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Chapter 15Category: (general)
Sunday, 28 March 2010
08:22:54 PM (GMT)
I Actually Finished This The Day After Sam Finished Ch.14 And I Got To Read It, I
Just Forgot To Post It T_T
^ Chapter 14

Chapter 15: I Need A Break From Your Calls Bastard

	I was focusing on one of the black doors, just about to blow it off with my mind
when a voice came out of nowhere, and it sounded like it was on speakers, what the
hell was wrong with this place?
	“Welcome to our show. We are pleased that you have arrived in our game show, and
you two are the stars of it, you see if you can escape, we will give you a prize, of
worthy information.” The voice boomed. WERE YOU KIDDING ME? THIS ASSBALL WAS
PLAYING A GAME LIKE THIS AT THIS TIME OF THE DAY?! I swung the sword into the air and
screamed the loudest scream I had ever screamed.
at the top of my lungs, and it was only then that I noticed Ryoki lying passed out on
the floor muttering, ‘too loud, too loud.’ It was so pathetic I could laugh. 
	“Just try and hold me here...” I muttered. I lifted up Ryoki and used telepathy
to get into his head. Hey, Ryoki, Ryooookkkkiii, YOU DAMN SLEEPY BUM WAKE UP BEFORE I
CHOP YOUR HEAD OFF! I yelled in his head, he immdetly sprung to life, and hid his
head from me.
	“No! I need this to make sure I don’t marry an ugly person!” Ryoki cried. I
shook my head and turned towards the black metal door I had been trying to open
before they so rudely interrupted me.
	“Ho ho ho, I see, a person with various powers, well then, shall we test you with
amounts of Lycans?” The voice boomed, I looked up at the camera I had noticed in
the room and glared the iciest glare I could. “L-l-l-l-l-l-LYCANS!” he dared to
yell, I turned away from the camera and stood facing three metal doors, flipping the
magical sword in my hands. The screeching noises and claw marks of the lycans came
from all around as they traveled down the halls to the doors, their feet’s nails
scrapping against the cave walls and concrete. I waited until I could see them all,
and then I fumed, growing some weird red aura around me before I blasted them all
	“Ha, ha—” I stopped short, I felt a pang of worry, and fear, and I knew it
wasn’t mine, so it could only mean one thing. Sam was in trouble.
	Now I was really freaking pissed, they were keeping me from helping my friend, it
was almost like someone had set up a trap, well Aki brought bad luck with her,
that’s all she was good for, bad luck.
	“I AM GONNA KILL YOU ALL!” I yelled so loud, Ryoki almost passed out again. I
charged at one of the black gated metal doors and broke through it with one pound,
Ryoki looked around amazed, and confused, and then he charged after me, following me
as I screamed down the halls, taking out every Lycan I could while Ryoki burnt them
to a crisp behind me.
	“Hey!” The voice boomed in the tunnel, almost like a surround sound system. My
eyes gave a weird flashy glint and looked up at the camera, I felt like my head was
rotating, and then the camera was turned off, smiling and laughing I burst out of the
cave wall and got ready to jump into flight in the air, but Ryoki stopped me.
	“I can’t fly, so we have to run.” Ryoki said. I growled, and then lifted him
onto my back, and took off into the air.
	“No way am I leaving her alone like that, not when she’s this scared.” I
yelled at him as we flew, Ryoki didn’t utter another word, he just simply kept his
mouth shut, he knew how over protective and loyal I was of my friends, and he knew I
was in “that” mode, the one no one could reason with.
	I landed just outside of the house we had been to once before when Sam was sick, the
door handle was melted, the works of Ed I thought, but I stopped thinking when I
heard a piercing scream inside my head. And at that point I dashed in side, not
thinking at all, heck I was one not to think, I stopped near a door where the
screaming was loudest, I dared to take a look in.
	What the fu... was that?! THE BIGGEST ASSED LYCAN MY EYES HAD EVER SEEN! That’s
what it was.
	I stopped Ryoki from going ahead of me and down the stairs, my head still stuck in
the doorway I watched closely to see what was happening, Ed was missing all of his
metal parts, wait weren’t those things invincible?!
