do not understand. I mean, I understand “Otaku”, but this
‘Alchemy’ is foreign to me. Edward coughed and introduced me to Winry. She gave
me a strange look, but then smiled. 
“You’ve been taking care of him, right? Thanks.” She asked. I nodded, because
it was pretty much true. It wasn’t just me though; we took care of each other. 
“...Winry, how did you know I was here?” Ed asked as Winry grabbed a toolkit I
only now saw lying by the front door. 
“A nice man told me where to find you, and that you needed my help. Now I see why.
At first, I didn’t believe him, but Al encouraged me to go.” She said as she
walked back and put the tools on a table, and opened it to show an arsenal of tools
I’ve never seen before. A nice man? She must be meaning Master. Strange, how would
he know where to find Winry?
“You mean you flew all the way across the continent to come here?” Ed asked as he
sat down at the table. 
“It’s ok, the man paid for me. Besides, I’ve always wanted to go to Japan. All
the wonderful technology...Al wanted to come too, but he decided against it...”
“...Did he? How IS Al doing anyways?” Ed said as Winry started pulling out things
like measuring tapes.
“...He misses you a lot, Ed. You really should come back home and visit.” Winry
continued as she measured the length of Ed’s left arm. Ed gave out a smirk.
“Home, eh? You should know better than anyone that we don’t have a home anymore,
“Ooh, you know what I mean. Still, you don’t even contact us, we get really
“Well, my schedule isn’t exactly open most of the time. I’m often running
around doing...errands for people.” Edward said, avoiding the fact that they were
actually missions.
“Errands? That doesn’t sound like you.”
“A lot has happened since I got here, Winry. How long do you think it’ll take to
make me a new arm?” Ed said as Winry finished up measurements.
“I don’t know. I can’t use the same measurements as last time; you’ve grown a
bit. Maybe... 5 days, at the most?”
“Alright then. I just got to warn you though, these two houses have been jammed
with people recently, you might want to get a hotel room in the town west of
“Yeah, I noticed. What’s up, you having a house party or something?”
“Actually, right now... it’s been anything but a party.” Ed replied, looking at
the wall, seemingly seeing through to House Two. Winry only gave a confused look as
she pulled out some more tools.
“Well, alright, but I expect you to pay for it. Oh, and speaking of payment,
let’s talk about the costs of the Automail...” Winry said, with a devilish grin.
Ed only let out a tense laugh.
“Heh heh, you love to piss me off, don’t you?” He replied; his face showing a
smile, but his closed eyes and downturned eyebrows showing annoyance. Not wanting to
disturb their catching-up time, I left Winry to do her work, as I decided to visit
House Two. 
When I got there, the door to Meaghan’s room was closed, and Mikino, Jin, and Ryoki
turned when I walked in. Umeda sat on one of their couches, the devious smile he
arrived with long gone.
“How is she, Doctor?” I asked him, trying to sound as respectful as possible. A
grimace grew on his face.
“She’s as still as a stone. To the naked eye, she’s not even breathing. Her
heart is beating still, but she’s completely unaware of anything around her...”
He said, showing worry even in his voice. I sat down beside her in a huff.
“If she dies, I’ll never forgive her.” I revealed angrily. He simply gave a
“...On a lighter note, I saw a beautiful girl walk up to your house a bit earlier.
Who was she?”
“Hmm? Oh, that was a friend of Edward’s...”
“A friend, you say? She looked very pretty; if I had any attraction to women, I’d
go after girls like her.” Umeda said with a smirk.
“What are you, a pedophile?” I asked him with a hint of sarcasm. He simply
“I’ll take any age. But people your age are the ones that interest
me...especially your partner.”
“He’s straight.”
“It’s a shame really; I’d like to see what he has under all the layers he
“...Eeek, mental image, mental image!!” I screamed out, my face burning red at
the suggestive words. Umeda just simply gave out a loud laugh at my embarrassment. 
“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to give you mental images, honest...” He said
apologetically. I let my face return to its normal colour before speaking again. 
“...Doctor, may I see Meaghan?”
“...No. I’m trying to keep her as stable as possible right now. I’m even going
to the extent of kicking Ryoki out of his bed.”
“But Doctor, these houses are bursting at the seams! Where will he sleep?”
