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Fleshing out main characters a bitCategory: (general)
Sunday, 20 June 2010
03:58:40 AM (GMT)
I just want to know what people think of them, I guess.
Name: Pate Reevey

Occupation: Master Philosopher (of the Philosophers Guild) and Tutor of Heirs

Age: Sixteen. 

Physical Appearance:  He’s 5'9, and not small. He isn't over weight, he just
doesn't have a slim build. His features are really plain, people just don't notice it
because he dresses so... Dramatically. Broad shouldered, square jawed, with a fancy
red cloak and curly dark hair. 

Basic information: 
A young man with more logic than common sense, and more good nature than self

It would never cross his ridiculously vast deep mind to imagine life without his
servant. He just assumes that he'll always be there. He will.

He's educated on all the bad things in the world, but he's naive in that he doesn't
know why they should stop him. He's a good person lacking context. Who can't take a
hit at all.

Greatest fear(s): Death, immortality, aging and reincarnation.

Greatest desire: Death.

Greatest regret: Not being able to figure the world out.

Extra note: Pate is part of the approximately 50% of the population that can't
do magic, but he is also a member of the 30% literate minority.

Other extra note: He has no fighting or defensive skills what so ever.

Extra other extra note: Pate is actually not educated in any skill that could
ever be considered practical, ever. His massive world knowledge is entirely
conceptual, and mostly about things he would have no opportunity to use anyway.

Example. he knows a lot about the human body but is clueless about practicing
medicine; he can identify the symptoms of some 100 different poisons, but knows none
by sight or smell; he can't practice magic, but knows more about it than most people
who can; he can undo any knot but can't tie them; things of that nature.

Background: Both his parents are scribes. Since in Shank paper is made from
layers of dried egg membrane, there had to be a separate and very clean room
for books and writing. This is why a very young Pate spent hours practicing writing
in the same room where philosophers recited their ideas so that his parents could
make them into books. 

He heard a lot about the world this way but none of it made sense. So one day, he did
what any four year old would do, and asked questions. The Philosophers Guild loved
the idea of there being someone with a simple world view and child like mindset to
talk to. 

When he was ten the adults finally explained where babies come from to him, along
with what death was. To their shock, his value to the Guild was not lessened by this.
In fact, he still had fresh insights about the nature of life, even though he was
thinking about what was at the end of it. He was actually admitted into the guild as
an apprentice philosopher, but every master he was assigned to had been talking to
him for years and didn't have much left to teach him. 

Pate was put on a rotation between master philosophers so that he was seeing about
six a day. He couldn't keep up and kept being late. So eventually he hired an
assistant and got a horse, which is how he met...

See next diary for information on the real protaganist please.
Last edited: 2 July 2010

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