	“Ryo, I want you to distract the Lycan long enough for me to repair Ed, if the
Lycan doesn’t get distracted, yell mama and I’ll push the thing into the wall
with my mind and hold it there until you can get everyone out? Got it?!” I told
Ryoki simply, staring at him with a focus I’d never stared at him with before, Ryo
nodded and headed down the stairs.
	“Hey fat dung bat! Look over here! Fresh assed meat!” Ryoki sang, shaking his
butt. I closed my eyes then and focused on the thoughts of everyone down there and
putting Ed’s parts back together, but they sure were messed, it was gonna take more
than four minutes, I  just hoped Ryo could distract the creature for that long,
we’d need everyone to fight.
	Ed, Ed, ED! Sam was screaming in her mind.
	Oh my god, how do I take care of these two?! I don’t know medicine that well! How
do I stop the bleeding! That was Aki’s voice, as expected; she was stupid in all
	I need to protect Sam...hey wtf? arm’s coming back together...and so is my
leg...Wait is that...Is that RYOKI? That must mean Meaghan’s here and hiding while
she repairs me... ok we’ll just have to hold out long enough—Ed’s thoughts were
cut short as his scream pierced the air, his nerves were just getting connected and
that always hurt him like hell, but then suddenly the Lycan shoved off Ryoki and came
charging up the stairs.
	“MAMA!” Ryoki cried. I moved quickly, backing up and putting the sword in my
belt, and got ready to take on the Lycan.
	I saw it immdetly, it swung its head to face me, and I laughed at how ugly it was,
how big and ugly it was.
	“Just what I wanted to do, I’ve wanted to kick some ass for awhile!” I yelled,
running forward and ducking his teeth as they tried to chomp me, and at the same time
striking his leg with my switchblade, the Lycan screeched in rage, and then looked
down at me fuming, smoke seeming to be coming out of its nose.
	“Meaghan shut up and fight!” Ryoki yelled at me as he set fire to the Lycan’s
tail, I laughed and punched again while it was distracted.
	“Don’t worry about me, help Ed complete his repairs! They just need to be
connected!” I yelled at Ryoki as I dodged another bite, well this was more like a
freakin dance. I noticed when Ryoki was gone because the flame went out on the
Lycan’s tail.
	It was time for the big guns though, I used my mind, closing my eyes, and just as it
was about to try and bite my head off for the third time, I lashed out with my power
and slung the thing against the wall as agonizing screams came from below, it was my
time, the Lycan was dazed, it was now or never...
	“OW GODAMNIT RYOKI!” I yelled jumping away from the Lycan, instead of getting
the Lycan on fire, Ryoki had put me on fire, with a warrior like scream I ran forward
to the Lycan that was now getting up and hit my normal sword into the creature,
twisting it until the Lycan screeched a final screech.
	The creature collapsed to the floor and the flames on me started to buzz out, damn I
wish I had water power...
	Trying to contain my pain, I went down the stairs to where Sam was standing frozen,
there had been so much going on that she was frozen for a few seconds, and then she
ran to Ed, putting his head in her lap as Ryoki pushed on his leg, the scream from Ed
was loud.  Aki sat in a corner with two kids about Sam’s age, twins really, one
boy, one girl. Aki was trying to wrap up the boy’s head while the girl still held
onto him in her lap; I could feel their relationship just by looking at them.
	“Aki,” I said as I reached her, tears were streaming down her face and she broke
down right before me, falling down to the ground crying, I stroked her hair, but then
turned my attention to the twins. “I’ll take it from here, go to your brother.”
As I said that, she got up and crashed into her brother’s arms, he hugged her
	I reached out to touch the young girl’s cheek, she didn’t move, but instead
closed her eyes as my hand touched her cheek, she felt safe with me, I could tell
	“What’s your name, and his?” I asked, sitting down cross legged to get a
better look at the boy in her lap that had sightless blue eyes gazing up at me.
