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Quiz of how well you know meCategory: (general)
Saturday, 19 June 2010
06:56:13 PM (GMT)
Good Luck. Ready? Set? GO!

1)   	What is my least favorite color?

a)  	yellow (ewww)
b)     pink 
c)   	Orange!
d)  	red
e)  	sea foam green

2)   	Who are not of my favorite peoples(not all will fit on this so dun get mad)

a)  	Joe
b)  	CAELO!!!!!!
c)     Obama
d)     Sebastian(kuroshitsuji)
e)     Jessica

3)   	What's my favorite healthy snack?

a)  	oranges.
b)  	avacados
c)  	bananas(put this and you will die. jk jk)
d)  	Black Cherries <3
e)  	Apples. (L did you know gods of death love apples)

4)   	What's my favorite memory?

a)  	my first kiss
b)  	none currently
c)  	5/19/09 cae's fake out.
d)  	10/28/94
e)  	the day i started dating a UKian ^.^

5)   	My Favorite childhood game is ________.

a)  	Tag
b)  	Hide and seek
c)  	MURDER IN THE DARK!(in my church at night) 
e)  	duck duck FROG!

6)  	Who do i want to be my big brother instead or as well as my current one?

b)  	Caelo 
c)  	Michael
d)  	Sasuke!
e)  	paul parcell *shivers* put this and i will be forced to give you a wedgie. 

7)  	What would be my least favorite pet?

a)  	weasle. <3
b)  	fish 
c)  	bunny
d)  	cat
e)  	spider

  	What do i like least about my house?

a)  	all the yellow. 
b)  	my dad's lameo disney stuff.
c)  	my room
d)  	how easy the doors break
e)  	how slow the internet is

9)  	What is my favorite out of the songs listed?

a)  	Love in my room
b)  	only one 
c)  	battlefield
d)  	Night the lights went out in georgia.
e)  	on my own

10)  	My favorite class?

a)  	Algebra 
b)  	Choir
c)  	Sex E.D.
d)  	English
e)  	Science (SAVE THE WHALES!)

11)  	What's my favorite smell?(running out of questions)

a)  	hazelnut candles 
b)  	cake
c)  	snuggies
d)  	ramen
e)  	burgerking

12)  	Which one of these are in my pet peeves?

a)  	doors
b)  	cheerleaders 
c)  	roller coaster riders who scream
d)  	double dippers
e)  	"smackers" as mom puts it.

13)  	Who's my least favorite anime/manga character?

a)  	Sebastian
b)  	Danzou 
c)  	gin Ichimaru
d)  	Syaoran
e)  	pein

14)  	At a party, what would I definitely be doing?

a)  	dancing
b)  	drinking
c)  	hiding in a corner 
d)  	acid
e)  	sleeping

15)  	What's my favorite show?

a)  	Grey's Anatomy
b)  	NCIS
c)  	MXC 
d)  	Flapjack
e)  	wizards of waverly place

16)  	What's my favorite cookie?

a)  	chocolate chip
b)  	reeses bit 
c)  	ginger
d)  	cinamon
e)  	potato

17)  	What is my favorite thing to do on the computer?

a)  	chat on yim, check email, get on facebook
b)  	Chat on yim, read on onemanga.com, listen to music, talk to my UKains 
c)  	stalk people, chat to friends via their own email
d)  	stalk the jonas brothers
e)  	listen to music get on myspace, type stories, talk to my UKains

1  	What is my favorite part of my body?

a)  	my eyes 
b)  	my face
c)  	my butt!
d)  	my feet (weirdo)
e)  	my nails

you can either send the answers in a message ori guess post em on here but i'll tell
you haw many you missed in a message.  hope you enjoyed getting to know me ^.^

‹TonTon› says:   28 June 2010   321657  
c (btw, I thought it was goose?)

hopefully I didn't fail this one..
‹Itachi_fangirl<3~› says:   28 June 2010   785720  
um.. you are missing two answers. There were 18 questions and you
only have 16 answers. and yea it is duck duck goose. i was just being
a dork.
‹TonTon› says:   4 July 2010   848652  
*no idea what I'm missing* meh, screw it... too sleepy to know what I
put for what... which is why I hate scantron tests -.-'
‹Itachi_fangirl<3~› says :   4 July 2010   947639  
heheheh just put numbers silly.


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