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KuchtaCategory: (general)
Thursday, 4 March 2010
06:34:17 PM (GMT)
This hopeless hater. It's sad, really.
Hey GreenStar umm ya i read your profile ya so dont ba mad at me
because you have to wear glasses and you look like a lesbo thats not
my fault you were a loser in school so you come to this web site for
friends because you dont have any so dont take it out on me because i
was popular and started my freshman year in every sport i ever played
and ya back to the future wasnt a good movie at all so ya your a freak
so sorry your a lesbo with glasses 
Kutcha, why the fugg were you on my profile then? You can gab all you want, I
don't really care. One pro of coming to this site is that you learn to deal
with haters who putz around making others feel bad. I also learned that haters
have impossibly bad spelling and grammar. I look fine, thanks much. Lesbians
look no different than the rest of society. I have many friends in real life,
my friend. I never talked to you, how could I be taking out my "anger" of
"looking like a lesbo with glasses" out on you, exactly? You may be popular,
you may be a fantastic athlete. I congratulate you. I, myself, have always
found sprts and popularity to be highly overrated. Back to the Future had an
excellent director, and Michael J. Fox was an amazing man who is fighting
Parkinson's, and Chirstopher Lloyd is an excellent man. I have always preffered
to think of myself as a nerd, but freak works too. I'm sorry that you think i'm
a lesbian with glasses. Please, refrain calling people homosexuals unless you
are sure they are. 
Best to Kutcha!

Ok yhen your a freay nerd im glad you like unrealistic movies like back to the
future why dont you come to the real world and quit living in an alternate
universe and have you ever heard of the expression its not what you know its
who you know so that kind of tells me popularity is everything so sorry i bet
ou and your imaginary friends have a good time playing together so its time to
grow up take of ur special helmet helmet that you wear around to make sure you
dont get anymore retarded and go outside and make some real friends 

Freaky nerd. Never heard that one. Also, why are you, the ever popular football
star, wasting your time on a ten year old girl? Back to the Future is a science
fiction movie, a popular choice for many young people. I live in a very real
universe, not an alternate reality, although I would quite like that. "It's not
what you know, it's who you know" is the expression that got me a modeling gig a
few years ago, actually, so I strongly believe in connections. Popularity has
its baggage, but at times can be rather nice. My real friends and I have a
great time together, thank you for asking. I am not retarded, thank you very
much, but I am a straight A student, something you will never know. My friends
and I all have our real friends and speaking of real friends, I can tell you're
not one of mine. By the by, would you care to tell me how you stumbled upon my
All the Best, to the ever popular and sports inclined man,

Rwarr says:   4 March 2010   781253  
people just sending hateful messages out of nowhere on this site is
pathetic, i've gotten a ton of those from a bunch of girls with no
ability to spell what-so-ever and they mostly comment on my oekaki's.
I don't even know how to react anymore because they're either stupid
12 year olds who think it's funny to call people names and be rude or
some troll with nothing else to do. Mainly the reason i've switched my
account so many times but the assholes always follow me. Ugh.
GreenStar says:   4 March 2010   311852  
Doesn't it suck?
Yet, the haters are fun! 
Oroborus21 says:   4 March 2010   359588  
ok that person is a weirdo. and back to the future series was a very
popular series of movies so apparently there are millions of people
who agree that its a good movie
‹♥Kirsche♥› says :   4 March 2010   319964  
Oh my.
I have alot of anger in me.
If somebody acted that way to me...they'd end up with a girl screaming
in their face, and making them cry......
sorry cheyenne.....

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