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School trip (part 1)Category: My life.....
Tuesday, 25 August 2009
09:22:49 PM (GMT)
I have a diary which contains pictures I took while on the trip here.

August 22nd
After reaching Tomamu station, the teachers told us to get inside the train
fast since the train will only stop for one minute. There are 67 students and
7 teachers...but still, we were able to get inside in just one minute! :D
After arriving at Hakodate, we rode a bus (Class A and B were separate) and we met
our bus guide, Karino Miho. She was funny, cracking jokes once in a while and giving
info about some historical places and stuff.

We arrived at Goryoukaku and went to the park. Sadly, I wasn't able to take pictures
because I thought we can go back to the park when we had our free time, but we
didn't.  Then, we go to the tower which is 176m high. While getting in line, we saw
this commercial. It was about some big robots fighting near Goryoukaku and their
fight was getting intense and they destroyed Goryoukaku. After destroying it, some
text appeared which said "Come and view Goryoukaku....before it is too late." XD We
laughed so much at that commercial! :P 

Inside the elevator, there were beautiful blue dim lights. One thing that surprised
us was a picture of a guy's head (Dunno his name, but he has some connection to
Goryoukaku), it was scary. >_< At the top of the tower, we clearly saw Goryoukaku's
beautiful shape. It was really cool.

After that, we went to a hotel to eat our dinner and to fix our stuff. Our next stop
was Mt. Hakodate. The city was so beautiful, the lights were beautiful. you'd feel
like you're in New York Our bus guide told us that some of the city's lights form
the Katakana lettering of "haato" (heart) and "suki" (like) and if you find them,
you'll live happily with your love/darling/sweetheart/husband/wife. I'm not sure if I
found it or not. :P Some of my classmates were shouting "I found it!" every minute.

After riding the ropeway, we go back to the hotel to take a bath. Since there was a
"Hanabi Taikai" (fireworks festival) in Hakodate that time, the place was crowded
that the bus can't go near the hotel so we were ordered to just walk. On the way
there, some girl tapped our shoulders and asked "Are you from Ashoro Middle School?"
and we answered "yes". After that, she was like..."ZOMG ASHORO MIDDLE SCHOOL!!" and
went to the guys to ask them the same question. XD My friend was like "kimochi waru~!
kimoi!" ("Freaky, creepy!"). We wondered how the girl knew us, is she a stalker or
something? LOL. Our school is sooo far from Hakodate, how come they knew where we
came from? And what's with the "OMG" kind of expression? Is our school that
famous? XD

Back on the bath topic, there was a not-so-hot "onsen" (hot spring) outside the hotel
and I soooo wanted to take a bath there but we received a warning from my guy friend
that the others guys were planning on peeking, since the girls' bath can be seen from
the guys' room on the 2nd floor. We warned the other girls about it (except for the
"4 volleyball girls", they're friends with the guys who planned on peeking).

The 4 girls entered the hot spring first and after a few minutes, they came back
inside saying that the guys can see them and heard them say "Hey, the girls are
here!" or stuff. Because of that, some of the girls decided not to go to the hot
spring and just take a shower while me and my friend just entered the "TOTALLY HOT"
spring inside. But then, my friend asked me to try the hot spring outside. We
entered for about 10 seconds and when we heard the guys laugh, we hurriedly went
inside. T_T

Part 2 is here.
Last edited: 25 August 2009

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