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Monday, 7 September 2009
05:15:51 PM (GMT)
What are your initials?	

What does that middle initial stand for?	

When did you wake up today?	

What are you wearing and where is it from at the moment?	
Um, Jeans from Charlotte Russ, and a v-neck from Delias.

What time will it be in 3 hours?	

What day will it be 3 days from now?	

What month will it be 3 months from now?	

What year will it be 3 years from now?	

What do you have set as your computer wallpaper?	
It's me and emilyy.

What was the last song you listened to?	
Tik Tok - Ke$ha.
Kidding it just changed.
So, Don't quit! Not quite! - Heyhihello!

Were you born in the 80's?	
haha I wish.

How long was your last phone call?	
Umm, 45 seconds. ahha.

Who were the last three people to call you?	
Dad, Hadley, and Devyn.

How do you know those three people?	
One's my dad, and the other 2 are friends.

When did you last see those three people?	
Why do you care.

Can you read music?	
Haha no.

How do you feel about people who smoke?	
It's gross.

Where did you live in 2002?	
We just moved into this house.

Do you still live there now?	

Is there a box of tissues in the room with you?	

Do you know any foreign language curse words?	
Haha I wish.

Have you kissed anyone in the last 48 hours?	

Are you still dating the same person you were dating a year ago?	

When was the last time you saw your ex?	
A few weeks ago.

Are you wearing make up?	

How is your hair right now?	

Have you cut your hair in the last month?	
yeah like, last week.

Have you dyed it?	

What color is your underwear?	
It's bluee.

Are your fingernails painted?	

If so, what color?	
Pinkk. haha.

What is the name of the street you live on?	
Summer breeze trail.

Do you live on your own?	

What was the last movie you saw in theaters?	
My sisters keeper. haha.

Who did you see it with?	

How was it?	
I sobbed.

When was the last time you stayed out all night?	
A while ago.

Are you under the influence of anything right now?
Have you used a microwave today?	
Haha yeah.

What is the nearest holiday to today?	
Labor day is today.

Are you taller than your parents?	
Haha my dad.

Does anyone know your myspace/facebook password?	

Do you have plans tonight?	

What do you have to do tomorrow?	
First day of schooooooool.

What was the cause of you last run in with the cops?	
Emily's dad's a cop if that counts.

When was the last time you were in a hospital?	
Beginning of summer.

Who is your 23rd phone contact?	
Umm, Billy. haha.

How do you know them?	
Holly's neighbor.

Do you prefer your tea sweet or unsweet?	
Iced and sweet.

Have you ever bought helium balloons just to make funny voices with them?	

Does your shirt say anything on it?	

What was the last thing you watched on tv?	
Jon & Kate + 8. hahaha i have no life.

What is your worst scar from?	
Running in the kid section at Great Wolf Lodge, falling, and ripping off chunks of

If you died, would you rather be buried or cremated?	
Cremated. And ashes spread somewhere cool.

Is anyone thinking of you right now?	
How would I know.

Have you seen a rainbow this year?
Could you be roommates with the last person to text you?	
Yesss. (:

Is there a lock on the door to the room you're in?	

Have you got any tattoos or piercings?	
4 piercings.

What are you doing after this?
I should go shower and choose clothes for tomorrow.

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