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Oshi- Some Survey.Category: Survey
Saturday, 17 October 2009
11:56:14 AM (GMT)
Pick 7 completely random friends that you feel comfortable around (do not include yourself.) 1. Zarriah 2. Mellanie 3. Zoe 4. Laney 5 Analicia 6. Rodolfo 7. Tim These 10 people are stuck in a house with you for a full year. There is no leaving the house at all until the year is over. Choose the person that you think is best suited for the question. 1. There are five bedrooms, who would be in each? a. Zarriah & Zoe. Z-people ftw. b. Tim & Mell. Oshitgaiz. c. An-An & Laney. Waitwhut. e. Me and Rodolfo. Olol. 2. If there was someone singing in the morning who would it most likely be? Zoe. And An-An. 3. Who would be the one most missing there boyfriend or girlfriend? We're all single, right? o_o 4. If two people were considered the Mom and Dad of the house who would it be? ME AND RODOLFO. Because we were grandparents in our old class-family. 5. If you really wanted candy and all nine in the house had it, who would you take from? Zarriah fo'sho'. >D 6. Who would be the ones arguing all the time? Me... and Tim. 7. If someone had to watch you brush your teeth every morning, who would it be? Mell. 8. You bought two bags of chips at the store, and twenty minutes later, they’re both gone, who ate them? Zarr and An-An. How do I buy chips if I'm in this house for a year? I make all the short people Zarr and Zoe sneak out, considering they're short sneaky enough not to get caught. :D 9. Who would hate being in the house most? Probably Tim and Rodolfo. 10. There is a mouse in the house, who is the first to… a. Scream? Analicia. b. Jump into someone’s arms? Laney. xD c. Kill it? One of the guys. 11. You walk down stairs in the middle of the night to get a glass of water, and someone is dancing on the coffee table in a leopard thong/ bikini. What the Hell? I bet Laney's sleepwalking. 12. Who would be the first two to get on each other’s nerves? Me and Tim. I'd be all, DevilEyes, and Tim would be all, Sarcasm. 13. Someone wakes everyone up in the middle of the night clanging pots and pans. Who is it and why are they doing it? Zoe. Because she couldn't sleep and got bored. 14. Someone steals a pair of new socks that have never been worn, who’s the culprit? Err, Analicia. 15. Someone has built a fort in the laundry room. Who is it? Zoe and Zarr. xD 16. A pillow fight has broken out. Who started it? Rodolfo. 'nuffsaid. 17. Someone tries to be nice and make pancakes for everyone, but ends up almost setting the house on fire. Who failed? Mell. xD She failed last time, too. 18. Someone is tanning on the roof. Who is it? Analicia. xD 19. Two people are found making out in the closet. Who’s the secret couple? meandlaney. Tim & Rodolfo. 20. Who is always in bed first? Mell and Zarr. 21. The music is way, way too loud. Who’s trying to break eardrums? Zoe, Laney, and I. :D 22. There is a marathon of your favorite show on T.V., what is it and who is watching it with you. South Park. WE'RE ALL WATCHING. 23. You spilt ice on the kitchen floor, who slips and breaks their arm? Tim. Whoops. o_o 24. Someone has put a different color food coloring in each of the four toilets and has filled the soap dispenser with acid. Who is the prankster? Tim and Rodolfo. xD Or Laney and I. Or Zarr and An. /evil laughter 25. Someone is crying, what has happened? Laney's /suspense jacket ripped. /endsuspense 26. Someone has the same sweater as you, so you get mad at them and order them to take it off, who is it? Zarr. Or Mell. xD 27. Someone has been seriously injured! What happened? Mell & I decided to beat the shit out of Tim. 28.The year is up! What are the results? Zarriah and An are closer than ever, Mell realized she could shout WAY louder, Tim and Rodolfo realized we're all crazy, Laney realized she's 200 species, Zoe realized she can fly, and I realized this survey is over. D8
Last edited: 17 October 2009

walkingtravesty says:   17 October 2009   499636  
Conspiring says :   17 October 2009   153712  


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