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If someone kind enough could read this and give me advice plz :)Category: (general)
Friday, 12 February 2010
05:37:47 PM (GMT)
Okay Things arent goin so well my life well, i mean its goin great but things are
really confusin lately
these are my order of events

1.  bck to skool form christmas break a week later my ex best friends get mad at me
cuz i ditched them (even tho the day efore they got mad at me i gave them a muffin
and hung out with them)
2. so i completetly lost there friendship but i dont really give a damn anymore
3. my bf aaron (durin the time) found out that i liked his friend joel. i asked
aaron if he hated me tat i liked his closest friend. Aaron told me they werent such
friend friends anymore.
4. the most popular girl in my grade puts up a picture up of and my new friends
callin us creepers (even tho we never talk to her, or never did anything to her)
5. we told the vice proncipal at skool wat had happened, even tho the girl commited
Foip and was cyber bullying she didnt even get in trouble at all becuz she said it
was all a misunderstandin and started "cryin"
6. i broke up with my bf aaron durin lunchtime on friday (cuz he wasnt actin lik we
were goin out, and i was gettin bored him and  i liked his friend Joel, plus i also
think aaron had a thing for his cousin)
7. After lunch back in class Joel (guy i like) gave me  a smile that sent me to
heaven >///<  (and im 100% sure it was for me cuz well we sit beside eachother and
no one else sits on the other side of me, so who else would he be smilin at?)
8. after weekend, bck at skool on monday. Joel glares/ sericous face at me all day
9. durin math on monday i was talkin and laughin  with one of my guy friend Micheal
(but he makes a strange sidemark tat no one else heard, tat my name and joels fit
perfectly together, for no reason. But we were talkin about whos name fits together
perfectly in the class) while joel starin at us the whole enitre time
10. after math, joel goes up to Micheal and asked him wat me and him were talkin
about ( lik none of his business, even tho i lik him)
11. After skool i go home and on the computer. Aaron (my ex) sent me a message 
   Aaron :"if joel is talking to you i did not say anything that he said "
   Me: "wat? wat is he goin to say?"
   Aaron: "oh that little fuckers screwing with me again nvm "
   Me: "tell me :P "
   Aaron: "he was taunting me that he had said to you to fuck off from me, even
though i didnt say that"
12. While aarona nd i was talkin Joel was online the whole time, but didnt write one
word to me.
13. Tuesday, glares at me only in math
14. Wednesday no glares, but tat suspision tat aaron had a thing for his cousin
could be true. Cuz durin science, aaron was talkin about her (again -_-) and joel
tell him to "shut up, wat is wrong with you, are you like obesse with you cousin or
sumthing"   Loud enough for me to hear 
15. Now whenever i talk to Micheal, he alwasy has to mention Joel.

So in reality idk wats goin on with Joel, idk wat tat message aaron sent me was
about, i think Micheal knows sumthin i dont
To much things are happenin >.>

any advice or comments plz?

ALSO my 14th birthday is comin up, and i hav no idea wat to do >.> just a normal
house party and not expencive, 
my friends are diff. some lik make up some dont
idk who to invite cuz some freidns dont lik my other friends
i hav no idea wat to do, plus if i hav to many people no sleepover
only girls allowed at the party sadly -_-
I was thinkin to do a nerd theme - where everyone drees up as a nerd.  what do u
Last edited: 12 February 2010

‹life.moves.on› says:   12 February 2010   408708  
I don't think you lost their friendship, that would have been too

The popular girl is just a bitch, get used to dealing with people like
that, later you won't have anyone to complain to about it.

It doesn't seems like you liked Aaron that much if you dumped him so
easily. It's kinda mean to go after his best friend.

And you can make your party about anything you like, but I'm a dude,
so my opinion doesn't counts :p
‹YUPPIE~~♥› says:   12 February 2010   235168  
nah its been almost two months last time we talked

and no duh she is, and i know, but she still pisses me off

and i knot tat, i was just wondering on what is happening right now
with him and his friend. 

and lol thnxs @phanualz 
‹life.moves.on› says:   12 February 2010   392122  
yes I read it when you replied before ;P 
‹YUPPIE~~♥› says:   12 February 2010   723558  
ahaha damn xD
u know just makin shure @phanualz 
‹life.moves.on› says:   12 February 2010   845400  
lol I know, it's cool =] 
‹La Lil Qiqqles D' Aqua Divaz!(:<3› says :   12 February 2010   822826  
know someting friends dont exsist, their jst ppl u know. 

and the girl that put ur picture i tink shes jealous. mayb cuz ur more
popular than her.

and if u like ur ex friend well idk i tink u should go out wit him.

and wit the party i tink u should make a normal party

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