Popularity? Why are people becoming more and more Fakars? because ur
gonna get ur Arse Kicked.
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Popularity? Why are people becoming more and more Fakars? because ur
gonna get ur Arse Kicked.
Category: ::;Jaxiliffy Bloggs;::
Saturday, 15 May 2010
01:13:21 AM (GMT)
OMG Miss.FuglyBetchRussianGurl is getting on my EVERY last nerves. I mean i know me and her used to B actually friends and stuff, but i think i know a faker when i see one. And VictoriaMiss.FuglyBetchRussianGurl is the most faker girl i've ever seen. Seriously today she was like hi Jaxliffy! And of course i looked at her and kept walking. Then she'd try to take my paper to hand it in, when she knew i wasn't done! And then she laughed at me when i got an F on my paper. WTF? Like don't even try it. srly ur gonna get ur arse kicked Its so lame how ppl R totally being fake now a days and how it seems everyone is trying to be someone and so everyone seems to become like a no one because now everyone is the same danm thing. Da freak is happening here? >;/ It use to be just pedo internet ppl.. Now its much more then that.. New trend? Because i don't think i got the memo? Or am i not popularfake enough to be associated with getting a sticky note saying; "Its Okay to be a total Fake this year! Have fun lying!" OiMYGAWDSH thats what is also erking me now adays. POPULARITY. This word seems to have double meanings since now a days it means something totally diffrent then what it use to be.. Do yall remmeber when being cool mean't in your own spesh way?I mean like when being popular mean't having a lot of nice friends that you could talk to and everyone even the teachers new you and could vouch for you? But since when did popular mean betchy, and rude, and self centered, and rumor-spreader, and disreaspectful? How does that make anyone popular? Because its funny 2 talk back to a teacher when there litterally just trying to help, or when ur failing every subject??Or Because no one else has the guts to do what they do on a daily basis? No has a backbone and doesn't want to get in trouble? Its wrong and disguisting and i rly am ashamed to be in the same room with some of those kids. Its one thing to be funny, but its another to be funny and only a certain amount of ppl see it as funny. Last time i checked a joke litterally mean't something funny that is told to get someone to cheer up, smile, laugh, or happy. So why are all these jokes starting to become the opposite? IDK i just thought maybe u guys should know? (I mean i know no one reads this.. At all.. EVER.. except Sketch me a dream?) Because i know u guys proubly might not see it as a big deal, but i rly don't like my generation, screw the technology, screw the cellphones toaster oven ppl! because when we live in a genoration that doesn't know RIGHT FROM WRONG. We have a real proublem on R hands.. Aggred? Mood Icon: Contemplating::.. "I wonder why this is..?"

Zelda3443 says:   1 June 2010   972086  
AGREED!!! I miss my friends from elementary school but they turned
into total jerks and bullies. Although at my school the teachers are
bitches and that's the bottom line. Sorry, but you should hear the way
they talk to us, even though we made an honest mistake. Even my mom
and dad say they are. 
I miss when everyone hated the stereotypical image of teenage
Americans. But now we're just feeding into it!
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says:   1 June 2010   381899  
OMG u couldn't be anymore right on! ;D
I sometimes feel like the only one who notice that Degrassi is
starting to become more and more like life, and not just a TV show. 
Like, so much drama, so many secrets, its so unessecary, and it only
ends in pain. Like someone needs to get on the speaker phones in my
school and annoce - - To the WORLD. That this doesn't have to be a dog
eat dog eat world, and no one needs to be the bitch or queen bee in
the school. Like seriously, it seems like Mean girls the movie, met
Deggrassi.. or gLee O.o''' 
StringQuartets says:   1 June 2010   529434  
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says :   1 June 2010   641066  
i know i was being a total rantful piggy.. D; 
but i'm feeling better know and that was like a month ago.. 


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