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Wednesday, 27 January 2010
04:53:03 PM (GMT)
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Chapter 3: Morning After

    I opened my eyes the morning after our arrival with a sleepy haze still; I had to
blink many times before I could see clearly. And what I saw startled me, Ryoki was
standing beside my bed, sleeping while standing, who knew we had something in common?
I fell asleep on my feet too.
	I got up lazily, stumbling almost from the lack of sleep, me and Ryo had been
fighting till one in the morning, which at that point I had stormed out of the room
and sat on my bed angrily until I fell asleep, I felt bad for Ed and Sam, having to
listen to us, I felt really bad.
	I had a feeling, my motherly feeling, the one that annoyed me sometimes. It made me
want to put Ryo in his bed, but the mad at him, hot-headed me of me got mad at that
and kicked him, he fell to the ground with a loud, big thud. But he didn’t open his
eyes, geez, someone slept like a rock. The mean midget me smirked and got dressed,
while the mother in me was utterly disgusted and was slapping my brain around,
yelling at it, the mean midget fought back, I thought my head would explode into
millions, maybe a gazillion pieces.
	I walked on into the bathroom with the raging fight still going on still, I splashed
freezing cold water on my face and washed my hands in the clear sparkly water, I
turned off the water and grabbed a towel, dabbing my face and drying my hands, and I
looked up at myself in the mirror. My wild hair was loose, and surrounded my face,
since the braid had come out it was more curly and wavy than it could ever get,
annoyed, I damped my hair and combed through it before I pulled it into a tight, high
	After my bathroom break I headed towards the kitchen to make some rice balls and
cucumber sushi for myself with chicken that would be crispy and spicy. The only good
thing about my motherly side was that it could cook, if I was in my mean midget
normal self, I burnt everything, and I mean everything, except ramen. The mother side
was also neat, it hummed and sang and was full of bright pretty colors. Whoa I really
didn’t sound like myself, pretty? And the mean midget side, well that was dark,
gloomy, evil-like, with some streaks of gold and white light, I was a killer fighter
with powers that were maximized every time I used them, I would burn food, get mad
easily, listened to rap songs and it was also an over-protective and loyal, I’d
rather suffer, be tortured, than my friends to go through that, I would take it all,
everything, every sting, every pain, every hurt, I’d sacrifice myself for them,
just so they were safe. That was my mean midget side, that’s how it’d always
	In a way the mean midget side was better, and if my friends knew I had a motherly
side, they’d pressure me into being like it more, Ryoki would laugh, and it’d be
bad. Everything I knew about the real me would, poof, disappear. So that was why they
couldn’t know. 
	My motherly feeling still winning against the mean midget side that was fighting
hard to get its place back, but it would only hold for a little longer, so the
motherly side decided to make a second batch of what I had made for myself for Ryoki,
and I was safe from him not knowing it was me who cooked it, he would have thought
Sam came over and had made it, and hopefully he wouldn’t thank her, or there would
be suspicion. Also feeling bad about probably keeping Sam and Ed up, I baked many
mini Japanese cakes and took them over to Sam’s, I opened the door and put them on
their kitchen table with a note that read: 
I went to the store, so I brought you and Ed some cakes, enjoy.
	That would make her only thank me, she wouldn’t think I had made them, there’d
be no question on me, none. 
	I went back to the house and heard Ryoki stir, I didn’t bother taking my shoes
off, I just started making tea, I’d leave it on the table beside the food for him,
I took my own and sat down on the couch, facing away from the table, if Ryoki saw me
in my mother mode, he would know, and would tease me to death, I didn’t like
feeling weak, that was my downfall. Just as much as tears were.
“Num nah...” I heard Ryoki’s tired voice, he groaned, he probably now felt the
fall, the big thud he had made, the mean midget gained full control again as I found
myself laughing, Ryoki stumbled into the room, his eyes flew open. 
