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DEETS ON DANNY!!!Category: my love life
Tuesday, 24 November 2009
04:22:07 PM (GMT)
ok. i hadnt seen Danny(who is my crush) in a LONG time, since july i think. one of
my besties, casey,
has a facebook account and found out he does to. she started taling to him and
convinced him to go to this skating party at our school, which was on thursday
night. he said he was definately going but i wasnt sure if I was going, so i was
getting worried. but my mom said i could and i called casey to tell her i was
she didnt answer but called back an hour later and the first thing she said was,
"he's no coming" and i wanted to cry! she said she just got done talking to him and
that he soundd really said and said sorry like 15 times but he couldnt go cuz he
too much homewrok. but we went anyway and we called him in the bathroom(lol). its
quietist in there, thats why. i didnt really get a chance to talk to him though. i
mean, casey did, and she said, "heyy danny I have someone here with me" then i
"Hey Danny hows it goin!" although he didnt snwer(ugh). we kept trying to call him
but he wouldnt answer after that, and at one point i left the message saying(and
laughing) "hey Danny it's Hannah, call Casey back cuz I wanna talk to you!" which
was true but i really wanted to find out if he likes me(which i think/hope he
we texted him a couple times too and i said i was sad he wasnt there but he never
so THAT was thursday. and before then, me and casey had been trying to do three-way
with him on the pohne so i could talk to him(he never answered). i was begining to
think i woould NEVER see or talk to him!
yesterday, my mom said Adam had a Speech tournament 2day and asked if i wanted to
go. i said yes becouse Speech is like acting, you do little skits and things. And
Danny is in speech :D so i was hoping i might see him there! So we went and watched
Adam's first thing (HDA, Humourous Duet Acting) then we went to the cafeteria. I
looking around for danny but was afraid he wouldnt be there cuz he's a freshman.
I saw this sheet that had all the names of the kids from Marian(their high school)
and Danny's name was on there!!! I still didnt see him thought.
his hair was longer but it was the same danny. he didnt see me at first and he got
up like he was gonna go and i started praying that he didnt leave! then he sat back
down and i couldnt really see him cuz there was someone sitting in front of him.
finally that person left.
i saw him.
& so did my mom. she said, "Oh look theres Danny Hacker, he's from St. Ann right?"
She called "Hi" to him and he said hi back and she asked how he was and he said
then he went back to talking w/ his friends.
but before that,
when he saw me
he looked at me first.
and he 
10 minutes later he left then we left but he passed me in the hallway he was RIGHT
NEXT TO ME! we went upstairs to Adam's second thing (DDA, Dramatic Duet Acting) and
saw him AGAIN in the hallway and he looked at me AGAIN!
but i didnt see him after that.
becuase and hour and a half later, we left. and i was so sad! i didnt want to leave
beucase he was still there! and i wished so bad i could say good-bye to him, just
see him one more time, see him smile at me. i couldnt really concentrate on
after that i just couldnt get the sight of him out of my head. i had my MP3 player
with me and i listened to all the love songs on there and daydreamed about

ugh! i miss him. SO MUCH. sigh.

but i'll probly talk to him cuz me & casey are NOT going to give up! we are going
CALL him! and TALK! YEAH! and then he'll break up w/ his girfriend(if he has one)
ask ME OUT! HA!
(sorry got carried away there).

so thats it. i know its so longgggggggggggggg! sorry lol. but read it! the whole

volleyballstar7 says:   24 November 2009   608625  
Awesome Hannah
‹RushingStars★› says:   24 November 2009   923600  
you already knew! 
volleyballstar7 says:   25 November 2009   571126  
I know I just wanted to comment
‹RushingStars★› says:   25 November 2009   506648  
u know you can click on the blue number to reply to me o.o 
volleyballstar7 says:   26 November 2009   678255  
oh well
‹RushingStars★› says:   26 November 2009   248658  
just use it! it's so much easier!!!!!!! 
volleyballstar7 says:   27 November 2009   929508  
pedophiles__suck__so__much says:   27 November 2009   416243  
‹RushingStars★› says:   28 November 2009   131302  
you just want attention. aka, YOUR the stupid one. 
‹Ikiru♥› says:   1 December 2009   434752  

cant call himm anymore got my phone takin away cuz him   anyway next
speech tournament take me! 
‹Ikiru♥› says:   1 December 2009   618797  
btw i saw a pic of his gf shes fat! 
‹RushingStars★› says:   5 December 2009   317458  
i know i was thinkin of inviting you! haha great minds think alike!

bleh. he needs me. jus doesnt know it yet 
‹Ikiru♥› says:   5 December 2009   385967  
LOL I was cracken up when i saw these comment u left me! and yes, yes
we do have great minds:P 
‹RushingStars★› says:   7 December 2009   808751  
why thank u. thank u very much. i kno, IM AMAZING. what can i say? 
‹Ikiru♥› says:   7 December 2009   658190  
EVEN though im more amazing! 
‹RushingStars★› shouts:   8 December 2009   285554  
say WHAT?????????!!!!!!? 
‹Ikiru♥› says :   16 December 2009   168599  


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