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Sure why not,Category: (general)
Sunday, 16 August 2009
01:26:05 PM (GMT)
Yeah I'm doing this because Bridgie told me too. haha.

50 Things about meee(:

1. I don't think roses have a scent.
2. I really can't stand posers.
3. My cat just ate a clorox wipe and barfed everywhere. ahha.
4. I'm going to my first local band tonightt :D
5. I steal my mom's camera to take photography pictures because it has a wonderful
6. I used to live across the road from the Detroit Zoo. SO GHETTO. It's not even in
Detroit. haha.
7. I didn't know what ghetto ment untill I asked my best friends mom. haha.
8. I used to play piano but then my teacher quit on me.
9. My cat chews on my dogs bones.
10. I've always wanted moccasins, but when I was in Arizona when I was like 6, they
didn't have any in my sizee D;
11. My mom doesn't let me buy anything unless she thinks it's "cute"
12. My dad drinks coffee black. ahha it's sickk.
13. I have an American eagle outfitters bracelet on right now. Soooo cool.
14. I used to live at Abercrombie and Hollister untill Kenzie told me that they were
"Preppy ass clothes, bitch" hahahaha.
15. I love swimming(:
16. My favorite thing is being sore.
17. I'm like all about burning calories now. Lord knows why.
18. I actually read peoples surveys sometimes. haha.
21. I can't multiply numbers. Like in the 4th grade when we'd have "speed tests" I'd
be stuck at multiplying 6's.
22. I almost got suspended for wearing and "I ♥ Fat Kids" shirt to school one day.
23. My mom thinks I'm Japanese because I take alot of pictures of random things.
24. I'm only 5'1" and I'm one of the tallest in my whole family.
25. MY GRANDMA IS 4'10"
26. I always have to have something in my mouth. like wtf.
27. I love returning favors (:
28. My mom shops at Urban Outfitters.
29. I used to strive to be cool on this site, now I don't even try.
30. I love the rainnnn.
31. I think my Uncle Dee is the coolest person ever, and he's a huge dork.
32. I used to own a orange with purple flowers CD Player.
33. I still play littlest pet shops with my little cousin. ahhahah.
34. I've always wanted a guy friend who's gay.
35. I'll be best friends with someone, then I'll stop talking to them for a long
time, then all of a sudden, we're best friends again.
36. I haaaateee people who get mad for no reason.
37. My computer is bipolar.
38. I make up the gayest jokes, and my sister laughs at every single one.
40. I really did "tlk lke dis lol" at one time because my ex-friend (aha) told me it
was cool.
41. I used to own a yellow fanny pack, just for laughs.
42. I've always wanted a british accent.
43. I get really self conscious when people talk about my face. ha.
44. I really can't stand when people point out the obvious.
45. I really do love old people.
46. I really love the place Mancinos.
47. I really wanted to go vegetarian in like February, because of my cousin, but my
mom wouldn't let me.
48. I think my cousin Maddie and Katherine are really cool. Even though Maddie's a
year younger then me and Katherine is 21.
49. My name was gonna be Kathryn, but my dad didn't like it. Or Ava. Or Spencer if I
were a boy.
50. I think alot of the pictures I take look reallly cool when they don't. haha.


KenzayeeRae says:   16 August 2009   471517  
xExotic says:   16 August 2009   329153  
3. My cat just ate a clorox wipe and barfed everywhere. ahha.

hotairballoons says :   17 August 2009   725899  

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