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Tuesday, 20 October 2009
07:21:53 PM (GMT)
But Unfortunately this has gone to far, I realize that you like her Stephanie, and I understand you don't talk about her around me but she is seriously a bitch, and I understand that from this conversation it seems like my sister urked her, but the way I see it she was jsut being her calm, naive eleven year old self. So, feel free to ignore it, but please it would help if you commented and gave me advice because right now, I feel like im on the edge of suicide. Samantha what u say 4:49pmJayde :3:3 happy? 4:50pmSamantha yeah i am now go run off and tell you your parents again liek you always do 4:50pmJayde sure 4:50pmSamantha okaay 4:50pmJayde yupp 4:50pmSamantha and this time when you coming crawling back dont think anyone is taking you back hahaha buddy u make me laugh 4:53pmSamantha funny did i shut you up now 4:53pmJayde no not even close 4:53pmSamantha no not even close 4:54pmJayde :O:O 4:54pmSamantha 4:54pmJayde :p:p 4:54pmSamantha soo funny 4:54pmJayde i know hey 4:54pmSamantha yeah noo 4:54pmJayde yupp why are you being so rude? 4:55pmSamantha cause i can be and remember you dont like me or my family so fuck off 4:56pmJayde umm i never said that 4:56pmSamantha yeah u did but keep saying u didnt like always so just shut up already 4:56pmJayde ok no thank you 4:57pmSamantha yeah what ever stop trying to act all big 4:57pmJayde im not ACTUALLY 4:57pmSamantha yeah actually what 4:58pmJayde UHH TRYING TO ACT ALL BIG AND TOUGH 4:58pmSamantha who me or u smelly 4:58pmJayde THAT DOESNT EVEN MAKE SENSE 4:59pmSamantha yeah it does 4:59pmJayde NO IT DOESNT 4:59pmSamantha holy shit shut up now u are really trying to all big 5:00pmJayde SURE I AM BUDDY 5:00pmSamantha see like really u dont want me to go there 5:01pmJayde HI HI HI HI HI HI NOW IVE SAID IT SIX TIMES BUDDY 5:02pmSamantha and i dont CARE SO FUCK OFF 5:02pmJayde NO THANK YOU 5:03pmSamantha W.E GO GET YOUR MOM 5:03pmJayde not yet 5:03pmSamantha AHAHAH PUSSY 5:04pmJayde w/e 5:04pmSamantha YEAH 5:04pmJayde well being a stinky bitch is better then being a slut 5:04pmSamantha YEAH I AM A SLUT ALL THE WAY 5:05pmJayde wow you got it right 5:06pmSamantha YEAH WELL GO TELL YOUR MOM TO GO TO THE FOOD BANK AND GET YOU GUYS SOME PANCAKES 5:07pmJayde no thnkx we have food tard 5:07pmSamantha YEAH SURE 5:08pmJayde we do 5:08pmSamantha AND CLEAN YOUR HOUSE FOR ONCE IN A BLUE MOON 5:09pmJayde uhh when was the last time you saw it? 5:09pmSamantha LIKE 2 DAYS AGO AND TELL YOUR PETAFILE DAD TO GO AND CHEAT ON YOUR MOM AGAIN OOPS SORRY IT CAME OUT 5:10pmJayde bs yo were not he doent 5:10pmSamantha LOL SURE I WAS SEE I CAN LIE JUST LIKE YOU 5:10pmJayde uh huh sure can 5:11pmSamantha YEAH BUT MAKE SURE U TELL YOUR DAD THAT FOR ME OKAAY 5:11pmJayde yeah of course 5:12pmSamantha YEAH BUT I AM DONE WITH YOUR LITTLE KIDDY STUFF SO GO FUCK YOUR DAD AND PCE I strongly encourage you ignore this page if you don't like whining. However Stephanie you should probably ignore this page, but whatever, I guess I'm a stinky whore, so spread more rumors people! By the way, I posted this on here because my computer deleted my sis's conversation, so my grandma said I need to show my parents.

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