	“Mikino, and he’s... Jin.” Mikino said, staring at me with hope that I could
help him. “Are you gonna help him?” She asked me, her voice straining from
thirst. I nodded and took his head into my lap; she didn’t hesitate to give him to
	My brain buzzed from all the hurt I could feel in his as I repaired the wound on the
outside of his head that was bleeding a lot, I could also feel his left arm was
broken and that his right ankle had been broken, but while in his head I caught a
flash of a vision...
“Jin, Mikino, please take Rin and keep her safe, your sister, father and I have to
fight. But whatever happens, stay safe, the secret lays only with you three now.” A
lady with the voice of honey instructed as she held onto Jin and Mikino’s cheeks,
she stroked them gently, she took her hands away from their cheeks then and hugged
them, and when she pulled away to kiss the baby Rin’s cheek, that’s when I
noticed that Rin was in Mikino’s hands.
	The woman left down the hall to the front door where there was loud banging, Mikino
had her mouth open slightly, wanting to call out, but Jin stopped her, laying his
hand on her shoulder, he nodded and then went up stairs, at exactly the same time the
door busted open and screaming came, they put the baby in it’s enclosed crib and
covered their ears as the screams raged on down below, they could tell they were in
the basement now, they didn’t know how, but they did.
	And then the two couldn’t take it anymore, knowing it was wrong to leave the baby,
they ran to the basement and opened the door, screaming for their parents, who lay
dead on the floor, Mikino went forward first, she screamed out and grabbed Jin’s
hand and squeezed it so hard it could brake as she saw her older sister give on last
look at her, smile, and then the lycan scrape it’s death down her neck to her
waist, causing blood to spurt out everywhere, but once it was done with her, it
turned to the frozen children on the stairs.
	Jin jumped infront of Mikino, who was then turning to lock the door closed, and
slipped the key into her pocket. Jin yelled out to her as the lycan took him down the
stairs, banging his head against each step, he then held Jin in his hands and broke
his arm, and proceded to brake his leg, but only got to brake the ankle before Mikino
stabbed the lycan from behind in the heart, there was a final screech, the lycan fell
dead, Jin fell too, and the last thing he saw before he blacked out was Mikino’s
beautiful white dress drenched with blood and tears streaming down her face.	
	I gasped as I was sucked out of the memory; these kids had taken too much. I looked
from Jin who’s ankle and arm were now repaired and his head wound almost repaired
to Mikino, she wasn’t dressed in white, and the dress wasn’t soaked in blood, but
there was still blood on her hands, that could of only meant that after creating this
spot for her brother that she must have cleaned up, and perhaps she had cheeked on
her younger sister still upstairs.
	“Is he okay now?” Mikino asked me, bright wide eyes. I shook my head, still
dazed and smiled at her.
	“I’m just finishing up his head wound and then he’ll be all good... Mikino,
can you go get your sister for me?” I asked. Mikino looked at me stunned, but
without a word, nodded and went up the stairs to the main floor.
	“Ryo, Aki, go with her just to make sure she’ll be safe.” I instructed. Ryoki
nodded and dragged Aki up the stairs, I looked to Sam, Ed was passed out and Sam was
crying still. 
	Concentrating back on Jin I finished up his repairs and watched as he slowly opened
up his eyes, and stared into mine with unawareness.
	“Mama?” He asked me, I chuckled a little and helped him sit up out of my lap,
and then ruffled his hair a bit.
	“Nope! You saviours, wait right here for your sisters.” I instructed him as I
got up and headed to Sam; I hugged her once and then looked down at Ed.
	“He’s fine Sammie. He just needs a rest, the nerves have been connected too many
times, that was four times in a matter of minutes that they’ve been tried to be put
back on.” I said. She looked up at me and smiled; I gave her a tissue and then let
her be as I heard Ed hazily wake up.
	“I feel as if I’ve been shocked a million times.” Ed commented as he sat up
out of Sam’s lap, Sam laughed a tense laugh and hugged him tightly, Ed joined her
in laughing, and then all was silent.
	“Miss?” the tiny voice of Mikino came as she came down the stairs, holding her
sister wrapped up in a yellow blanket with bananas on it, had this been what the
bananas were about? A vision just to tell me about a baby? It could be so... 
