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Coolest Dream Ever? I thought it was.Category: Dreams
Tuesday, 22 June 2010
05:02:00 PM (GMT)
I had an awesome dream last night. 
Well, it doesn't SOUND awesome, but it was awesome. 
Anyway, I'll relay it.
The main person in my dream (who for a period of time, reminded me of Adam Lion. I am
not joking.) is a bit of an outcast who doesn't really do much. But then he gets to
sit with these other guys who are trying to help this one guy decide what to get this
girl for her birthday. Then she comes up and the group kinda disperses. Then she is
talking to her friend about who to invite to her party. Then this guy (who I actually
think was the principle... what?) suggests the shy guy. (lol shy guy). She thinks
that's ok and invites him. Later at the party, they are playing games~ There is him,
the giry, 3 other people and the girl's best friend (who has a cat-like look to her0.
They are all playing this neat chef-type game (which is kinda fun) but then suddenly
this Majora's Mask type thing comes up and says "DAWN OF THE FIFTH DAY" (I am not
kidding.) and in my own mind I went "oh sh*t" and then this clip thing comes up where
this woman is screaming and this large wooden statue in the middle of the town sort
of comes to life (it kinda has a skeleton-like face and glowy red eyes that look down
at everyone against the dark sky. I loved it~) and this weird guy comes down from the
sky and stands on top of it and speaks in another language. There were subtitles in
my dream. I am not freaking kidding. He asks in his language, where is the one who
speaks his toungue. It turns out that the girl's cat-like friend is the one. She
spoke to him, kinda emo about it. He asked her about her visions, and she describes
this multiple eye thing where she can see out of them, and even describes this whole
"God's Eye" thing that torchers her with it's stare. I think the guy then said
something about "should I destroy this town?" and then I F*CKING WOKE UP. 
It doesn't sound that cool, but it was awesome as it was happening. Sigh...
I also woke up and fell back asleep. During my short 2 hour after-sleep, I dreamt of
me being at a different school that was getting out, and I got to ride on these seats
that were literally on top of the bus. Wtf? And someone stole my gum. That son of a-

Anyway, when I fully awoke, some outside force compelled me to clean the entire
bottom floor of the house. I swept, vaccumed, mopped, clean and put away dishes, took
out trash, washed and folded all laundry, added water to the fishtank, watered the
plants, and refilled that water bucket that we have trees in outside. Then I took a
At 3 p.m. as I was JUST sitting down to lunch (I was trying Shrimp Ramen. Tasted like
dog food, I swear.) my mom came home, and her reaction was lolable. She stood
dumbfounded and said "Omg. Did you clean? This is like Christmas =O"
Maybe now she'll get me a tablet so that my digital drawings won't suck as badly. 
I think that's all. Meep. 
I might clean upstairs tomorrow. Neh.

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