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That's Wrong Of You. Really.Category: (general)
Saturday, 22 August 2009
11:36:05 PM (GMT)
I'm so pissed off right now. My mom just walk in here, asking me what I was going to wear tomorrow. Tomorrow's sunday. So I wondered why. Apperantly, she's dragging me to church. Yeah, know, big deal, right? It is to me. I don't believe in god. I live in a Christian family, but don't believe him. I kept glaring at her before saying anything, which was "I thought you were fine with it, really." Reply was- "I am not fine with it. It's wrong!" Then we get in this whole fight. Technically she's was SHOVING your belief's down my THROAT. I said I don't believe that, so many freakin' times. But then she brings up the worst thing- "So you don't know where grandma went?! Or do you just not CARE?!". :I NO MATTER. HOW MANY. FUCKING TIMES. SHE TRIES. AND TRIES. TO GET ME TO BELIEVE IN GOD. I WON'T EVER. I think too fuckin' critically to believe there's someguy up there, taking everyone who dies, then sends the 'bad' people to hell. Wtff. I'm not trying to sound rude here, but I just can't believe that. Again I don't know what to believe, everything sounds wrong. I'll just have to see. But I won't believe in god. Reincarnation either. I used to but it's too confusing now. Im sick and tired of her trying to force it. I don't want to put fake belief in something when I really, truely don't believe in it, she can't respect that. It's pissing me off now. :/ Vent Writing. Sorry. Especially if I offended anyone.

‹gunk› says:   22 August 2009   131696  
AWW Erika D:
Don't worry Moms are liek that. I ALWAYS fight with MY mom over stupid
things too. :< Although I'm christian, I know how somtimes it sucks to
get religion pushed down your throat. 
Vent writing FTW XB
alleygirl92 says:   22 August 2009   691316  
Erika, it's perfectly fine, I completely understand.
Even if you don't think so
But I really don't in fact I can't bring myself to believe in anything
anymore. It's all so damn fake. It doesn't matter what WE think so
long as our PARENTS or even the fricken TEACHERS are able to shove
anything down our throats and expect us to believe it.
I hate that shit, and right now I'm getting a lot of it from my
grandma and dad. Honestly, I seriously thought that once upon a time
parents would ALWAYS support their child's beliefs, or they would
always try to help. Not call you a devil child or something similar. 
I feel like ripping my fucking hair out >.>;
My citch of a sister is being well, a mega bitch! and my some what
whore of a mother and her friend our going out drinking till only god
knows when! And my ass of a father is 'working' late at the store!
And my mother's friend called me ugly and said no amount of make up
would cover it. GAWD and she says my sisters are perfect and fricken
blond, and that i fricken stuff!
Sorry for that very very very angry right now.

But if you need to vent or talk about this stuff you can message me,
right now in this time of my life I believe we may be some-what on the
same track. 
But if I say-'I truly don't believe in anything'- please don't hate
me. It's really what I've come to believe.
‹(♥♫TsuruPettan♫♥);› says:   22 August 2009   378238  
Thanks you both. 
And Rowan. 
I don't believe anything either. C: We are the same.
Really, you too, think you very much. <333
alleygirl92 says:   23 August 2009   636497  
I'm really happy now. Whenever I tell most my friends that they tell
me to screw off for a while. Then a couple months later try converting
You very welcomed Erika, it sometimes helps to get advice or to be
supported by friends 
‹(♥♫TsuruPettan♫♥);› says:   23 August 2009   735592  
Yeah. That's why I don't really talk about it, afraid they'd take it
wrong. D:>

It really helps. <333333333
alleygirl92 says:   23 August 2009   361682  
I've learned to never say it again. 
My one friend cried when I said it to her.

That's good I hope it did 
Kyun_yo says:   23 August 2009   248696  
...ehn, I believe in God. 

But I understand what you mean, but it's just wrong to be shoving
things down people's throat. :/ I went to a Catholic School and for
all the years I've been in there they've done nothing but shove
beliefs at me, thinking that I would believe them. Sadly 99.9% of all
students and teachers there are Catholic, and they swore more than I
did and some even had sex. -__-; Because of that I've grown to resent

I'm the only Christian in my family...xD; I get bashed at by my own
relatives sometimes...xD It feels kind of...unfair to be ganged up
upon. e.o;
CLnekoo says:   23 August 2009   776984  
i believe in god too 8D -shot-
but i won't force you like your mom did ^^
 i let anyone in authority do anything o me 
‹♪♫LuLuu♪♫› shouts :   23 August 2009   134266  
I belive in god too! O.o

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