“FOOD!” Ryoki cried, he then ran, arms wide open like a little kid pretending to
fly, to the table and dropped down onto his knees, his eyes wide open in wonder and
	He gobbled it all down, and when he had finished, he leaned back and bleached. I
contained my laughter, but not my sly, smirk smile that plastered itself onto my
face, when he had finished his bleach, he noticed me, he then hopped up and jogged
away back to the bedroom. I then started laughing, a non-stoppable laugh that
continued on and on as I bent my head down and as it went back up as the howl of
laughter continued and my hand banged on the coffee table over and over again. 
“Stop that insane laughter, it’s more annoying than ever!” Ryoki yelled as he
came back into the room fully dressed. I looked up from my laughter at him, but only
began to laugh more. Ryoki angrily stomped towards me and stood before me.
“What’s so freakin’ funny?!” He asked, his annoyance level was funny. 
“You, haha acted like a little kid when you saw the food! Bleached...hahaha.” I
managed to get out, Ryoki glared down at me. His fists shaked, he wanted to hit me,
I’d never seen him so mad by far, I stopped and looked up at him, his face changed
when I looked at him, he growled, and stormed off, but what confused me was his look.
I had only got a glimpse of it and it scared me more than his other looks. I sighed.
	There was a tap at the door and a letter was slipped under the door, it must be an
order, I couldn’t imagine what else it could be. I got up, my shoes still on, and
leaned down to pick up the creamy white letter. I slid my finger carefully under the
close, I didn’t want a paper cut, and they hurt like heck! 
	I scanned the letter, I was a fast reader and finished it within seconds, I had been
right though, it was an order. An order for me and Ryoki to go on patrol, apparently
Sam and Ed were going into the skirts of town and we were to explore the central
town, integrate people, well ask them questions really, integrate just sounded cooler
to me.
“Ryoki! Come here!” I yelled, I put the letter on the coffee table and shrugged
on my coat, and wondered if I should take my switch blade, maybe I should, a good
warrior is always prepared, plus if they pulled one on me, it’d be hard to get
without getting cut, if it was a gun I could just kick it away, and then boot kick
the guy in the face. 
	Ryoki stumbled into the room; he was holding a mass of papers, his eyes widened when
he saw the switch blade in my hands.
“Hey! I know we have our differences, but there’s really no reason to kill me!
Besides didn’t you take an oath not to kill anyone, on or off the job?!” Ryoki
cried, his hands held up in front of him. I laughed and slipped the switch blade with
the silver handle that had my name etched into it into my secret pocket on the inside
of my coat, I then pulled my coat closer together and zipped it up.
“Come on, we have a mission, we’re going into town to question people.” I said
as I slid the door back, letting cold air blast at my face, my ponytail swayed in the
cold brisk wind and loosened a little, I grabbed my tuque from the outside  pocket of
my beige leather jacket and pulled the thick black material over my head until it
covered my ears. I wasn’t going to put on my scarf or gloves, gloves would get in
the way if I needed to use my hands, and people could use my scarf as a weapon, choke
me with it, tie me up with it, I was a cautious midget.
“Ah! It’s freakin cold! What happened to yesterday’s warm weather?” Ryoki
chattered through his teeth, he was shivering. I sighed, looked back at him and
rolled my eyes.
“You didn’t think of putting on a jacket before leaving the house?” I asked,
Ryoki glared at me and went back into the house and came back out with his black
jacket on and his black and red b-ball cap.  
“Let’s just get going.” Ryoki grumbled, he held his hands up to his mouth and
blew air onto them to warm them up. I snickered and we began our walk towards town.
	The wind was less fierce in town, perhaps it was because the buildings helped keep
the wind from getting at us. I was actually glad about that, I may have been born in
the winter and could stand the cold for hours on end, even the worst of it, but when
I was tired, the cold would show it, it would let the bags under my eyes show. Ryoki
was trudging on behind me, complaining on how bad his neck and back hurt, and I kept
telling him maybe he shouldn’t sleep standing up, especially if he can fall over,
he just grunted in response and kept up with me. I moved pretty fast for my size,
another reason why I was a killer warrior and why my master that taught me called me
lightning bolt, he said I was as fast as light. I just blamed it on the fact that I
was a runner, and after many years of running had gotten nice muscles in the lower
part of my legs. 
