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Forbidden- Part 3/3 of Chapter 4Category: (general)
Monday, 11 January 2010
04:58:03 PM (GMT)
oh mai gawd!

Jason sighed. When he sighs, you know somethings up. Then he suddenly streightend. 


All of a sudden Aaron came out from a group of trees screaming and getting chased by

"There you are, you little shit!" said Jason. He grabbed Mittens and nodded at Aaron,
who slowly backed away from the cat's owner.

I smiled. "Aaron. are you really scared of such a retarded cat? He's the most idiotic
cat out there" I laughed. "Mittens is harmless, really. No need to be scared."

Aaron stared at me. "That cat is a menace! It tried to bite me! I hate cats!"

Cam and Zac started laughing, then Jason smiled. "Bad cat!" he said as he turned to

Cam sniffed the air around Jason. His eyes widened. "If I didn't know better I'd
think you were a werecat."

Jason and I swirled out heads toward Cam. "Whaat?!" I said. 

"A werecat." said Cam. "A cat version of a werewolf. Heh, the name is
self-explanitory, isn't it? He smells like a werecat, dammit..."

I stared. "Theen could it be the same as me?"

Aaron looked at me. "Your different, Elena. He's a--"

"I knoww! I'm just saying, is that what he would be if he was bitten, like me and the
shape-shifting thing?"

The three creature-boys were silent. Jason was petting Mittens, and Mittens was
giving Aaron the death-stare. Aaron was trying to look away from Mittens so was
staring at Zac. Zac felt uneasy, so he was staring at Cam. Cam felt awkward so
started to stare at me.

"Oooooooooook then..." I said. "Hey wheres--"

A white wolf jumped through the trees and tackled me down. I screamed as he hit me,
and I felt my head hit the ground with a strong force. David and Matt walked in as
their human forms. Dante sort of glided in, his eyes all black with small, bright red

Jason stared at Jake, in his wolf form. "WHO THE FUCK IS THAT?"

Jake started to turn back to human form, still pinning me down. Aaron sprang at him,
but Jake put up and hand and hit Aaron away with barely any effort. He turned back to
me, a sneer curling his lip. 

"So, Elena, seems you have brought your brother into this? How... convenient. All the
much easier to kill you all. Though, keeping you alive would make a grand addition to
my small gang here." I growled gently to me.

Cam's eyes turned all black, with a slightly bigger and slightly darker colored
pupils. He grabbed Jake by the back of his neck and threw him off me. Cam grabbed my
hand and helped me to stand up, but held me there in fear I would fall from shock.
Aaron nodded and Cam passed me to him gently. Cam's pupils became smaller. Dante
stared at him, snarling. 

Jake turned into his wolf form, as did Zac. Jason ran behind Aaron and I. 

Jake smiled through his wolf mouth. "No matter what, your outnumbered."

Aaron's eyes narrowed. "I know what your thinking, Jake. Don't expect me to do

Jake lunged at both Aaron and I, but Zac jumped in front and tackled Jake away. Thats
when Dante sprang.

Cam grabbed Dante from the back and slammed him into the ground. The two creatures
threw each other at trees and on the ground. I turned my head away. 

Aaron stroked my hair. "Be safe." he whispered. He let go of me and started to change
into an angel. 

Jason grabbed my arm and pulled me back. Tears filled my eyes. I didn't want to see
him fight. Not like this. 

Aaron grabbed Jake by the back of his head and threw him at a large rock. David
attacked Zac, leaving Aaron to battle Jake alone. The angel and the wolf circled each
other, eyes flaming with hatred. Jake lunged, and Aaron just barely dodged. He struck
Jake in the back with a large stone. Jake howled in pain, and his eyes narrowed
menacingly. He lunged at Aaron again, this time hitting square in the middle of his
stomach. Aaron cried out in pain, and threw Jake away with a large thrust of his arm.
The wolf howled in pain once more, and he was bleeding heavily from a gash on the
side of his face. Aaron's clothes began to grow crimson-ish with blood, both his own
and Jake's. Jake turned back human, and was on all fours, panting. Aaron turned back
human, his eyes flaming with hatred and revenge still. The other fights had stopped,
and David and Dante backed off from their targets.

Jake looked up. "Let's go, boys..." he said as he slowly, and painfully, got up. As
he passed Aaron, he whispered, "I will turn her, one way or another..." then walked
off with the help of Matt.

I ran over to Aaron. As I stepped beside him, he fell to the ground. 

"Wha?!" I gasped. "Aaron? Aaron?!" I knelt beside him. He was still breathing, but it
sounded painful.

"Aaron!" I screamed. 

Cam pulled me away. "Elena, I promise you. He will be fine. I promise..." He pulled
me toward him and I cried. 

Aaron... I thought. You have to be ok...


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