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Sunday, 28 February 2010
08:33:52 PM (GMT)
Would you feel funny if you kissed somebody of the same sex? no? i've done it before? Name three things in your room that other probably don't have in theirs: well i have buddhas. which christians and shit wouldn't have. and a hair iron. which a lot of people don't use. and idfk. What's your best jacket like? any pull over hoodie of mine. If your best friend grabs your hand, what do you automatically do? nothing? hold back? What's something you can cook or bake like a pro? quesadillas. other than that, absolutely nothing. i'm lazy and make my poor cook do everything. i'm a bitch. |: poor woman. Do you have plans for tonight? tonight is oveeeer. Do you tend to flirt a lot, even when the person isn't single? no. If you could pull off any hairstyle, what would it look like? i love the model all hair slicked into a high ponytail. i look like such a faggot though, lmfao. What is the worst thing that happened so far today? rehearsals were shitttt. Did that ruin your day? nope. What's something good you're looking forward to? summer. play over. nugget's birthday. Besides furniture, what's the biggest thing in your bedroom? cuddle bears. haha, this giant ass dog. Name three things that are the colour of your fave colour: my wall, my nail polish i'm wearing, the shorts i'm wearing. Do you diet and exercise regularly? i d f k. What's something that you think is really cute? a lot of shit. i could list forever. Would you rather donate time, blood, or money? money. Why are hugs so great? they're not. Do you think fashion models are bizarre or beautiful? depends on the model. Describe your feet: i have cute feet. haha. Do you ever stop to think that things could be a lot worse than it is? yep. What's a pretty bird? i have no idea. Besides sleeping, what do you do in bed? ha griffin. laptop. homework. eating. friends. lots of shit. If you see somebody crying, do you start crying too? LMFAO NO. Is the last person you called attractive? kenzie's dad? lmfao. no. Are you comfortable naked? i like being clothed more? What does your name mean? gabriella means woman of god. lmfao, my parents named me it because they like french names. and gabriella was they're favourite. not because of some religious bullshit. How do you like your hoodies? a little too big. like baggy. <3 Have you ever hacked into somebody's account? hah yeah. Do you get complimented on your looks or personality more? looks. Is having to pee really badly worse than being really thirsty? yes. Were you a cute baby? ew noooo. What do your nails look like? gross. Are you talking to anybody right now? nope. Can grills be sexy on a guy? not even a little. Are braces cute? nooo. Do you love animals more than most? not really. How tall are your tallest socks? thigh high. What's in your belly right now? you. Which of your friends is the cutest? griffinnn. Which of your friends makes you laugh the hardest? probably hallie, emily, kenzie, or griffin. Why do you eat fastfood? i don't. What's something good that's on your mind right now? homework. Do you miss someone? mother. What do you do when you're alone? write, read, computer, homework, sleep, text. What about when you're sad/upset? sleep. What was the highlight of your day today? like nothing. Can you relate to the song you're currently listening to? What is it? sleepyhead - passion pit. ha no. How many colors has your hair been? hot pink, black, blonde, dirty blonde, light brown, brown, and red. i get bored easily. What are three things that piss you off? you, you, and you. And now three things that make you happy? her. him. and him. Do you ever find yourself feeling paranoid? ha yeah. Where is the last person you kissed right now? st. george. Do you even care? of course. Oddest thing you do in the shower? sometimes i sit down. not that odd. What word/phrase do you over-use? ghetto. (: Honestly, wouldn't you rather be doing something else right now? yeah. Are you one of those people who has loads of friends? i have a ton of friends. but i'm not very close with any of them. other than my best friends, of course. Are you procrastinating right now? If so, with what? hah yeah. homework. and cleaning. How long was your last phone call? 46 minutes. Do you like talking on the phone? sure. Are you listening to a different song now? yes sir. Current emotion? chill. Stressed at all? yeah. |: What are you waiting for? him. Do you have a favorite hoodie? What color is it? probably my giant black wizard of oz one. haha. What was the last movie you watched? the unborn. Is there a song that just makes you happy? up up & away - kid cudi. What about a song that's just depressing? a couple. So where were you last night? party. Are you flexible at all? yeah. What's your least favorite thing to read? probably the same as stef's answer, historical books. Anything you just hate the feeling of on your skin? anything sticky. If you wear nail polish, do you pick it off? nope. Any nervous habits? not really. What kind of impression do people normally get of you? bitccchhh. Do you text a lot? so much. |: Any songs you can listen to on repeat for hours? a couple. Do you clean when you're upset? ha not at all. Ever made out on your bed? yes. Do you wear converse a lot? not really. How's your eyesight? horrific. Are you a wishful thinker? ha yeah. Would you pass a drug test right now? nope. So what would make your day? a certain text.

catchmyshit says:   1 March 2010   981251  
you made out with someone of the same sex?
catchmyeye says:   1 March 2010   223704  
one, it says kissed.
two, get a life if you're seriously reading all these.
three, maybe i did make out with somebody of the same sex.
does that make gay people whores too? 
HEARTBREAKwarfare says:   2 March 2010   132157  
You're such a dumb bitch. I wish I fucking knew your ass. I'd fucking
kick your dumbass. Why the fuck are you so jealous that you have to
fucking make a hate account. And I know it's jealousy, because no one
that doesn't really care about someone that much doesn't have so many
problems that they have to make an account. You're tarded, ok. Like I
said on the comment I left in your profile, go fucking get tortured.
Jesus fucking Christ. I bet you're some fuck fat ugly bitch that no
one likes. As well as a freak. 
HEARTBREAKwarfare says:   2 March 2010   465790  
Oroborus21 says:   2 March 2010   338304  
cuddle bears? 
catchmyeye says :   2 March 2010   612431  
i love you.

it's a stuffed dog. 

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