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Who I'm Going to Thank When I Publish a NovelCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 15 June 2010
10:04:33 PM (GMT)
With some fake names, so nobody gets raped or anything...

First of all, thanks to Mom and Dad for putting me here and always believing in me.
And the above Mom and Dad probably want me to thank Aiden, so I will.  I mean, you're
my brother after all, so I guess you've helped me somehow somewhere along the line. 
So yeah.  Thanks.
I also need to thank my family and I'm not going to name you all because that would
take up this whole book and then some.  I love you all to the moon and back.
Rose - one of the best friends in the entire world - I love you.  If this book makes
me famous, I am so taking you with me to meet JIM.  If it doesn't, well... YOU'RE
taking ME to meet JIM when you become a famous writer, mmkay?
Megan, Cora, Alexis, Vanessa, Catherine, Heather, Chloe, Amanda, Brittney, Lily,
Mary, Jackie, Michelle, Bridget and Kirsten- thanks for being the other best friends
in the entire world and for standing by me no matter what.  Please don't feel
insulted that you didn't get your own dedication, by the way... I just had to tell
Rose all about how we're going to meet JIM, eh, Rose?  I love you ALL with my entire
And then, of course, Grace, Caitlyne, Christina, Krystin, Kristyn, Morgan, Steven D,
Maggie, Anthony, Matteo, Gab, Nicole, Maddie, Steven P, Sarah, Carlie, Brittney Y,
Brittney H, Spencer, Ricardo, Dylan, Arden, Jasmine, Allision, William, Andrew, Mac,
Kaytie, Alessia, Pauline, and basically everybody else... you all rock; thanks for
being amazing and for always being there for me.
I also want to thank every teacher I've ever had, especially Mrs. Pimentel, for
showing me that I can do whatever I put my mind to when I was eleven years old, and
Mr. Lesperance, who convinced me just what it was I wanted to put my mind to and then
made me do it when I was fourteen.  I would be absolutely nowhere without either one
of you.  I also want to thank Mr. Lesperance for making an exception to his rules and
actually telling me that the world is indeed a happy place, and for making me love
Shakespeare.  I know you say Shakespeare was the man, but actually, sir... YOU'RE the
And thanks to Joe, for making me want to do this even more than ever before, just to
prove that I could.  basically, thanks for hating me.
And to everyone I've ever met- I know you have influenced me in some way, because
that's how writing works.  Everything I've ever seen or done has influenced me in
some way, so if you see the name on the cover and recognize it- THANK YOU!

So yeah... I just came up with this in the shower and felt like publishing it.

Kirti says:   15 June 2010   580520  
I think I may be incredibly dim for asking this but-

You wrote a book?!
branches says:   15 June 2010   245238  
I think she's writing an acceptance speech for an Emmy before she even
auditions for a film.

Kirti says:   16 June 2010   800597  
Branches, that metaphor meets with my approval. It and my approval get
together for tea every other Sunday to discuss how awesome that was. 
branches says:   16 June 2010   558321  
It does?
Oh. I feel honored. Thank you.
tiggerlemon101 says:   16 June 2010   169464  
Actually yeah, @branches is right. :P
I've gotten to about chapter three probably twenty times before, then
deciding I didn't like the plot anymore.
So it's still a work in progress, and I mean that in the broadest
sense possible. 
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says :   29 June 2010   702955  
Wow, you have a whole speech thing planned out. This is me. 

"I wanna thank Mama and Daddy for bringing me to life. I wanna thank
God for bringin me this far and keeping me on His path....and I wanna
thank that andom girl I met at Mardi Gras and thought I would never
see again, but I just did at 4HU, so yeah, I told aher at Mardi Gras I
was going to mention her in my speech. So yeah, thanks."

And that's all.


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