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The new girl next door part 2Category: warning
Thursday, 29 April 2010
12:55:01 PM (GMT)
Jenna didnt see Max for the next few days, she had school, then dance, then helping
out with the kiddies at the creche as a part of the community service project the
school was running.
However although Jenna didnt see Max, her mother was constantly talking to Max's mum,
Mandy 'and the stories that woman tells, I never know what to believe!' her mum
laughed. Jenna smiled, it was good for her mum to have new friend. Max had been out,
according to Mandy to look for a job. A job? thought Jenna, but she hasnt even
started school yet. How old was she?
Then on Monday morning, Jenna saw Max waiting at the end of her drive, in a school
'Hey' said Max
'Hello' said Jenna
'Im going to your school!' Max exclaimed, 'How cool!'
'Yeah' said Jenna, great, NOW what were her friends going to think?
'Lets walk together' said Max
It was somewhat of a loose description to say that Max was wearing a school uniform.
She had paired a black skirt with leggings and her converses again. Her tie was much
to short and Jenna was positive electric blue eyeliner was not allowed. But this was
Max, as Jenna was learing to know. Her eyes wandered to Max's hand. I wonder if
she'll hold mine again? Jenna thought before realising what had just happened. No.
She was repulsed by this girl, she was a lesbian. a freak. Not someone Jenna
wanted to be associated with.
They walked together, Max chatting aimlessley away with minimal responses by Jenna.
Soon they reached the school. Jenna thought as an act of kindness she would show Max
the way to reception so she could sign in, before long they bumped into Jenna's
friends, Amy and Jessica. 'Hey guys!' Jenna said running towards them. 'Heya' they
said, 'who's the new girl?' ask Jessica. 
'Oh she's my new neighbour, her name's Max' said Jenna, trying to sound bored.
'She looks cool' said Amy
'Hah wait until miss Sand sees her' laughed Jessica 'she's going to throw a fit!'
To Jenna's horror Max had wandered over.
'Hey' she said, 'Im Max, Jenna's new best mate!'
Jenna gasped, 'Im joking silly, I can tell you dont get me' she said. Jenna's stomach
lurched, Max sure was good at picking up on vibes. She was clever too, now Jenna had
to protest loudly in public that she thought Max was very nice. Which she did
promptly, not wanting to give Amy and Jess a bad impression of her.
Max smirked and then winked. The cheek! thought Jenna.
The bell went suddenly, ending the conversation.
The rest of the day went as followed:
Jenna had to show Max round.
Max sat next to Jenna in every lesson.
Amy and Jessica, grew to like Max every single minute. Luchtime comprosed of the
three of them laughing insanely at the stupidest things.
Jenna's mood got worse as the day progressed.
She walked home sulkily whilst Max talked and talked and talked.........
'And then this guy at my old school dyed his hair black, or rather he tried to and it
went GREEN! hahahahaha it was so funny'
Jenna snorted' Thats really funny' she said sarcastically.
'Whats your problem?' demanded Max
'Excuse me?' Jenna said
'Your problem.....with me' Max said pointedly
' just.....annoy me' Jenna sighed, Max wasn't nasty or mean, she was good at
heart she was just a freak.
'Annoy you.....why?' Max seemed hurt, Crap! thought Jenna, I've hurt her feelings.
' dont really'
'I do..........I can tell, what is it? Your friends are nice but I'm not stealing
them from you I promise! Any guys you're into I wont steal them either' Jenna gasped,
Max carried on 'everyone gets sick of me after a while....hang on..'she said
'what?' said Jenna, she was turing red, she could feel her face burning
'You're afraid I'll steal your man! Arent you?' she stared at Jenna
'Oh my god! That's it! I won't I promise' Max was shaking her head wildly now, she
grabbed Jenna's hand...again. 'I promise!'
Jenna felt the same shock as before, she went redder still. What was happening? she

‹♥Ice Cream Topped With Honey♥› says:   4 May 2010   318987  
Finish teh story D;
maple_syrup says :   4 May 2010   824659  
okay i will, on thursday probably


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