	“How much freakin farther are we going? I know it’s my duty and all, but we’ve
talked to millions of people and they’ve all told us the same thing, seek the
Tsukimiya family” Ryoki complained, but to find the Tsukimiya family we had to go
through a maze of alley ways until we hit a field and then a barn and finally a smoky
gray house. 
	I rubbed my hands together and shoved them back into my pockets as I pushed against
the wind, and walked normally as I hit another building. “I don’t know, have you
seen a field? I think not.” I answered him. 
The alley’s walls all seemed to be the same and endless, red bricks, or beige
plaster, the ground beneath my feet gray concrete, and the sky was an angry gray with
dark gray clouds, I could just smell the coming rain, man how I wished I had some
kind of drink, I was thirsty, so thirsty my throat felt dry and crusty, I moaned out
of nowhere, I saw Ryoki jump out of the corner of my eye.
“What the heck was that?!” He asked. I turned my head slowly, sly smiled and
narrowed my eyes. “What? You hungry or something?” I shook my head.
“Thirsty. Aren’t you?” I asked. Ryoki shook his head, I gave him an annoyed
look and looked back in front of me, and then my eyes widened, a field! Yes, finally!
I ran then, my feet stomping the ground with hard steady steps, I just wanted this
over with so I could get a drink. 
“Hey! Wait up midget would you?!” Ryoki yelled as he fought with his long legs to
keep up. I turned around in my run to give a snappy remark, but suddenly I was
falling, falling underground, down, down, down. What the hell? Was there a hole
there? I hadn’t seen it...
I landed flat on back on a ground of dirt, or at least I expected it to be dirt, but
when I looked, it was more like a carpet. I put my hand behind my head and rubbed,
man that fall was hard.
“Oh look, we’ve caught someone! Ah and the trap door worked too, it sealed right
up!” A male voice yelled, I turned around to see a very tall, very skinny, in a
ninja suit guy. Well...if this wasn’t strange, i didn’t know what was, I mean
full grown adult men in ninja suits, living in a hole under the ground...great I’ve
been trapped by idiots, fools. I stood up and looked at the other guy as he came
“Yay! An experiment! Oh and it’s a girl!” The other guy cheered,
uh...WHAT?!!!?! An EXPERIMENT? Why Yay, it’s a girl? Oh my God .I’ve been trapped
by freaking pervs!
“AHHH!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. I’ve been trapped by pervs, what was
going to happen, wah, wah, this is too weird for me, I can’t handle weird that
good, wah!
“Meaghan?! Meaghan?! Are you okay?! Where’d you go?! I can’t open this door!”
Ryoki’s voice exclaimed from above, but before I could reply the trap door opened
again and Ryo feel through the trap door and landed where I had landed.
“Another one! Yes! This is good Kyo!” The second guys said. Eh???!!! Ryoki jumped
up immdetly and looked at the strange ninja full grown, perverted men...
“What the hell?” Ryoki asked, he came to stand beside me, the Kyo guy came
“This won’t hurt, we swear, maybe just a pinch.” Kyo said, he was holding up I
needle, I shuddered, I hated needles, they scared me. And then I remembered my switch
blade, I reached into my pocket carefully and grabbed the switch blade, before he
could even say, foo. 
And then, I lunged forward, putting all my strength I could build up into the lunge
and fell to the floor, taking him with me, Ryo moved then, he went to the second guy
and started throwing punches, I held up my switch blade to the Kyo guy.
“Let us out of here, or I’ll kill you, I swear I will!” I said in my deathly
voice, he actually shuddered; maybe it was because my voice sounded like the ones
from the grude. I went back to concentrating on the task, I held the switch blade
close to his cheek, maybe  I should of gone near the throat though...
“Don’t kill me! Please!! Johou let them go! Let them go! They scare me!” Kyo
cried, I looked over to this Johou, Ryo had knocked him out.
