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Monday, 24 May 2010
03:57:42 AM (GMT)
A lot of things have been going through my head including how I treat others.In real
life i'm a quite girl, who prefers remaining solitary though it is up lifting in my
emotional happiness, when a fellow human beings speak to me.Not just in any way but
in a way that shows me they mean no harm.I go to a school where kids say i'm
weird,treat me like i'm stupid, and are just too rowdy for my taste.I read books a
lot and I prefer focusing on my studies a lot more then I enjoy having a social life
around such kids.One boy Austin seems farely intelligent, and he speaks to me
sometimes we even play tag together out on the school yard.It warms my heart to know
someone actually doesn't mind being my friend.Another thing i've been thinking about
is politics and such.Recently, i've been viewing things that involve politics you
could say i'm trying to keep myself updated on the political world.I've been watching
the news more frequently now all of the sudden.

It just started out of the blue I guess you could say.Though there are a few things,
about it I don't understand.Either way though in social studies we talk about such
things like politics and the economy.Perhaps it shall give me a better understanding
of everything i've been watching on the news.Another thing i've been thinking about
is what would life be like if I had a big brother?Would I be happier?I bet it would
be nice, I am jealous of people with siblings the thought of a big sister though for
some reason I like even better.A person to look up to would be a wonderful gift from
god to me.Someone who is my big brother or sister.Though having a little brother or
sister would also be nice.It would be awesome, if someone actually looked up to
me.Something else that's been on my mind is becoming famous.I have decided that I
want to become famous someday in Japan I think that would be an amazing thing for me
to accomplish.Being some, sort of person who's famous in Japan and considered
adorable since cute things are popular in Japan would be nice.I like to think i'm
adorable though I don't mean to sound conceited.I'm not the sort of person who is
full of herself.

With all these things on my mind sometimes I deem myself perhaps someone who could be
considered an interesting person.But most of the time I believe I am the last person
you would call interesting.In general, in all aspects of myself when I take the time
to examine my very being I think little of myself.I can't help but have low
self-esteem like a lot of other kids who exist on this Earth.When, hopefully I
accomplish my dream of becoming famous in Japan I can have higher self-esteem.Well I
guess that is enough of sharing what i've been thinking about lately.
Last edited: 24 May 2010

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