	Mikino passed me her younger sister Rin into my arms, and honestly the only baby
I’ve ever held was a doll, and dolls freaked me out, so I was worried I’d drop
her or something.
	“Is anything wrong with her?” Mikino asked me, staring at me with wide eyes. I
smiled and patted her on the head.
	“Just thirsty, like the rest of you, but that’s all.” I said. I shifted the
baby into a more comfortable hold for the both of us and then I looked around to see
everyone standing and looking at me.
	“Umm... Well I guess our jobs our done here, let’s go back to our houses, shall
we?” I asked everyone, Ryoki laughed and started going up the stairs.
	“Thanks for stating the obvious, captain obvious.” He said. I wanted to throw
something at him, but I couldn’t because I was holding the baby, oh well, I’d get
him later...for sure I would. 
	We arrived at the houses and the twins immdetly followed me, which actually kinda
freaked me out to be honest, i mean, I’m no good at taking care of people! I almost
threw the baby off a cliff when I tripped, yet they wouldn’t let me give Sam the
	I opened my door and they came in right behind me, pushing Ryoki and Aki away, and
then closing the door on them and locking the door, um anyone else feel awkward?
	I put the baby down on the couch; well I made sure it was in a good position first,
because I had no damn crib! And then I opened the door to a Ryoki with an angry face,
yeah I got the feeling he didn’t like being locked out of his house at all.
	Mumbling words Ryoki headed to our room and slammed the door on Aki who, was
standing outside trying to enter our room.
	“Aki, you’re staying with Sam and Ed tonight, Jin too. Can you two please go
over there?” I asked, picking up the baby again, I’d need Ed to make me a crib
from wood...
	Aki glared at me, but then walked to the back door, I stopped her with a yell.
	“Get Ed for me too, would ya?” I yelled. Aki stopped, gripped her scar and then
continued to walk, I turned around to find the twins behind me, I backed up a bit,
well if that wasn’t creepy...
	“We don’t want to leave each other.” Mikino said, gripping Jin’s hand. Of
course I knew this would happen... But I had planned to talk them out of it.
	“And we don’t want to leave you either. We feel safe with you.” Jin explained.
I held my finger up to them, and then I put down the baby and started laughing
hysterically, rolling on the ground, banging on the walls, who in the world would
feel safe with a crazy insane evil midget, a midget that would get very irritated and
angry and violent if you didn’t give her at least an hour of alone time?
	The back door opened suddenly then and Ed stood there looking at me as if I was
insane, which right now, to be honest, I was, I mean I had twins and a baby stuck to
me like glue, and the twins were around my age. I felt insane.
	“Umm... you wanted me?” Ed asked, closing the door behind him. I got up from the
floor and walked over to him and handed him two pieces of wood.
	“I need you to make me a crib for Rin.” I said. Ed laughed and clapped his hands
together and there was suddenly a crib there, he put it down beside the kitchen
counter, I picked up Rin and put her in it.
	“Thanks, oh and take Jin back with you, please, I can’t have this many people
around me, you know I’ll go psycho.” I whispered to Ed. Ed laughed again and then
walked over to Jin.
	“Come on Jin, Megs asked me to take you, you’ll be safe with me and Sam, and you
can actually eat her cooking...” Ed said as he left the house holding onto Jin,
while Jin tried to cling onto something to hold onto so he could stay, Mikino
didn’t move to help him, she was too busy looking at the crib Ed made.
	“Hey I heard that ass!” I yelled to Ed. I got a loud laugh in reply. Grinding my
teeth together I made Mikino go to bed, and then I headed to me and Ryoki’s room,
and I opened the door.
	“Oh it’s you.” Ryoki said, he got up from where he was sitting reading and
slipped into his bed, and took off his glasses.
	“Who else would it be?” I muttered, locking the door behind me so Mikino
wouldn’t trying open it. And as I did, I imagined my night with Ryoki, both of us
fighting over who should get up to take care of the baby crying, well this was a new
image, and I didn’t like it too much, it made me feel like I was married to
freaking Ryoki when I wasn’t. Well what fun, there’d be a lot of yelling tonight.

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