“I can help with that.” Everyone in the house turned to the door to see Master
had snuck in. Man, he was stealthy. 
“What do you mean, Master?” Ryoki asked from the kitchen. 
“...I plan on taking everyone who’s not necessary here back to the Academy.”
Everyone stared at Master, Jin and Mikino letting out a small gasp.
“They shall be treated just fine at the Academy; I’ll make sure of it. So, that
means that Mikino, Rin, Jin, Aki and Cedric are coming back with me. Dr. Umeda and
Winry Rockbell will be staying here, as they are in the middle of doing jobs. Once
they’re done, they’ll be taken back to their homes.” Master explained. Jin and
Mikino jumped up from their seats.
“No, we don’t want to leave Meaghan!”
“What point is there in staying here if you can’t even see her?” Master
provoked. Mikino looked down, both the twins’ faces with defeat. 
“I’m about to go to the house over and tell the people over there the same thing.
Although, mind you, my personal car won’t hold me and the passengers; it wasn’t
made for group transportation. Do you mind if I stay in one of your homes?”
I said nothing, but Ryoki accepted. Master smiled. 
“Excellent. We’re leaving A.S.A.P. Jin, Mikino, get your sister and pack up what
you have. My car is waiting outside when you’re ready.” He told them as he walked
out the door again. Mikino fell to her knees, trembling. 
“Jin, I don’t want to leave her...not now...” She whispered loudly enough for
me to hear. Jin knelt down beside her and whispered something into her ear which I
couldn’t pick up, and with faces of remorse and defeat, collected Rin from the crib
that Ed made and packed up some clothes they had received. Something about this
wasn’t right, I could feel it. Call it a gut feeling, or an instinct, but it’s
saying something about this is messed up in some way... Oh man, I forgot to ask him
how he knew about Umeda and Winry. Shoot. Shyly, I got up from the couch and ran to
the door.
“...Umeda, make sure she doesn’t die, or I’ll wring your neck.” I told him
sternly without looking. He simply gave out a chuckle. 
“That’s what I’m here for.” He responded as he held up a hand of good-bye. I
simply nodded at him before leaving. I wasn’t screwing around with this. I was dead
serious about this whole ordeal. And I wasn’t going to let Umeda stop me from
seeing her. I’ll stay awake until everyone else is asleep and see her at night. As
I walked up to the door, Master exited, with me almost running into him. 
“Are you alright, Sam?”
“Master, how did you know relations to Ed and Meaghan? You found and brought over
Winry and Umeda, right? How did you know about them? Did they tell you?” I asked
bluntly, with a stern face. Master simply smiled. 
“I have my ways.” He said light-heartedly as he walked back to his parked car up
the street. 
“No, I want a direct answer.” I called out. He stopped in his tracks. 
“...Since you had to tell of your hometown when signing up for the academy, I
simply went and searched for the relations myself.”
“...How did you do it so quickly? That sounds like it’d take a long time.”
Master looked back and smiled at me. 
“Well, I guess I just got lucky then... Y’know, you have a good interrogating
“So?” I asked him, going on the defensive. 
“...I was just thinking. We currently have a Lycan captured back at the Academy for
you guys. Meaghan captured it with the intent of interrogating it, but never got to
it. Do... you want to question it?”
“When, now?”
“Yes, now.”
Shoot. If I go now, I won’t be able to see Meaghan tonight. After that, I’m not
sure if I’ll have another chance.
“...Maybe tomorrow. I need some time to...think.” I said as I walked back into
House One. Aki and Cedric were already packing up. Winry was sketching up something
on a notepad, (Looks like designs for a new Automail Arm.) and Ed was simply sitting
on the couch in thought. I skipped past Winry and Ed and walked to where Aki and
Cedric were. 
“...He told you guys, huh?” I asked them while kneeling down beside them. Cedric
“It’s a shame I didn’t get to know you that well, Cedric. Maybe we’ll meet
again on the field. If so, I’d love to get to know you better and become
friends.” I said, forcing a sweet smile. I didn’t feel in the mood for smiling;
not now. Cedric simply smiled back. 
“Right. Hope to see you then, Sam.”
I nodded as I then walked over to where Aki was packing. 
“I really wish I could’ve been with Ryoki longer... Now I gotta head back to the
darned Academy. I was having fun here. At least until Meaghan...”
