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Chapter 4: A Window to the PastCategory: (general)
Thursday, 24 September 2009
12:15:54 AM (GMT)
They arrive in another world Celebi: "Ta da! We've arrived! Tee hee!"
Lucario: "So where is this Celebi?" Marth: "Are we in the magical land of fairies?!"
Everyone: "OH MY GOD, SHUT UP!" Lucario: "Can you just stop! That was annoying last
time, it's annoying now, so shut up!" Marth: "YOU SHALL NEVER SILENCE THE FAIRIES!
NEVER!!" Zelda: >.> "Let's just ignore him. So, where are we now? This place seems
familiar...." Celebi: "Oh, so this is your world? Tee hee! It's very quaint." Zelda:
"M-my world?!?! You mean this is the Faron Woods?!" Celebi: "Apparently. See, I can't
actually travel to different worlds, I just travel through time." Marth: "So how'd we
get here?" Celebi: "I went through time, to the past. Zelda's past, though I wasn't
quite sure who's past it was at that point. Then I skipped through a time loop, and
brought us to the present day here." Marth: "Huh?" Lucario: "I know, it's a bit
difficult to understand, but that's how it's done. Celebi is a very special pokemon."
Celebi: ^^ "Tee hee!" Leafeon: "So Zelda, is there anyone here that can help
us?" Zelda: "Help with what?" Lucario: "Anyone that can help us defeat Dialga and
Palkia." Zelda: "Oh, I'm not sure. We can start by going to my castle and see if I
know anyone that can help." Marth: "Well, it's a start." They travel through the
forest, lead by Zelda, until a mysterious looking wall blocked them. Lucario:
"What's that?" Marth: "A wall." Lucario: "Well no duh!" Marth: "Then why'd you ask?"
Leafeon: "Enough! Zelda, what is it?" Zelda: "... The wall of Twilight."
Lucario: "What's it do?" Zelda: "It is a gateway to the twilight realm, but only
twilight monsters can pass through unharmed. It once took over my kingdom........ How
could this happen?" ???: "How indeed!" Marth: "Who said that?" Lucario:
"Where are you?!" ???: "Tee hee hee! How silly to ask! I'm right in front of
you of course! Behind the wall of twilight." Zelda: "... Midna?!" Midna:
"The one and only twilight princess! Long time no see, light princess."
Lucario: "Show yourself!" Midna: "Oh dear! Are we being rude to a princess??
And I was going to help you if you were nice...." Marth: "Oh, please come out
fair maiden!" Midna: "That's much better. I have someone here that wants to see
you zelda." A wolf pops out with an imp on it's back. Zelda: "Oh my
gosh! What happened Link?" Midna: "Well, isn't it obvious? He went into the
twilight realm and transformed into this beast again." Lucario: "THAT is
Link?!?!" Zelda: "Yes, but I didn't expect this to happen again...." Lefeon: "Is
there any way for him to change back?" Midna: "The only way is for him to
get help from a light spirit, but we might need to help the spirit regain light
though." Celebi: "Tee hee! Let's get started then!"
Last edited: 11 October 2009

ZeldaXprincess12 says:   24 September 2009   119451  
OMG!!!!! I LOVE THIS ONE LUCARIO!!!!!! I hope link can turn back
human soon ^^

FlameFox says:   24 September 2009   961525  
^^ I thought you would
ZeldaXprincess12 says:   25 September 2009   361463  
well hyrule is kinda of land of fairies though so marth can ask if we
are in the magical land of fairies XD
ZeldaXprincess12 says:   25 September 2009   285921  
and link can't turn into a wolf when he has the master sword unless
he asks midna to turn him into one
FlameFox says:   26 September 2009   895592  
..... that's what happened......
ZeldaXprincess12 says:   26 September 2009   194335  
oh...stupid me.......
‹◄chery♦桜の木♦blosom►› says:   26 September 2009   656452  
ohhh interesante i like the writing its like  a TV in my head :P
‹◄chery♦桜の木♦blosom►› says:   26 September 2009   399984  
poor link
FlameFox says:   27 September 2009   755175  
^^ thx kawanii and don't worry about link, i'll get him bak to
normal. eventually.... 
ZeldaXprincess12 says:   28 September 2009   327468  
XD you better!...jk!
ZeldaXprincess12 says :   10 October 2009   881731  
-pokes flamefox- :D ....srry random >.> rofl


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