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Sunday, 3 January 2010
05:05:26 PM (GMT)
Rant #2


You know that little promise I made about doing a rant entry every week? (not exactly
a promise.. but whateves)


My bad.

You see, school, holidays, laziness, boredom, anime, sleep, food, breathing and other
strenuous activities kinda got in the way of my rants...


Now, onto the rant...

Happy New Years! You all know what that means! NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS!!!
... Where to begin...

I geuss it's just nature really, for people to break promises/never meet their
goals/forget about their resolutions and all that, but being the lazy and sneaky
little person I am, I decided to kinda cheat in my resolution.

You see, I'm not very good at keeping resolutions. It started when I was about.. how
old? Maybe nine? iono..
Anyways, I made a new years resolution to get straight A's in school, not get sick
and be nice to my sisters...
Reasonable enough, eh?

Yet, as soon as my family left the New Years get together thingy that we always
attend, I hit my sister in the back of the head and said "HAPPY NEW YEARS, FIRST HIT
I'm such a kind child >: 3
And I think I spent the next few days picking random fights with my siblings too.. 

I geuss that resolution didn't last long...

To add to my resolution fail, right before I left I also decided it'd be fun to run
around outside with some friend of mine without wearing a jacket/hat/gloves/scarf or
hoody (and it was snowing that night too).

I got sick the next morning. ; __ ;

And, finally, being the slacker I am, I didn't get straight A's. TT _ TT

Now there was a pattern

Since then, almost all my resolutions have been a similar and have all ended up
failing almost immediately.. until now >:  3

It wasn't exactly cheating when I was vague about my resolution right? I mean, "being
nice to people and stuff" isn't that bad is it?
... Who am I kidding...

The moral of my rant
1. Don't make resolutions you can't keep (but seriously, try not to be incredibly
vague, it's a let down for yourself if you don't have any goals in life really...)
2. Being a slacker doesn't solve problems... But darn it makes life easier
sometimes :  D 

Thanks for listening to my rant entry of the week~~ Join me next week... if I make
one next week ><;;;
I'll try to be consistent next time!!

Also,  GOOD LUCK WITH 2010!!! 


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