“Oh, by the way, good luck with you and Edward.”
“What, aren’t you guys together?”
“W-what?! Does it look like that?!” I replied with shock, keeping my voice low to
avoid being heard.
“Yeah. You two must share a strong bond, both as partners and friends.” She said
as she looked over at Ed.
“...You’ve been eyeing Ed ever since you met him. Don’t think I haven’t
noticed. What’s up?” I questioned.
“Well, to be honest, I wasn’t really fond of you to start, and I was thinking of
hitting on Ed just to get your nerves, but now I’m just in a habit of it.”
“Wait, you mean you were going to hit on my partner just to annoy me?!”
“That’s what I was planning, but back at the Twins’ house... I saw a different
side of you, and changed my mind.” She told me, looking straight at me with her
gray-ish blue eyes.
“Well, thanks. I probably would’ve punched your face in if you tried anything
like that.” I told her honestly. She simply smiled.
“You take care of him now.” She said as he stood up, her suitcase full.
“Right.” I responded as I walked both Cedric and Aki to the door.
“Oh, and also, you really should hook up with Ed.” She whispered to me as she
left the house. 
“YOU GET OUT OF HERE!!” I cried, pushing them out the door and shutting it in a
sudden burst of embarrassment. Feeling eyes on me, I turned around to see Winry and
Edward staring at me with shock and confusion. 
“Uhm, sorry about that...” I said, my face still red from Aki’s comment. They
stared at me for a few seconds more, and then continued what they were doing. With a
huff, I sat down beside Edward on the couch.
“What was that about?” He asked me in a low voice.
“Aki just said something that made me snap, that’s all.”
“Oh, alright... Hey Sam, I’ve been thinking about what Meaghan said before she
blacked out from the blood...”
“Oh? Why?”
“I’ve just got some strange instincts, that’s all. Except one thing is
bothering me.”
“What’s that?”
“When she explained how you, apparently, used the “Magic of Tears” to heal me,
she told me it was your tears and love that healed me...?”
...Eeep! I didn’t even realize she said it like that!! 
“As a friend! As a friend!! My love for you as a friend!!” I cried over and over
again, my face burning up. Ed simply stared at me.
“That’d be an awfully strong friendship for Meaghan to call it ‘love’...”
“Hey, she was on the verge there, it could’ve just been a simple mistake...” I
said, trying desperately to come up with excuses. Ed simply accepted it with a shrug.

It was 1am, and I was still wide awake in my bed. Ed had offered Ryoki his bed, so he
was the one sleeping next to me. I’m sure nobody’d be awake now, right? I slowly
got up out of bed and tiptoed my way across the room to the living room. I gave
sleeping Ed a quick embarrassed glance before slipping on shoes and sneaking over to
House Two. The back door was not locked, thankfully. Umeda snored loudly on the couch
while Master slept tense-looking on the other couch. I guess being a trained warrior
always on his guard did that. I tried my absolute hardest to be as quiet as possible
as I slipped into Meaghan’s room. The door barely made any noise as I closed it
slowly behind me. Here, I sped up my pace a bit and walked up to Meaghan’s bedside.
She looked simply horrifying. The Lycan transformation was about half-done now, and
Meaghan looked like a science experiment gone wrong. It was as Umeda said. She looked
dead. Shocked at the sight of my friend, I sunk to my knees beside her bed. 
“Sam?” I heard a whisper by the door. Shocked and worried I was caught by Umeda
or Master, I turned to see Ryoki walk in and close the door. I let out a sigh. 
“Sorry, did I wake you?” I whispered back. 
“No, I’ve been having sleepless nights ever since this whole thing started. I
just noticed you were leaving, and got a bit worried.” He continued whispering.
“Yeah, I wanted to see Meaghan, because Umeda was keeping her off-limits. Now... I
see why. He didn’t want me to see what was happening to her...” I said
regretfully as I looked over at Meaghan. Ryoki knelt down beside me, obviously just
as hurt by Meaghan’s actions as I was. 
“I can’t believe I let this happen... This is all my fault, isn’t it?”
“What are you talking about, Ryoki? It’s nobody’s fault...”
“No, I made her upset that night. I am the one who made her so angry she’d leave.
I’m the reason that Meaghan and Edward encountered the Lycan in t

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