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Because of You Chapter 2Category: Stories ;D
Monday, 5 April 2010
10:47:22 PM (GMT)
Justin texted me at 4:30 and said he was coming to pick me up. When he came my
parents HAD to give him the 3rd degree. "OKAY Mom we have to or we'll be late for the
movie!" I said impatiently. "Okay, have her home no later then midnight." My dad told
him. "Yes, sir." He said and we went out to his car. He had a really nice 2008 black
Mustang. "Nice car," I told him and laughed. "It's my dad's old car." he said smiling
he opened the door for me. "Thank you." I got in. he went on the driver's side and
got in. It was the first night of the Bounty Hunter. We decided to see that because
it looked funny. We got our tickets and went to the snack bar. "Do you want
anythinhg?" He asked me. "Just a small popcorn and a water. I don't want to eat a lot
if were going to dinner afterwards." I told him and he bought me a small popcorn and
water. "Thanks." I said and we found a seat in the theater.  Halfway through the
movie he put his arm around me. I smiled and kust kept watching the movie.  When it
ended we went to The Cheescake factory in the mall. "Uhmm..I'll get a ceaser salad
with italian dressing and an coke please." I told the waiter. Justin ordered and the
waiter left. We talked for awhile, come to find out, his mom is the chef in the
resturant in my dad's hotel in our city. The food finally came. After we ate he drove
me home. It was about 6:30, so I don't know why my dad said midnight. He opened the
door for me again "Thanks." I got out of the car. "I had a nice time tonight." I said
and smiled. "Me too." he started leaning in. I leaned in too and he kissed me. He was
the one. I knew it right there. We sat there in silence for awhile. "So...does this
mean were going out?" He asked me. "Well if you want to be." I said smiling. "I do."
He said. "Me too." The next day I couldn't wait to go to school. I woke up early and
did my morning routine and leftthe house 10 minutes early. I ahd tried to text Lauren
yesterday and she never replied so she never knew about me and Justin. "OH MY GOD!!!
SO HE DID LIKE YOU!" She squealed. " "Yup, I guess he did." I said laughing.
Alexis,my other friend walked o ver to us. "I heard about you and Justin, that's
awesome!" "Wait how'd you know? We only got together last night." I asked pulling
books out of my locker. "Rumours spread fast." She told me. "Well I know that but I
didn't know they spread THAT quick." 
      Third period couldn't come fast enough. I sat down at our lab station but
Justin wasn't there yet. He always came in right when the bell rang. Which is exactly
what he did today. We passed notes all through class. Today was the last day of
school. I was going to be senior next year. After school, Justin texted me and asked
me if I wanted to go get ice cream with him, Of course I did. So we went to an ice
cream place by my house. We sat down at an empty picnic table. 'I'm so glad today was
the last day." I said eating my ice cream. "I know, I can't wait to sleep in." He
said laughing. "I know, I hate getting up so early." I laughed too. "And we can hang
out all the time." He said and smiled.

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