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I'm leaving kupika!!!Category: Goodbye rant
Friday, 14 August 2009
03:23:50 PM (GMT)
I'm leaving Kupika. What reason?


1) STUPID diary entries!
2) Perverted scum!
5) Trolls
6) Pointless arguements 
7) You people who are letting numbers 2, 3, and 5 get away with what they are doing!

I am TIRED of this! I am TIRED of logging onto the site, and the first thing I look
at is the POST thing, with an OBSCENE post on it! I am TIRED of stupid chain letters
that make no sense! I am TIRED of getting NO attention WHATSOEVER! I make a diary
entry and NO ONE bothers to comment on it, yet people can write something that makes
no sense and it becomes a hot topic. The only people who actually GIVE me attention
on this are my siblings!

I am TIRED of being TOLD to 'ignore the people who we'll just allow to get away with
the situation'. Go ahead! Let Kupika become completely overun with these people!
Ignoring them will just attract more and more in there! But will anybody listen?
NOOOOOOOOOOO! So GOODBYE! I'll show my appreciation by deleting ALL my oekakies, and
EVERYTHING from my picstream! My kupipages are going too! I'm showing enough kindness
by letting you all see my diary entries! (Some of them!)

"The site is for everyone!" then those porno-perverts should NOT BE HERE! The
community of North American Grand Chase has it better than this! Why? BECAUSE THEY

I'm leaving! NOW!!! GOODBYE!!! I'm SICK of THIS! I highly doubt I'll get any posts on
this rant too!

At least I'm showing SOME appreciation by NOT SWEARING MY BUTT OFF!

I'll be gone completely by the end of the day. (Meaning I won't log on anymore)

To EATABAGEL - Thank you for talking to me, I least I had some attention...

Last edited: 14 August 2009

‹deppressedamazingAMANDA› says:   14 August 2009   937752  
hey people dont comment on mine either
‹˙ɥʇǝqɐzıןǝ ɥɐɹɐs› says:   14 August 2009   638429  
Please, please, please, please don't leave?
For me? DDDDD:
Seriously, just... don't?
‹MalixDexide› says:   14 August 2009   235947  
It's mainly because of the stupid people who do stupid things and the
other stupid people who let them get away with that they do! I'm tired
of ignoring them!
Oroborus21 says:   14 August 2009   982593  
sorry you are leaving....
you say the first thing you do is check POST and are disappointed or
offended with what you see there....then why do you do it? just ignore
POST and dont even go on it. that seems pretty obvious.

How to Make Friends on Kupika

give it a read and try it out before you decide to leave permanently
‹MalixDexide› says :   14 August 2009   852183  
Too late... I've been here a year. And hardly ANYONE notices me. In
fact, this is my first vent diary. I'm tired of finding obscene text,
and I'm tired of ignoring them.

When I said the first thing I see is the POST thing, the first thing I
see is the latest POST message at the very front of the page when I
login. (Not the Twits page)

I post a diary entry. I only get 0 - 3 posts before it becomes dead.
NONE of them become hot topics or even close to being one. Yet someone
can post a diary entry that makes NO sense whatsoever, and it becomes
the most popular diary of the week.

I'm sorry. But I have grown tired of the stupidity on Kupika.

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