“Looks like you’ll be the one letting us go, now move it!” I yelled, I got up
and pulled him up, following closely behind him as he went to this panel thing that
read: open trap door. I looked back and Ryo and just looked, he gave a nod, he
And then suddenly I heard the whoosh of air as something heavy was lifted, I turned
back to the Kyo person and ducked just in time, he was swinging something metal at my
I tucked and rolled, and got back up onto my feet, I then kicked him in the shin,
then moved on to punching his gut, and finally giving a boot kick to his head, it was
my six step move, Kyo immdetly fell to the ground, passed out, I reached over to the
trap door button and hit it, I pulled Ryo with me as a ladder came out of nowhere,
and we climbed up and out of the underground hole where the pervs lived. 
“What the heck just happened?” Ryoki asked, gasping while he lying down on the
grass in the field. I got up and started walking, I wasn’t gasping, but I didn’t
feel like talking, who knew what those pervs wanted. 
“Let’s just keep going.” I said, I didn’t turn back to see his face, but it
must have been annoyed, but still, he got up and followed me, and stayed behind me,
and for that, I was glad. I didn’t want to look at a guy’s face right now. I
would lie to everyone, no matter how I fought, or if I was brave down there, that had
really shaken me, pervs like that scared me. 
It took us an hour and a half more before we reached the smoky gray house, and I had
calmed down by then, I could now stand to see the face of other guys. 
	I was the first one to reach the house so I rang the doorbell and was the first one
to see an old lady with long gray hair and a Chinese wrap dress open the door. Her
eyes were tiny and they seemed to be all black, except for where the white spots were
supposed to be, I’d never seen anyone like that before.
“Hello, sorry to barge in Mrs. Tsukimiya, but we’re here too—” I was cut
short, she held up her hand, nodded and let me walk by, after both me and Ryo were
inside she shut the door.
“I know child, why you are here. I have powers as you may well know.” Mrs.
Tsukimiya said. I nodded, and she led off down a hall way and into a dark room.
“Sit, sit.” She said pointing to the pillows on the floor. I sat cross legged and
waited for her to speak again, Ryo sat down beside me, which irritated me a some extent. 
“So Mrs. Tsukimiya we hear that you know about these mysterious lycans from
experenice, could you... tell us what you know?” I asked, Mrs. Tsukimiya looked up
at me and poured me a cup of tea, and then one for Ryoki.
“Of course dear, but first could you work down that tension between you and Mr.
Rshiko here? I can’t work with tension in the room.” Mrs. Tsukimiya said. I
looked at her wide eyed.
“I-I don’t know if I can, I mean... It’s just... I don’t think I could do
that, you see, he’s my enemy.” I said, fumbling with my hands for the right
words. Mrs. Tsukimiya smirked.
“But he is on the same team as you, you’re partner.” Mrs. Tsukimiya stated.
“Err... true yes, but we just naturally don’t get along.” I explained, Mrs.
Tsukimiya gave me a hard stare and leaned forward, putting her elbows on the table. 
“But dear, most of the tension comes from you, you are the only one that seems to
feel that way, Mr. Rshiko doesn’t have as much tension towards you.” Mrs.
Tsukimiya said. I felt like my eyes popped out, what had she just said? And how did
she know his last name? Uh... Ryoki stood up really fast then beside me.
“Look you must be crazy woman! I know it because I hate that midget’s guts! So
give us the answers we want and we’ll leave with our tension!” Ryoki yelled at
the top of his lungs, making sure she heard the word hate.
“HEY! I am not going to take those words from you dick!” I punched his leg, and
Ryo sat back down.
“So I see, we’ll children, there is no point in telling you of what I know until
you’re friends arrive, yes that is right, they are near, and they have seen you, in
fact they saw both of you go into that dread full underground hole. Shall we wait?”
Mrs. Tsukimiya asked, my face was shocked, Ed and Sam were near? They saw us fall
down the trap door? I cleared my throat.
“Okay...” I answered, Mrs. Tsukimiya smiled.
“Well dear, I can tell my news will excite you the most out of them all, and maybe
be the most useful to you.” I stared at her, and then, there was knock at the door.

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