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Saturday, 26 December 2009
05:41:46 PM (GMT)
TEAs poems

loving him is like drowning in
his eyes, his body ,sinking so deep ,i cannot swim
gasping for breath , too far under 
nowhere to hold ,my heart beats like thunder
no oxygen,no surface
loving is death
too crushing for me to breathe
the frozen water begins to freeze
so frightening and still sinking ,its terrifying 
but im still thinking,
of him ,as the cold water im drinking
kills me slow 
like loving him does

you dropped me 
because i fell for you
lost my balance
when i blinkd at your perfect presance
you looked past mine
you had no time - for me
now clean up the shards
my heart is nolonger whole
I dont exsist
Ive lost my soul

romance with me
play with me
dance with me
twirl with me
Jump with me
get lost with me 
fall with me
hold hands with me 
die with me

the palm of your hand
the paths of your plans 
warm and soft 
but artisticly rough
these hands are mine to hold
take my hand  
ill follow you 
i wont let go
together ,our hands mold

i love you 
you love me too
i trust it when you say you do
when you say come here
and steer me clear
and keep me close
and say 
i love you the most

acquaintance - friendship 
admiration - infatuation
passion, lust 
you're perfect.
adoration ,devotion 
protection ,promise

(maybe the one above is confusing but just ask and ill explain it ^U^)

thanks for reading my poems, there not my best at all but just quick drabbles i felt
like writing



my brother got me VAMPS album for christmas ,BEEN MEANING FOR AGES TO GET IT 
 he is my darling now -squeesh- ,haha i didnt think hed get me anything this amazing,
later he says he  got it also becuase ID SHARE it >3 he is a big vamps and HYDE  fan
too .so yay MUSIC . 
this is some my fave songs i CANT STOP LISTENING over and over.hyde is such a good
song writer ...*.*






oh and i also resently got into a band called matenrou opera -like obsessively

this song sums there BRILLIANCE very well .
Last edited: 27 December 2009

‹topsyturvy› says:   26 December 2009   468515  
Please explain the last one. @_@
And very very nice poems. (: I likes them anyway. 
‹topsyturvy› says:   26 December 2009   786848  
Please explain the last one. @_@
And very very nice poems. (: I likes them anyway. 
whyyy says:   27 December 2009   902592  
thank you 
the last one is just a series of words ,but each word signifies a STEP
in a human to human relashionship ,from brief meeting,to becoming
FRIENDS, then feeling close and ADMIRING  the person for there
next you feel great AFFECTIONS , as in starting to always want to be
close to the person, and start to WANT them , the words PASSION and
LUST signifys the phisical side , and the OBSESSION is after ,when you
cant have enough of them , i put "your perfect" you show that the lust
and pasion wasnt just brief and one time, ADORATION and DEVOTION is
next, which also shows that you feel totally INLOVE  with this lover,
and adore them a lot,
tenderness - signifys the feelings that come when you cant imagine
loving anyone else, can be just yourself with this person
and lasty PROTECTION and PROMISE , the feeling to want them forever
hasnt gone yet , and you experience more great times together 
you feel you want and have protect them ,so you promise to , and that
could mean marrige ...
FOREVER means all the above feelings aretrue ones, and youll only feel
them for this one love.endlessly 
‹topsyturvy› says:   28 December 2009   335231  
ahh I see. (: 
whyyy says:   28 December 2009   810626  
‹Dr.giggles› says:   26 August 2010   787571  
omg your poems are so beautiful^^
keep writing and i'll keep reading^^
whyyy says :   27 August 2010   616029  
thankyou somuch <3 <3 <3 i shall^^ 


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